A Model Model – Part 2

[A/N: Here’s the version where they are already dating. Part 1 where they are not is here. I had fun thinking up ideas for both.]

“Now try on this next one,” You said, and eagerly handed Riko a black and white dress, with a skirt in various hues of purple.

Riko smiled at You’s eagerness. She definitely didn’t mind modelling for her girlfriend, especially because of how cute You was when she got really into it. But the redhead had to wonder how You found the time to make so many outfits. This would be the third one, and it didn’t seem like it was the last.

“What’s this one for?” Riko asked as she held it up. There was something that seemed a little bit familiar about it.

“Oh, I figured for Halloween we could all dress in the same style as Yoshiko-chan,” You said cheerfully. She did indeed have a couple more outfits in mind before they were done, and she hoped Riko wouldn’t object to them.

“Okay…” Riko laid it out carefully on the bed so she could take off the yukata-style one You had her try previously. It had been a little loose in the sleeves, which was much better than it being too tight, if Riko had to choose. “Now keep your lustful eyes to yourself, Watanabe,” she said, and looked over her shoulder at You with a smile.

“Again? Don’t I get some sort of girlfriend privilege?” You asked playfully. “It’s not like I haven’t already seen everything,” she teased, and Riko rolled her eyes.

“Then you should be fine with not seeing it now. Besides, I feel embarrassed when I can tell you’re staring at me,” Riko admitted. There was something about feeling like she was on display that made it impossible to not blush, even though they’d been together for a while.

“Alright, I’ll behave,” You said. The ashen-haired girl took a seat in a chair, and turned away. “I promise I won’t peek.”

“Thank you,” Riko said softly, and got to changing. It was a nice-looking dress, but she wasn’t sure if the style would suit her. “There’s still a long time until Halloween,” she commented before pulling it down over her head.

“It never hurts to get started early,” You said. The temptation to peek was growing steadily, but she was determined to persevere. She still felt there should be some girlfriend privilege here, but she also didn’t want to make Riko uncomfortable.

“Okay, you can look again now. I think I need some help with the laces,” Riko said. Doing the buttons over the chest was one thing, but the laces up the front would be tough on her own, even with a mirror. She did her very best to stand still, and hold her breath, while You was working, but the way You’s fingers were moving was tickling her. And maybe stirring some other feelings too. “Not so tight. Yeah, that’s better,” she said, and allowed herself to breathe as You stepped back.

“How does it feel?” You asked. It was quite the sight, she knew that much.

“A little snug,” Riko replied. “But not uncomfortable… unsure if I can dance in it, though. How does it look?” She did a small twirl to show off, and thought it would definitely be awkward to move too much and too quickly in this thing.

“It looks good on you! You’d make a great fallen angel,” You said cheerfully. The outfit seemed like it was missing something, but she had to grin a little at how good it looked as it was. “It’s certainly giving me ideas… oh, don’t look at me like that.” Riko was looking at her like that. “I meant for the costumes, honest. Now let me just get a closer look here.” You crouched down to examine the skirt. The colours seemed fine, but it could use a little decoration.

“Be careful down there,” Riko said, though she took the opportunity to gently run her fingers through You’s hair. You shivered at the sensation, then got up to look at the back of the dress. Definitely seemed like something could go here. Maybe she could make some wings, and attach them somehow. It would fit the motif.

“Okay, thank you,” You said, and kissed Riko on the cheek. Which made said cheek go slightly pink.

“You’re welcome,” Riko said, and smiled fondly. There were certain perks to this ‘job’. “What do you have for me next?” she asked, and started undoing the laces again. It was a slight relief, even though it hadn’t felt that tight when it was on.

“Oh! Next we have…” You said eagerly, and dove back into the wardrobe. What she pulled out was…

“A maid outfit?” Riko asked. It certainly looked like one.

“Yeah!” You proclaimed cheerfully, certain that Riko would look adorable in it.

“Are we just going into your cosplay fantasies now?” Riko asked, giving You another look like that.

“N-no, it’s for a genuine reason, I promise,” You said defensively. “I’ve been thinking about a maid theme for one of our concerts, but…” She coughed awkwardly.

“But…?” Riko asked. She had a feeling where this was going. Perhaps her girlfriend’s motives weren’t entirely pure.

“But I haven’t actually started making them,” You admitted, a little sheepishly. “I was hoping that seeing you wear a regular one would give me some ideas. Please?” she asked in her sweetest possible tone. Riko sighed, but figured there was no harm in humouring her. It’s not like it was revealing or outrageous in any way.

“Alright, I’ll do it. Help me undo this, then turn around,” she reminded You, who reluctantly obliged. There was a bit of effort to get the previous outfit off, but with You’s help it loosened fairly smoothly. You still wasn’t allowed to look when Riko finally took it off though. Something that had been on her mind lately resurfaced. “You know, you’re allowed to ask someone else if you want to,” she said.

“Hm? What do you mean?” You asked.

“I mean, doesn’t it get boring always having the same model?” Riko asked in return. “I won’t get upset if you want one of the others to model for you every once in a while.” Not that she really wanted that, but she didn’t want to feel like she was holding You back either.

“Don’t you like modelling for me?” You asked. That hadn’t sounded like the tone Riko was going for, but she felt it was best to clarify.

“I do like it,” Riko replied honestly once she got the outfit on, and was adjusting the sleeves. “I just… worry a little, I guess,” she murmured. “You can look now,” she said, and You turned around.

“Listen,” You started, and smiled at Riko. “You’re really pretty, so it’s easy to make my outfits look their best on you. Then I know what I have to work towards with the others. You’re like… a model model.” Riko started blushing really strongly, and had to look away from those shining blue eyes.

“I’ll never understand how you’re able to say stuff like that with a straight face,” Riko said, clearly embarrassed. “Don’t you know what you do to me?” she murmured bashfully, and dragged her foot back and forth across the floor.

“I have no idea what you mean,” You answered teasingly. It was fun to see that she could still get such reactions from Riko. Very cute. “Now turn around for me, please,” she said, and made a clockwise motion with her hand. Riko turned around slowly, as she had learned to do by now.

“You’re the worst, You,” Riko stated when she was facing You again.

“So long as you still love me, I don’t mind,” You said nonchalantly. “Can you raise your arms?” she asked, motioning for a T-pose. Riko imitated her, and You got up to examine the outfit from different angles. “Yeah, looks good. Can I hire you?” she asked with a grin, though the look she got back clearly said ‘absolutely not’. “Hey, I was only joking,” You said, and went back into the wardrobe. “This is the last one, I promise.” Hopefully she’d get away with it. She pulled the outfit out and handed it to Riko.

“… You…” Riko said in a flat tone.

“Yes?” You answered.

“This is a bikini with some frills on it,” Riko said, giving You an ‘are you serious’ look.

“Er… yes,” You admitted. “Please?” she tried, using her sweetest tone again.

“No,” Riko said quite simply. You visibly slumped from the disappointment. “I can’t believe you.” Riko said, shaking her head. “Actually, I can. You’re sleeping in the futon tonight,” she decreed.

“W-what?” You said, slightly shocked. “But it’s my room! It’s my bed!” Surely this wasn’t fair, she hadn’t done anything that bad.

“Not tonight,” Riko said with a clever smile.

“But Rikoooo…” You whined, and pouted heavily, hoping for some sympathy.

“No buts,” Riko said, and pressed her index finger gently against You’s lips. “You’re sleeping in the futon tonight, and that’s final. Now turn around so I can take this off.” You turned around, but if that was how it was going to be, at least she was going to peek. Very carefully she glanced over her shoulder a few times while Riko was changing back into her regular clothes. She could see that Riko was wearing cute underwear today. If Riko noticed the peeking, she didn’t say anything.

When it was time to go bed, Riko laid out the futon while You was getting ready in the bathroom, then Riko went in once You was done. You looked at her bed for a moment, tempted to defiantly get in anyway. It’s not like Riko could stop her. But if Riko was upset, then You didn’t want to upset her even further. She sighed, and crawled into the futon. Riko came back into the room, and turned the lights off.

“Good night,” Riko said softly and affectionately, though You was too busy pouting to notice the tone of voice.

“Good night,” You murmured, and closed her eyes. Then suddenly she could feel movement in the futon, and something warm, and soft, that smelled nice pressed against her back.

“Riko?” she asked, and looked over her shoulder. You could just barely make her out in the dark.

“I never said you’d be sleeping in the futon alone,” Riko replied, and draped an arm around You.

“But I thought…” You had thought Riko was upset, so this was a confusing development.

“Yeah… sorry. I got a little annoyed, and wanted to prank you a bit,” Riko admitted. There was a hint of shame in her voice. “I guess I took it a little far. I’m really sorry.” She gently squeezed You against her. “Can you forgive me?” You smiled, partly because she was relieved.

“Of course,” You said, and wriggled herself around to face Riko. Even if she couldn’t really see her, she could certainly feel her. “But I require kisses and cuddles as compensation.” Her tone was playful, and she ran her hand through Riko’s silky hair.

“That’s acceptable,” Riko said, and shivered pleasantly at the touch. They shared the first of what would turn into many kisses.

“You want to move into the bed?” You asked, breathing hotly on Riko’s neck.

“Nnno, it’s roomier down here,” Riko replied, and snuck her hand under You’s pajama top so she could caress her smooth back.

They might not get much sleep tonight, but since there was no school tomorrow, that wasn’t such a big problem.



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