Anime Summer 2017 Actively Avoiding

Actively Avoiding



In all honesty, I know nothing about this, and I have heard nothing from anyone either. It’s just here because after Unlimited Blade Works, I swore off of all past and future Fate/ shows, movies, etc, regardless. I would say “no hard feelings”, but that’s a lie. Because I absolutely regret watching F/S N and UBW, and would like that time back please.

Absolutely not.

Netsuzou TRap – NTR –

At first I got worried just seeing the title, but it not using the word “trap” in that sense, fortunately.

However, learning the actual premise of the show made me want to go nowhere near it. Two straight couples, but one of the girls has an abusive boyfriend, so she turns to her childhood friend for help and comfort, and they start cheating on their boyfriends with each other. And the girl with the abusive boyfriend is really manipulative towards her friend, to the point where I would say she’s emotionally abusive.

So that’s… yeah… I’m not touching that. I know I’ve asked for more anime where girls actually kiss on-screen, but stuff like this really hits home “be careful what you wish for”.

No chance in hell.

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.

Aka There Was a Beast Inside the Skirt.

What can I even say about this fucking thing? I know one thing: Do not support stuff that reinforces negative, harmful stereotypes about marginalised groups. Not under any circumstances. Even if you don’t believe these stereotypes, the people who do believe will see you supporting this, and in turn think you support them and their beliefs. They don’t know whatever your nuanced view might be, they just know that you like the thing they believe in.

This damn show depicts a predatory crossdresser. A guy who dresses up as a woman to fool girls into going home with him. That’s a stereotype that exists about trans people, and people have gotten killed because of it, in so-called “trans panics”. This is not a topic to take lightly, and certainly not one to base a romance around. The fucked-up stuff straight people can do, yet still get away with calling romantic, is astounding.

Just fucking stop it. Can anime studios stop competing about who can be the absolute worst this year? It’s so damn tiring. Stop it!

And anyone thinking of going “it’s not a big deal”, or “it doesn’t matter because it’s not being serious/I can’t take it seriously”: Up yours, and fuck off.

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