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Cuddle Buddies

[A/N: This originally started as merely a Hagumi/Tae platonic ship fic, but it morphed into all of Popipa looking after Hagumi. Though the Tae bit is still the longest as a result.

To be honest, I have a hard time seeing Hagumi as sexually or romantically involved with anyone, but I like the idea of her having a close platonic cuddle relationship with people. In this case all of Popipa. The idea is that of course she does things with HHW, and has a lot of fun with them, but Popipa can provide something different for her. They’d let her be a little closer than most friends.

I’m aware Hagumi is not really the favourite girl of very many people, but I think she deserves a lot of love. So it makes sense to me that the Popipa members; Kasumi, Saaya, and Tae especially; would look after her. For being one of the most cheerful Bandori girls, Hagumi has one of the darkest backstories considering her family situation, and how it has affected her self-image.

Idea I left out because I couldn’t really make a whole scene of it: Rimi helping Hagumi practice the bass, since Hagumi only has experience with the guitar. Arisa might not know what she could provide herself, but I think she would approve of what the others were doing. 

I’m still running with the “Popipa are a polyamorous band” concept, but in my mind they would rein themselves in around Hagumi, and keep sleepovers from progressing beyond the cuddle stage when she took part. What they do when she’s not around is not the point of this fic. :3]

Kitazawa Hagumi rang the doorbell, and waited. She was feeling a little anxious. Maybe no one was home. Maybe it was a bad time. Maybe-

Her thoughts got interrupted as the door opened. It was the mother of the household.

“Hello, Hanazono-san,” Hagumi said, more timidly than you might expect of her.

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Lack of a Plan

[A/N: Before episode 2 of Bandori S2 happened, I was actually working on a different Asuka fic. But seeing more of Rokka, and getting a better feel for her, made me put that other idea on ice for now. Might return to it later.

Anyway! While I figured this season would give me more Asuka content, I didn’t expect them to just give her a girlfriend right away. So of course I had to write something with the two of them. I wonder how the rest of Raise a Suilen are going to come into this, and how Rokka ends up getting together with them. I assume the season is partly going to be about them forming their band, and having their first show. But I hope all the other bands get to shine a bit too. So far it’s been pretty Popipa-centric, but we’re only two eps in, so it’s too soon to call anything.

I’ll grant that episode 2 had a good amount of Roselia in it too, but I was kinda hoping to see more of them outside of performances. I want to see what they’re up to in the day to day, not just what they’re like as a band, if that makes sense. Hoping each band gets an episode or two where we just follow the members around, like we’ve done with Popipa in the first two.

Final note: Slightly annoyed that neither Ako nor Rokka called Asuka by name this episode, so I had to just guess at what they call her. It’s possible Ako says Asu-chin or something, but idk yet.]

Toyama Asuka sat down next to Udagawa Ako at lunch.

“Hey, Ako.”

“Hm? What’s up, Asuka?”

Asuka had been thinking about how to word this all morning. And most of yesterday.

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Yukine Chris Short Scene Compilation

[A/N: I’ve had an idea for another Chris story for a while, over six months I believe, but I never figured out a way to turn into a full fic. As more small ideas have started showing up, I decided to do what I’ve done in other fandoms: A short scene compilation. Yukine Chris deserves to be a happy floof, after all. Though I’m also quite fond of teasing her. Sorry, Chris. But know you’ll always be the goodest girl in my heart.

I feel like I had couple more seeds of ideas floating about, but I couldn’t find them once I sat down to write. And there was one that simply refused to grow. Maybe it’ll be ready for next time, whenever that is. I still haven’t heard word of when S5 is happening.

Now I know the wiki says that Chris is actually taller than Shirabe, but my headcanon is that her height was measured with her heels on. No way is she taller than 150. :3

The little exchange between Chris and Tsubasa is 100% a jokey reference to the OVAs. It’s amazing that those things are canon.

It was Carmilla Bunni/Lilbrattybun who helped me come up with the idea for the final scene.]

Working at S.O.N.G. had many benefits when they weren’t involved in dangerous situations. Decent pay (it wasn’t simply an allowance, honest), medical coverage, training facilities, travel expenses (mainly that they didn’t have to pay any expenses to be transported), and workplace snacks. Considering the circumstances of what they did, it was a pretty good deal. However, Yukine Chris had hit a snag.

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Flower And Gem

[A/N: I still intend to keep up with the Aqours birthday fics for 2019, and it starts with Dia this year too. A shorter, and comfier one than last year, but I think that’s fine. Don’t really have plans for any other birthdays, even though I’m really into Bandori now. There’s just no way I’d be able to come up with ideas for 25 birthdays. 30 once you add Raise a Suilen. If I get any ideas for anything for anyone in any franchise, and I remember it’s their birthday in time, then maybe. I missed Symphogear Chris (the goodest girl) this time around too. I have a really bad memory for dates.

I don’t think this counts as a rare ship. At least I used to see a fair amount of it, but it is one I haven’t done myself until now. Back when I was hardcore RubyMaru it felt a bit wrong, but I have moved past that since then. I’m pretty open regarding ships I’m willing to try out in Love Live. Of course I have my favourites, but it’s still fun to try other ones, and see how it goes.]

Kurosawa Dia went to open the door. Who could be visiting on New Year’s Eve?

“Hello, Dia-chan.”


Dia felt a little confused.

“May I come in, zura?” Kunikida Hanamaru asked.

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The Kittens Flock

[A/N: Been a while since I’ve written anything Yuru Yuri, and I wasn’t sure if I would do so again, but the idea of a dansou high school Akari was too good to pass up. With the others being completely baffled at this turn of events. She probably doesn’t really get it herself, but she goes along with it because she wants to be nice to the little kittens.

A large part of the credit for this has to go to my friend Lilbrattybun who put the idea in my head in the first place, and helped me with feedback during the writing process. You can check out her fics, and/or her Twitter, if you want. She’s a good bun.]

After feeling like they had been stuck in middle school forever, the first year of high school had been weird for Yui and Kyouko. Some things had stayed much the same, and others very much had not. The weirdest might have been disbanding the Amusement Club, as half the members were now in different schools. Though Kyouko had talked about how they should reform once Akari and Chinatsu also started high school. It was hard to say how serious she was.

Regardless, the start of year two had finally arrived, and their two friends would be joining them again. But it was hard to ignore that something had definitely changed. Both Akari and Chinatsu had started resembling their older sisters more. Catching up to them, you might say.

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[A/N: Why does this always happen? My thought is: I’ll write a handful of short scenes in one fic. Then each of them get longer than expected, and a few thousand words in I wonder: What happened? Maybe wanting to include a bunch of stuff isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t feel like a whole lot actually happened. Still… I had fun writing it. That’s probably what matters.

Some notes:

I’m really into the idea of Arisa just swearing here and there, so that might just be a regular thing in my fics featuring her going forwards.

I love writing KasuAri, and that is probably not going to stop. The idea that Kasumi learns to read and predict Arisa is an important part of their dynamic to me. She’s not perfect, but she can somewhat understand what Arisa wants.

And yes, I’m using Chisato for a bit of exposition again.

Eve and Maya haven’t really had a role in this since Maya’s introduction, so I wanted to do a little scene with them. Even if it didn’t really further the plot of the support group. 

The idea of Hagumi realising Misaki is Michelle, but the wrong way around, is from a different fic I did. It’s unrelated to this, but I just wanted to bring the idea back. Even if it wouldn’t make sense. Hagumi is so precious.]

Ichigaya Arisa faced a dilemma.

Mind-reading was a tiring ability. Not mind-reading was also draining. She could control it to an extent, but she preferred to not have to make the effort. Yet she was now back at school on a regular basis, so some effort had to be made. Things couldn’t go back to how they had been. She wouldn’t allow that.

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New Earstyle

[A/N: I feel like I have a bundle of short, cosy ideas right now that I kinda want to get out before I do anything else. And I haven’t really done a dedicated Lisa/Yukina fic before. There are a few other couples I’ve yet to touch that I would like to try to do something with some day, but I think this is a good start.

This was in part inspired by the short Bandori comic the official account put up of exactly this with Kasumi doing Yukina’s hair in her own style, and Yukina looking like she was about to melt as she saw herself in the mirror. And in part by all the Kasumi/Yukina field conversations in the game. Don’t worry, Lisa. You’re still number one in her heart.]

Lisa could hear singing through the door to Yukina’s room, and found it a bit odd. Not that Yukina was singing, but rather the way it sounded. It wasn’t loud enough that she could tell exactly what it was, but it sounded more upbeat than Yukina’s typical style.

She did a courtesy knock before opening the door. “Hey, Yuki- … na?”

Yukina was sitting in front of the mirror of the room, and seemed to be admiring herself. Or perhaps more specifically the change to her appearance.

She turned her head towards the door. “Oh, hi, Lisa.”

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Crackling Fireplace

[A/N: It has been a while since I’ve written any Love Live Sunshine, and I’ve kinda missed it. Just harder to get much in the way of ideas now that the anime is over, and I don’t play LLSIF any longer. But I’ve wanted to do some short, comfy Chika/You for a while, and I figured I might as well do a slight holiday theme to it. Not really a big Christmas story as such, more of a tangential thing. I don’t think I did much more for my holiday story last year, either.

While not explicitly stated, this is meant to be them in their adult life. How adult? Eh, in their 20s somewhere, I guess. Old enough that they can just go off and spend Christmas together rather than worrying about anyone else.

After having put some thought into it, I think Chika/You is my favourite Sunshine ship. Whenever I want to think about something disgustingly adorable, those two are usually the first to come to mind. They’re just so sweet, and cute.]

Takami Chika was sitting all bundled up in front a crackling fireplace. It wasn’t her fireplace, she was simply on vacation, and staying at an inn that had one. But she was not alone.

Soft footfalls came up behind her.

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The Past of Maruyama Aya

[A/N: Holy… while this didn’t reach the length of the SayoTsugu fic, it still got longer than I expected. I suppose the lore dump at the end is in part to blame for that.

Note on the previous fic: I guess it makes more sense that Moca would call Rinko “Rinko-san” or “Rinko-senpai” rather than “Rin-chan”. I think I’ll stick with “Rinko-san” in the future.

So I have one more introduction to make, and it’s not quite the same as the others. I wasn’t sure if a magical girl would really fit in this setting, considering what I had in mind for how the others got their powers, but I was thinking the same about a vampire as well. Including Chisato as a vampire was in part to set this up. Once I had decided on one, I felt I needed the other. If Aya was to be a former magical girl, I needed some way for her to be discovered. So I figured that vampires probably have some way of sensing that sort of power.

My apologies to anyone who was hoping for some cosy, fluffy Aya/Chisato content. Only exposition this time, I’m afraid. Decided to finally take the plunge, and solidify some of the lore of this setting, now that I had some means to do so. Maybe some people would have preferred it to stay a mystery.]

Hi. My name is Maruyama Aya, and I’m not quite like most people. You see, I’m a magical girl! Or rather, I used to be. I was too good at it, and now I’m not needed any longer.

I haven’t even thought about this in years, but recent events have brought it back to mind.

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First Gathering

[A/N: Once I got the previous Superpowers fic done, it feels kinda like the writing block flushed away. I wrote this much quicker than I expected, even if it’s been an idea I’ve brewed on for a while. Maybe in part because I’m really excited to write the next entry in this series, but had to get this one done first. Have to try to maintain some continuity, you know?

I did end up deciding to make the Aya/Chisato vampire story I wrote a month back part of the Superpowers AU. I might need to make some adjustments to some of the details. Some reworks or retcons if you will. But I don’t think I have to change anything major… probably. We’ll take that as it comes. I’ll try to signpost it properly should it be necessary. A lot of this I’m just making up as I go along.

Having Tsugumi be the one to come up with the idea for the support group was an easy one. She’s very Tsugurific, after all.

So the [yet to be named] group is currently five members. It made sense that those would be the only five they could easily put together at the start. I have some ideas for how to bring in more, even if I’m not sure of everyone yet.

Of course, part of the premise for this series from the very start has been: What do people with superpowers do in a world that doesn’t need them? Theirs is a better world than ours. And even as the series has gone on and evolved, I have kept that idea in mind. I don’t really want to introduce some big threat for them to fight against, or team up to save the world, or anything. I kinda just want it to still be fairly slice-of-life. With girls smooching sometimes. Not saying that will definitely never change, but I have no plans for it.]

Ako was having lunch with her friends. She got along well with the other little nerds in the class, and she was slightly popular for being in a band. Maybe also for being so small and cute. Whatever the case, several of her classmates had been to see at least one of Roselia’s concerts.


Someone called her name, so Ako looked over. It was Tsugumi, one of her big sister’s best friends.

“Could I talk to you for a minute?” Tsugumi asked.

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