Anime Summer 2017 Starting Up 1 through J

What if?

18if [Maybe]

Will state first off: I have absolutely no idea what the title has to do with anything that goes on in this show.

So this is set in a dream world ruled by witches, where some guy has gotten stuck. The witches toy with dreamers that happen to end up in their part of the dream. And if the first episode is any indication, they can do serious harm. So our hero has to figure out how to deal with these witches, and hopefully find a way to wake up.

Having the setting be a dream world lets the creators play around with the visuals basically as much as they like. That and the interesting hook are what I would say are the main selling points of this show. The first episode definitely didn’t bore me.

The downside is that it is yet another Generic Anime Protagonist Dude who has some special power to him. And if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how tired I am of Generic Anime Protagonist Dudes. Please give me actual characters. Which is why this really only gets a maybe. It is interesting, but not interesting enough to overcome the trite parts, at least not for me.

If you are still fine with the GAPDs, and if the interesting visuals and unusual premise seem neat to you, maybe you’ll find an unexpected gem here.

Girls! I don't know how the fruits fit in.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits [Watching]

The idea is that “local heroines” have become a phenomenon since a certain city had theirs gain national fame. So many others are now seeing it as a way of raising the status and visibility of their city or area. If you watched Locodol, it’s a similar concept, except with local superheroes, instead of local idols. Not actual superheroes, they’re just acting. Unless that changes later on.

The similarities to Locodol don’t quite end there, since one of the leads is voiced by the VA who did Nanako in Locodol. I checked if Yukari was also in the show, but unfortunately she’s not.

Our local heroes start with two girls. Mikan’s little sister is a big fan of the heroine that achieved national fame, Kamidayo, who was supposed to have a show in their city, but it got cancelled. To cheer her sister up, she says she’ll make the show happen somehow. Except she has no idea how to do that, but she enlists the help of An, a girl who is as big of a Kamidayo fan as Mikan’s sister. Together they manage to put on a show, and sort of get contracted into becoming local heroines for real.

Now for the first half of this episode I will admit I wasn’t really feeling it. But in the second half it managed to win me over. There’s just this charm to it that is impossible to deny. So I think I’ll keep with this one.

Still would have preferred Locodol S2, though.

I don't even

Aho Girl [Dropped]


So the premise of this show is that Yoshiko is a brainless girl who somehow manages to score 0 on all her tests. Yes, zero. Out of 100. And she’s really into bananas. And everyone else, her childhood friend especially, have to put up with her.

It’s one of those out-there, absurd comedies that don’t fall within my sense of humour at all. Mercifully it was only ten minutes long, and still I went “what the fuck is going on” a lot of the time. I just can’t with this thing. If it’s the kind of thing you find funny, by all means. You can have it.

What even is anatomy?

Ballroom e Youkoso [Dropped]

Aka Welcome to the Ballroom

This is a show about high schoolers who get into ballroom dancing, and somehow it is the most aggressively shounen thing I have encountered in a long time. The instructor dude straight up says that ballroom dancing is the best way for boys in puberty to touch girls. Plus everyone is really exaggerated, everyone’s necks are really long, all the girls go Escher at least once, and it’s kinda horrifying to behold.

No thank you.

Somehow it's too many girls.

Battle Girl High School [Dropped]

This feels like a very low budget version of Symphogear, without any of the personality, or charm. Or anything you could describe as interesting. There is music, but it feels very incidental. It’s probably better to watch Symphogear if you want a show like this.

I didn’t think this was something I was ever going to say, but I think part of the problem is that there are too many girls. Far too many characters trying to get screen-time at once.

It’s even lacking the chill charm that Schoolgirl Strikers had. Even that’s probably better to watch than this.

The good stuff.

Centaur no Nayami [Watching]

Aka A Centaur’s Life

Now this is more like it. A monster girl anime that opens on a girl-girl kiss. At least there’s some balance in the world.

A Centaur’s Life takes place in a world where six-limbed life evolved to dominance instead of four-limbed. So the humans of this world are divided into several types. The four rough groups are 1) catfolk/fauns: People with tails, large ears, and often horns. Their final two limbs are really only vestigial at this point. 2) Angelfolk and draconids: basically anyone with wings. 3) Centaurs: Have a group to themselves as the only remaining type of human with four legs. 4) Merfolk: Whose two legs are merged into one fin, and who possess an extra pair of fins at the waist.

So everyone technically has six limbs, or at least they’re evolved from someone with six limbs. And they throw in some biting commentary on “what if the four-limbed ones had become dominant”.

As the title indicates, our main character is a centaur named Himeno, and she’s the only centaur in her class. So I believe it’s mainly going to be slice of life with Himeno and her friends, but it also seems like it might not be afraid to touch upon meaningful subjects, or make social commentary.

As for the opening kiss, that’s between Himeno and Nozomi, the demon/imp-ish girl on the right up there. It’s for a play, but it has some interesting follow-up stuff.

It’s not quite Sakura Trick, so I honestly don’t know if more kisses are going to be a thing. But if you count Himeno/Nozomi, it seems from the OP like the show is going to have two lesbian, and two straight couples. Needless to say, I’m in.

I hope things turn out okay.

Clione no Akari [Maybe]

The first episode of this is very heavy, as it deals rather unflinchingly with a girl who is bullied by most of her class, while the rest are too scared to say anything. I would say it treats the subject with the appropriate gravitas too. I really wanted to slap each and every one of those damn kids.

The OP seemed far more optimistic though, so maybe this is going to turn into something different? This is probably one of those shows that requires at least three episodes for a full impression, but I don’t have the energy to commit to something so potentially heavy right now. But optimistically I put it down as maybe, because I hope I feel good enough to take it on eventually. I would like to at least know where it intends to go.

More like Dullve.

Dive!! [Dropped]

As with a lot of these kinds of anime, it’s about a sports club that’s struggling, and how they’re going to get out of that. Considering anime naming conventions, I had to see if this was a sequel, but it’s not.

It’s also… not very good. It’s rather boring, and the main character is a jerk to his girlfriend, because he actually has a crush on a guy. Which might have been some interesting drama in the right hands, but the first episode really didn’t sell it well at all. Would have been nice if they could have demonstrated that our protagonist has any redeeming features, rather than just being an over-dramatic, under-achieving jerk.

A shame.

Enmusibu no Youko-chan [Dropped]

Aka Huyao Xiao Hongniang aka Fox Spirit Matchmaker

I’d say the most interesting thing about this is that it’s a Chinese anime localised into Japanese. It’s another Haoliners production, and it continues the streak of me not liking anything they put out.

Granted I only lasted a couple of minutes before I noped out of this one. It starts with what seems like an interesting premise. A fox spirit lady takes everything a rich person owns, in return for… something not entirely specified. A contract happens. But he seems very happy about it.

Then we’re introduced to a younger fox spirit, who apparently belongs to the same clan. But she doesn’t really have much talent, so they want to marry her off. Even though she’s like 10. I know, it happens, I just don’t want to watch it. Of course she doesn’t want to get married, so she runs off to become a proper fox spirit and earn her clan’s recognition.

And then… we’re introduced to the male lead. Who just so happens to be the guy the clan wants to marry the young girl off to, and he’s trying to find a bride on his own, apparently to foil his family’s plans? I read that off of a synopsis. I was beyond the point of not caring, and stopped watching when I saw him “put the moves” on a WcDonalds employee.


Gamers [Dropped]

Right, so we have our Generic Anime Protagonist Dude, who apparently has zero friends, because all he does is play games. Which right off the bat is a hard thing to swallow, because having been one of those kids 20 years ago, I know you always end up with at least one friend. That’s the same story I hear from basically everyone. You find someone like-minded, even if just by accident. I imagine it’s even easier these days.

He encounters one of the most popular girls in school, who is also secretly a gamer. A hardcore speed-runner, even. She wants to start the Game Club, and she’s been looking for True Gamers to join. And our GAPD is perfect for that. When I saw someone say they had made Vivian James into an anime, I thought they were exaggerating.

There’s nothing really wrong with the show conceptually, I guess. This is something that could work. Except it kinda doesn’t. While it doesn’t reach the level of the Vatican show, the writing here is pretty poor. I mentioned the hard to buy set-up for our MC, but also the dialogue is not great, and the scenarios seem a bit forced. Like they are what they need to be, but not necessarily what makes sense. They rely a bit much on coincidence, perhaps?

Regardless the execution feels a little lacking, but even if it was better, I’m not sure I’d still be into it. Really NFR.


Hajimete no Gal [DROPPED]

Aka My First Girlfriend is a Gal

I only lasted 8 seconds. I think that’s a new record. By the time we got to the second (censored) gratuitous panty shot with glistening thighs, I felt like I could see where this was heading, and I’d seen enough.

What I gather from what I’ve read and heard: Some guy is tired of being a virgin, so he asks out a girl who’s the Gal(Gyaru) type, because he’s heard they’re really easy. And I saw other people link some very tasteless “jokes”. I doubt you could afford to pay me what it would take to get me to watch this.

Cure Flora?

Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic [Watching]

When I saw this was connected to Luck & Logic, I was ready to skip it entirely. But after hearing feedback from others, I decided to give it a shot anyway. And I didn’t regret it.

This is definitely the outlier of this season’s release dates, as it released about a week before anything else got started.

It’s set in the same world as L&L, but a bit after the original show. And at an all-girl academy for aspiring Logicalists. Except all the major threats have now been solved, and it’s been quite peaceful for quite some time. The enemy Foreigners barely show up. Perhaps this will change as the show goes on?

I don’t know who Hina is, because our main character is called Liones, or just Lion for short. She’s the princess of a small country, and snuck away from home to come to this academy. She had gotten an acceptance letter, her father just hadn’t wanted her to go, I think. It was the first thing I watched, so details are a little fuzzy.

Anyway, it seems cute, and it’s all girls, so that’s enough to avoid the main problem of the original show, which was the protagonist dude. Though I suppose it’s possible this show will still somehow find a way to fall off a cliff in another episode or two. Ep 1 of L&L was actually quite decent. It was in ep 2 it all went to hell.

I’ll stick with it for now.

BL? Probably BL.

Hitorijime My Hero [Dropped]

Absolutely no relation to My Hero Academia.

So our main character is this average, kinda pathetic kid about to start high school. A GAPD. Because he doesn’t really have friends or anything, he ends up hanging out with a group of local thugs, and doing errands for them.

That is until he runs into the big brother of one of his only true friends. He’s a high school teacher, and he tends to go around beating up thugs and gangsters for fun. I think it’s for fun, at least. Or maybe for justice. The MC keeps referring to him as a hero, after all.

This seems alright enough. Nothing particularly exciting, but nothing wrong with that. I’m just not in the market for a BL show, or even just an all-boy show in general right now. But maybe you are!


Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai [Dropped]

Aka Ikemen Sengoku: Bromances Across Time


I don’t know! There’s a guy who says he fell through a time hole and ended up in the Sengoku era, where Nobunaga Oda thinks he’s a foreign spy, and they play tennis, and the art is terrifying, and I don’t know what is happening! Keep it away from me!

The littlest demon.

Isekai Shokudou [Watching]

Aka Restaurant to Another World

You can file this one under Pleasant Surprises.

This show is about a special restaurant that at regular times shifts between different worlds. And the chef seems entirely used to this, and used to getting all sorts of clientele. Among whom is a dragon who thinks of the restaurant as her treasure, and who really likes beef stew.

Then one night a poor, cute demon girl stumbles into the restaurant after the door appears in the ruined house she sleeps in. Taking pity on her, the chef makes her some food, and asks if she’s willing to work for him. And now the dragon considers her part of the treasure worth protecting because of it.

Gaaahhh, it’s so heart-warming! I am really excited to see more of this show. I love the whole idea of it, and that chef is a perfect example of what I mean when I say “give me male characters that are actual characters, and not just another Generic Anime Protagonist Dude”. He’s a person with a job, a history, and a personality.

I think there's a Touhou in there.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni [Maybe]

Aka In Another World With My Smartphone

So God accidentally kills a guy, then brings him into his room (God’s room that is) to say how sorry he is. Offers to resurrect him, but it has to be in a different world, because those are the rules. I would have thought God made those rules in the first place, but whatever. The show just really wants to get on with things.

Guy says that’s fine, but he wonders if God can make his smartphone work in this new world. Which is apparently no problem, except it can’t call back to his original world. It can only read the internet. But God puts in his own contact info, so they can call each other, and gives the guy superpowers before sending him off.

This is kinda like a parody of “stuck in a different world” shows, considering how lighthearted it treats everything, and how the protagonist looks basically just like SAO‘s Kirito. I spotted some references to other shows of the same ilk, too. And our protag is of course super-good at everything, which he feels is probably because of whatever God did to him.

And honestly it’s not that bad. I wouldn’t say it’s a first-pick, but I am willing to label it as a maybe. Our protag is very cheerful and upbeat, the girls are cute, everything is very straight-forward, and it doesn’t seem to be taking things too seriously.

My main problem with the first episode was how quickly it was going. It was just racing through thing after thing, without giving us time to digest any of the concepts it introduced. Hopefully that’s just because it has a lot of stuff to establish quickly, and that isn’t the norm going forward. Because the show could really benefit from calming the fuck down. Everything they introduced could have been spread across 3-4 episodes with better pacing.

Trying so hard.

Jikan no Shihaisha [Dropped]

Aka Chronos Ruler

This show is so try-hard it’s a little amusing. It wants so badly to be cool, and edgy.

The idea is that there are these demons who steal people’s time. Though they don’t steal the time they have left, they steal the time they’ve already had. It turns them younger until they cease to be. A bit opposite to how these things usually go, but that’s fine.

Opposing these demons are the titular Chronos Rulers, people with access to time-powers that let them vanquish the beasts.

Now as I said, the show is trying really, really hard. Too hard. There are obvious homages to Full Metal Alchemist, and the writing… well. Let me give you some examples of things that are said: “This is what true pain looks like!” and “I thought losing my memories would erase the pain in my heart. But don’t worry. It’s still really painful.” And the way it’s delivered too, it’s just… it tries so hard. So I’d say it was worth watching one episode just to experience that. But one episode was enough.

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