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An Unusual Promise

[A/N: This idea started with me thinking up the line “I promise one day I’m going to kiss you”. But the way I was envisioning it, I couldn’t make it fit into any of the characters from the fandoms I write for. So I figured that for the first time in a long, long while, I would write an original yuri work. Writing something set in Norway again was fun.

Some trivia. School in Norway is divided much like elsewhere. Grades 1-7 (1-6 back in my time, they start one year earlier now) are child school (barneskole), grades 8-10 are youth school (ungdomskole), and those are the only compulsory years. Next students can move on to advanced school (videregående skole, which most do), which is three years if you intend to apply to high school (høyskole, what English would call college) or university. Or two years of school followed by two years of apprenticeship if you want get into a practical field, like electrician or mechanic. Both youth school and advanced school offer a mix of mandatory classes, and choice classes. In youth school there’s only a few choices, and you have to pick something. The choice classes in advanced school are each worth a certain amount of points, and you can choose as many as your schedule can fit if you want. Different college and university courses require a certain amounts of points for you to even be allowed to apply to them.

And the school year starts in August/September, and ends in May/June. Different schools can have varying start/end dates, especially on the advanced level and beyond.

Though for the simplicity of this fic, I went with the equivalent names in English. Better to be clear for the readers, I think.

Also no school uniforms at any level.

And for kicks I threw in mention of how the average height here is higher than in Japan where most of my fanfics are set. I believe for boys it’s 180 cms, and girls 166.

Pronunciation note: The d at the end of Sigrid and Astrid is silent.]

Summer was over, and the start of the third and final year of Sigrid’s high school life had arrived. She already had a goal in mind for which college to apply to, and most of the others had probably also decided. Or at least had a decent idea.

It was a new classroom, but the same people. Sigrid had taken a desk in same location as in their previous classroom. That was basically the norm. There was the expected amount of chatter as everyone was catching up with each other again. But then everything went quiet.

Sigrid looked up, wondering if the teacher had arrived already, but no. It was someone else. Someone new. Transfer student? She wasn’t the type one could easily forget, that much was certain. Tall, she had to be over 180 cms, standing above most of the boys even. Beautiful, the type you could easily imagine being a model. You could perhaps even call her handsome rather than cute. There was a certain mature air about her. Long dark hair that looked silky smooth. Striking brown eyes. Dressed in a stylish dark blazer, with matching trousers, and a white shirt. Far finer than what most people bothered wearing to school. She stood out, powerfully so. Every eye in the room was drawn to her, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

Compared to her own average self, Sigrid thought the new girl was even more exceptional. Sigrid was pretty much average height, just short of 170. Blonde hair of medium length with little styling. Blue eyes. Wearing regular jeans, and a thin sweater as it was quite warm. While she didn’t think of herself as ugly, she wouldn’t say she was particularly good-looking either. She was just average, in every conceivable way. There was a light poke of envy, but it didn’t really last. Sigrid preferred to not stand out.

The new girl was all smiles, and already chatting with the people near the entrance. Probably introducing herself. Sigrid sat too far back to hear what they were saying. Then the new girl glanced towards Sigrid, and their eyes met. The girl raised an eyebrow, and her smile changed. Or maybe that was just Sigrid’s imagination. Yet all of a sudden the new girl was heading in her direction with a determined look on her face. Sigrid immediately felt nervous, wondering if she had somehow managed to insult the newcomer. Though she had no idea how.

The girl stopped by Sigrid’s desk, and put a hand on her chin as if she was considering something. Sigrid wasn’t sure if she should say something, or try to ignore her.

“My, what a pretty, little flower,” the girl said suddenly, her voice like velvet.

“E-excuse me?” Sigrid was sure she couldn’t have heard that right. She glanced to the sides, wondering whether the girl was talking to someone else.

“Hi, I’m Aina~,” the girl said.


“And you are?” Aina asked softly.

“O-oh, um…” It hadn’t occurred to Sigrid that she should respond. “I’m Sigrid.”

“Sigrid~. That’s a nice name.” Aina smiled.

The way she had said the name made Sigrid feel a strange tingle. “W-what?” was all she could think to say.

Aina put a hand on Sigrid’s desk, and leaned forward. “Hm…”

Sigrid leaned back. The new girl seemed even more imposing up close.

“Let me make you a promise, Sigrid~,” Aina said, reached forth with her free hand, and placed her index finger on Sigrid’s forehead. It felt warm. “One day I will kiss you.”


“But…” Aina continued, tracing her finger down over Sigrid’s nose. “Only when you want me to.” The finger stopped on Sigrid’s upper lip, then pulled back.

“W-why would I want that?!” Sigrid exclaimed, more shocked than outraged.

“Mhmhm.” Aina chuckled lightly. “We’ll find out, won’t we?” she said, and straightened back up.

Before Sigrid could think to say anything more, the teacher entered the room. Class was starting, so Aina headed to a free desk, about half the room away from Sigrid. Acting as if nothing had just happened.

Such brazen behaviour. Sigrid had never experienced the like. Yet if this Aina thought that was enough to get under Sigrid’s skin, she had another thing coming. She probably intended to keep teasing, or wooing, or whatever the heck that had been, but Sigrid was determined that she could, and would, resist someone that obnoxious. She even had the nerve to say ‘when’, and not ‘if’. What had she even hoped to achieve with that stunt?

* * *

Yet Aina didn’t keep it up. She really seemed to act like nothing had happened after her bold introduction. Sure, she smiled at Sigrid, but she smiled at everyone. She would start conversation, but she did the same with others in the class too. Aina seemed very sociable, and was pleasant to talk with. Her appearance might make you expect a certain haughtiness, but that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

She quickly became quite popular, both among the boys and the girls. It seemed like almost everyone felt a draw towards her. Which genuinely didn’t seem to bother her, and she treated everyone with the same pleasantness. Not showing anyone special treatment, not even Sigrid. It really was as if that first meeting had never happened, which just made Sigrid more curious what that had been about.

Why would I ever want to kiss her? Sigrid wondered. Aina had seemed so confident in her statement, her ‘promise’, but what did she base that on? Had she thought Sigrid looking at her meant some sort of attraction? Everyone in the class had been looking at her. Why was I singled out?

It’s not like it would be her first kiss even if it did happen. She had dated a boy named Vidar in middle school. It had only lasted a couple of months, but they had made out, and stuff, though it never got too serious. Since then she hadn’t been with anyone else, as it hadn’t felt worth the effort. Certainly hadn’t considered any girls.

She was satisfied hanging with her small circle of friends.

* * *

“So what’s the deal with you and Aina?” Astrid asked.

“D-deal? There’s no deal,” Sigrid said firmly.

They were in the library, where they used to gather at lunch, or during free periods.

“Do you know her from before?” Lena asked.

“What? No,” Sigrid replied.

“Then what was that on the first day?” Vilde asked.

“I don’t know! Why are you asking this now?” Sigrid demanded. It had been a couple of weeks, so it seemed like a weird time to bring it up.

“Everyone’s been really curious, so we decided it was best to just ask,” Lena said.


“Yeah, even my class have been talking about it,” Ruth said.

“Oh no, really?” Sigrid groaned. In a way it was relieving to learn that it wasn’t just something she had daydreamed, but… “Ugh, why me?”

“That’s what everyone wants to know,” Vilde said. “No one was close enough to hear what you two said, except when you yelled. Did she ask you something weird?”

“She was just messing with me,” Sigrid said. That had to be it. There was no other sensible explanation.

“But what did she say?” Astrid asked.

Recalling the encounter made Sigrid’s cheeks heat up. “Just nonsense,” she insisted.

* * *

As more time passed, Sigrid found herself trying to actively void Aina less, as her curiosity made her want to engage in conversation. To learn more about this weird girl.

Aina’s family had moved to the area at the start of the summer, basically as soon as the second year of school had wrapped up, and all the paperwork for her transferring to this school had been sorted before the end of vacation.

She was into football, which Sigrid wouldn’t have guessed. She had been on a team where she lived before, but hadn’t joined a new one since coming here. And she liked videogames, though she said she was just a casual. Otherwise she talked about going on walks so long as the weather was okay, and always had pictures of her cat to show anyone interested. A long-haired forest cat. Apparently the cat’s name was Millie, but Aina always called her Furball, or the Hair Troll.

However, all these conversations just increased Sigrid’s annoyance that Aina kept behaving like nothing had happened. And one day she could no longer take it, and decided to confront her.

“Do you even remember your promise?” she asked.

“Of course,” Aina said with a clever smile. No hesitation.

“That you’re going to kiss me?” Sigrid pressed.

“Absolutely.” Aina sounded just as confident as she had that first day.

“Why me?” Sigrid demanded.

“Hm… fate, perhaps?” Aina replied enigmatically.

“What makes you think I even like girls?”

“Oh, you don’t have to like girls,” Aina said with her smooth voice. “You just have to like one girl. Me.” Her expression was insufferably smug.

“Ugh, you’re awful.” Sigrid felt exasperated.

“So, not yet, then?”

“Not ever!” Sigrid hissed.

“Mhmhmhmhm.” Aina chuckled, seeming very pleased with herself. Or amused by Sigrid. Or both.

* * *

After that Aina yet again went back to acting normally. No pushing, no teasing. It seemed like so long as Sigrid didn’t bring it up, Aina was content to leave it alone. So all Sigrid had to do was not bring it up again. Problem solved. Yet… somehow that felt like such an unsatisfying solution.

Sigrid tried to push it all out of her mind. As Autumn progressed, and the weather got cooler, their workload steadily increased. They were graduating by next summer, after all. The exams were going to be rough, even on the best students.

But the more she tried to not think about it, the more it seemed to dwell on her mind. Why was Aina so certain? And why had she picked Sigrid? She seemed like the kind of girl who could have anyone. Her popularity indicated as much. And while there was a casual flirtatiousness to her personality, she never made any serious moves on anyone, or accepted anyone’s advances. At least as far as anyone was aware. If she had a secret lover, it was a very well kept secret. A true mystery.

And Sigrid couldn’t seem to help watching her. Aina really was beautiful. A well toned figure, especially evident whenever they had gym, or swimming class. Yet still with a clear femininity to her. Those lips looked particularly soft. Sigrid wondered what it might be like to actually kiss them. Whether Aina was experienced. Or maybe naturally good. Or whether she was just bragging, and overestimating herself.

Wait, why am I thinking about this? she quickly scolded herself. There’s no way I’m giving her the satisfaction. Then she considered that maybe ‘satisfaction’ hadn’t been a good word to bring to mind.

* * *

“Seriously, why me?”

Sigrid had spotted Aina sitting alone in the library, studying physics. And the urge to know had overcome her.

“Hm?” Aina looked up, and smiled.

“Why me? And give me a proper answer this time,” Sigrid said. Insisted.

“Oh my, such a fierce expression,” Aina said, leaning back in her chair.

“Ugh…” Sigrid felt like she should have known it would be hopeless. She was prepared to stomp off, even if it would look childish, but Aina turning her chair so she could face Sigrid made her stop.

“Alright, I’ll tell you,” Aina said. “But I can’t guarantee the answer will satisfy you. Have a seat, won’t you?” Cool and pleasant as always.

Sigrid hesitated for a second, but then accepted Aina’s suggestion, and pulled out a chair.

“Well, you see…” Aina crossed her legs. “When our eyes met on that first day, I felt my heart skip a beat. That’s when I knew.”

Sigrid blinked. “That’s… it?” She wasn’t sure how else to respond.

“Isn’t that enough? Hmhmhm,” Aina chuckled. “I warned you the answer might not satisfy you. But it’s the truth nonetheless.”

Sigrid didn’t know what to think. Was Aina claiming it was like… love at first sight? Surely not. That seemed… ridiculous. Why? What could she possibly see in someone so average? And why was it making her heart beat faster?

“Will that be all?” Aina asked casually. She had cocked her head to the side, and was tapping her chin.

“Ugh… alright,” Sigrid said. She couldn’t stand it any longer.


“Alright. Fine. I’ll let you- I mean, I’ll kiss you.” At least that way she would find out… whatever. She wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for the answer to, but going through with this felt like it would lead to an answer.

Aina’s eyes lit up. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah… yes. I’m sure,” Sigrid answered. Now that the decision was made, she felt strangely calm about it. The nerves would probably show up at some point, but right now she was just set in her path. Her uncertainty cast away.

Aina leaned forwards. “Your wish is my desire,” she said. “But not here.” She booped Sigrid’s nose. “I’m a lady, after all. I wouldn’t compromise a maiden’s privacy.”

* * *

As they found themselves in a place they were alone, the nerves started setting in.

I’m about to kiss someone. I’m about to kiss a girl. A beautiful girl. Who loves me? What if I suck? Will she hate me? Do I care? I absolutely care. Can I really do this?

“Relax,” Aina said comfortingly, and cupped Sigrid’s cheek. “Your first time?” she asked.

Sigrid shook her head. Her mouth felt dry.

Aina smiled. “You know how it works, then.”

Sigrid nodded.

“Hmhm, I knew you’d come around,” Aina said, her hand sliding down to Sigrid’s chin, and gently tilting her head back.

“How?” Sigrid managed to ask.

“I promised you, didn’t I?” Aina said, and leaned down. Without any further preamble, their lips met.

Sigrid rose up on her toes without meaning to. Aina’s lips were super soft. She could just melt against them. The feeling was electric. It was nothing like when she had kissed her ex. It wouldn’t have surprised her if her hair stood on end. The taste was sweet, with a hint of mint lip balm. Aina smelled really good too. Of flowers… roses maybe? And then… it was over. Sigrid felt dizzy.

“So? How was it?” Aina asked. She sounded slightly out of breath.

“Amazing…” Sigrid answered without thinking.

“I agree,” Aina said warmly. “One more?”

The hungry look in Aina’s eyes made Sigrid shiver slightly. She nodded.

The next kiss wasn’t as shocking, so Sigrid was able to appreciate the tenderness of it more. To her own surprise, and maybe also Aina’s, she parted her lips, and pushed her tongue against Aina’s. Aina let her in. Their tongues met. Sigrid couldn’t focus on anything else, nor did she want to. But eventually it had to end this time too.

“I could… get used to this…” Aina said. She was clearly out of breath.

“Yeah…” Sigrid said, and could no longer keep her balance. She fell against Aina’s body, and got embraced. It felt… good.

“So now we can go back to class… and declare you my girlfriend,” Aina teased.

Isn’t that moving a bit fast? Sigrid wanted to say. What about my maiden’s privacy? But instead she said: “You’re the worst…”

Aina let out an enchanting laugh. “I can live with that.”



The Many Faces of Aoba Moca

[A/N: So for the third BanG Dream Superpowers AU idea, I went for a different type of story again. Virtually no angst, just fluff and silliness this time. I felt like that was a better fit for Moca, honestly. Plus, Moca’s had a solid support network in her friend group from early on, who have helped her out, and accepted her.

Though that also meant it was impossible to make the story as long. No hard memories to dredge up and recollect, so it’s just Moca being playful, really. Which is probably fine, I should hope it’s still enjoyable.

I have one more idea, though I’m not quite sure how I’d like to do it yet. And there’s another thing I want to turn into an idea, but I haven’t found the right hook yet. Honestly I’m kinda amazed this became more than a one-shot thing. Maybe I’m stretching the credibility of powers being an unknown to the general populace if I give them to so many. But it’s a fun little AU nonetheless.]

Hi~. My name is Aoba Moca, and I’m not quite like most people. For you see… I am a shapeshifter! Which is not as fun as you might think. Indeed, you best beware before you read on, and discover all the dark secrets of a world you never knew existed, but which could swallow you up at any moment! Your life will never be the same!

Ehehe, did I getcha? Did you think I was serious? Fu~fu~fu~. The great Moca-chan is a master of deception. That is probably why I got this power to begin with.

Read the rest of this entry

The Mind of Ichigaya Arisa

[A/N: I was taking a shower after finishing the Misaki superpowers AU story, and the idea for this Arisa story came to mind. A little shorter, different, and more emotionally charged.

I know my KasuAri stories are not as popular as the other Bandori stuff I do, but I love those two dearly. And Arisa is my second favourite Bandori character. It just makes sense to me that if she had any powers, it would be something like this. Sorry I just keep gushing about how much those two are in love.

I wonder if I’ll come up with anything for any others.]

Hi. My name is Ichigaya Arisa, and I’m not quite like most people. You see, I can read people’s minds. Their emotions, their intentions, and their thoughts. It is my curse, though I do not know what I did to deserve it. My grandma calls it a gift, but I have no clue where she got that idea. It has ruined my life.

I’m not sure when it all started. Maybe when I was born. Certainly for as long as I can remember. I could hear both what people were saying, and thinking. I could tell how they were feeling. Sense what they were going to do, or at least what they wanted. And let me tell you, it’s hard to tell the difference between what someone is saying out loud, and what they’re saying in their mind. Unfortunately there’s no hollow echo effect like on TV or film. But there is a… slightly different flavour to it. It’s hard to explain. Suffice to say, I’ve gotten better at telling the difference, even if it can still be difficult when you’re in a direct conversation with someone. But as a child…

I didn’t know there were some things people weren’t actually saying out loud. Didn’t know that I was the only one who could hear it. So I responded to people’s thoughts. It still sounded like them, after all. I just wanted to be helpful, and friendly. I didn’t understand that not everyone was always honest about everything. That there were things they wouldn’t want others to know. Or that some things were never meant to be heard. Learning about intrusive thoughts threw me for a loop. I still sometimes get startled by those. Of course they’re not going to throw themselves in front of a car. Or stomp on that dog. I can sense that they’re not actually going to, or want to, do that. But they’re still startling. I guess the people who have them are just used to them.

People didn’t take kindly to my behaviour. Kids can be cruel. So can adults, maybe even more so. It was hard to make friends. Harder to keep them. I creeped them all out. Or scared them away. They didn’t really understand what was going on either, but it made them uncomfortable. By the time I started truly understanding what was going on, and that maybe I should learn how to hold back, it was too late. Rumours about me were abundant. I was the weird kid. Some kind of witch. Or monster. People were avoiding me, or worse, bullying me.

I withdrew from everyone. Stopped talking to the other kids. Stopped raising my hand in class. Stopped going anywhere outside of school. Stopped making myself noticed. Only my grandma didn’t reject me, and she was the only one I couldn’t reject either.

But even long after I stopped, my reputation still stuck. I was still a target. An easy one, with no support, and no one to stand up for me. Even though no one probably even remembered any longer why they disliked me.

As for standing up for myself… I think… I think maybe I can influence people. I’m not sure. But one time they were picking on me, making fun of me, I just got so desperate for them to stop. My walls couldn’t hold. And something… happened. I’m not even sure what. It’s like the memories are blurry. All I know is that the kids stopped, and I felt really dirty afterwards. Whatever had happened, it made me feel like I had been dragged through sewage. I stopped going to school after that.

I have always been smart, even if that didn’t translate to people skills. So I was able to keep my grades up even without attending class. It’s not like I had anywhere to go, or anything to do, so I always had time to study. Burying myself in books was a relief, honestly.

And gradually I learned how to shut things out. Shut them off. I was able to find the focus I needed to not read peoples’ minds. It’s not perfect, I’m hardly a master, and it’s definitely tiring. But I can do it, to an extent. It’s harder the closer someone is. Both physically and emotionally. Like my grandma, it’s very hard to not read her. But I don’t really feel the need to avoid it either. I don’t read her every thought, but I can always tell how she’s feeling. Whether she’s worried about me. She worries about me a lot. But she’s also kind, and understanding. So even her worry is a source of comfort, in its own way.

I don’t remember a lot about my parents. I don’t know if they were like me. My grandma says they weren’t, but maybe she simply didn’t know. Not that it really matters. Not that I’ll ever know. My grandma is all I have. Or… she was.

You see… six months ago I was still all alone. And I liked it that way. Really. I wasn’t lonely. Not that lonely, anyway. Even though I had changed school since the incident, and there were no longer all the rumours about me floating about, I still stayed at home. Only attending the very minimum amount I had to. I was afraid. I didn’t want the cycle to start over again. Didn’t want to have to navigate that minefield, and just get hurt again. It was better that way. But then she came into my life, and turned everything on its head. I’m in a band now, even though I never meant to be. I have friends, even though I thought I would be better off without.

* * *

“Arisa-chan. Can you play this for me? I’m trying to figure out what the song is missing, but I keep hitting the wall.”

“Yeah, sure,” I say, and accept Rimi’s sheet music.

Ushigome Rimi is our band’s bassist. A sweet, helpful girl with a serious love for chocolate, and some unfortunate self-esteem issues. I want to tell her to believe in herself more, especially since she’s the second most skilled of us, but I know it’s not as easy as that. And I’m still bad at properly talking to people. At least she’s gotten more confident since I first met her.

Though peering into Rimi’s mind can be a bit of a gamble. She also has a big love of horror, and a very vivid imagination. The things she thinks up are not for the faint of heart. Sort of amazing for someone so timid. I guess they say it’s always the quiet ones you have to look out for.

“Thank you,” Rimi says after listening to me. “I think I have some ideas now.” She takes the sheet music again, and heads over to the table to grab her pencil.

“Hey, Arisa.” O-Tae comes up to me. “I have taken new pictures of my bunnies. Do you wanna see?”

“Eh? Why would I want that?” I ask.

“They’re gotten really fluffy now that the weather is getting colder. They’re sooo cute.”

“Ugh… fine, lemme see.”

She beams at me, and hands me her phone.

Hanazono Tae, or O-Tae as we call her, is our lead guitarist. And the one who’s played the longest, so she’s the most skilled. The nickname was Kasumi’s idea, of course. Yet somehow we’ve all ended up using it. O-Tae likes it. I’m just glad Kasumi hasn’t come up with one for me. It’d probably be something like Aris-nya, or… Ari-chan… listen, just because I can read her mind, it doesn’t mean I know how it works.

Anyway, O-Tae is a bit odd… okay, a lot odd, but there’s not a shred of malice in her. She’s a weirdo, but she might also be the purest soul I have ever met. Rimi is positively sinister by comparison. Maybe you have to be weird to be that sincere.

She was right. The bunnies are super cute. Maybe I should ask to come over and pet them… just a little. I bet they’re extra soft.

“Hey, sorry I’m late!” A voice coming down the stairs calls out. “I brought pastries for everyone!”

That’s Yamabuki Saaya, our drummer, scion of Yamabuki Bakery, and pretty much the archetypal big sister. She’s always eager and willing to look after others. It seems to come naturally to her, possibly because she has two younger siblings. But she is really bad at looking after herself. Far too willing to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of those she cares about. Even when it kills her inside. Like Rimi, she has improved. She realises it’s okay to want things for herself. Though I can tell her old instincts are lurking not far beneath the surface.

Rimi jumps up immediately, hoping that the pastry bag includes a chocolate coronet or two. Her favourite. No way is Saaya going to forget to include those. Though it’s too early for a break, we haven’t even gotten started yet. We’re still missing one person.

Oh no, here it comes. The thundering steps down the stairs.


I know it’s futile to try to dodge, and I get hugged very tightly. How is she always so quick?

“Hey, let me go!” I protest.

“But I love you~!” She says.

“There won’t be any me to love if you crush me to death!”

“Ah, good point!” She doesn’t let go, but at least she eases up on the pressure. Humming happily as she rubs her cheek against mine.

This is Toyama Kasumi. Our vocalist, and second guitarist. The bane, and love, of my life. It’s complicated. She’s the one who started all this.

* * *

It was a day like any other. The weather was nice, so I had been tending my bonsai, as usual. Completely unsuspecting of the approaching storm. I found her sneaking about our pawn shop’s storeroom, and thought she was a burglar. Listen, all I could tell at first was that she had her eye on something in there. It wasn’t an unreasonable assumption. Though we quickly cleared it up.

If only I had known back then what was in store. Maybe I would have done something differently. Kasumi threw my entire life into chaos, and I don’t think it’s possible for things to go back to how they were. Maybe I could have done something to avoid that. But… maybe it’s better things turned out as they did. A lot has changed since that day, and while I’m still not used to all of it, it’s not all bad. And my grandma worries a lot less now.

How do I describe Kasumi? Nosy. Meddling. Boundless energy. Annoying. Relentless. Driven. At first I thought she was simpleminded as well, which is not entirely incorrect, but also not fair. It’s more that she’s… uncomplicated. Sort of. Listen, I already said these things are hard to explain. The key thing from a mind-reader’s perspective is that Kasumi has a lot of emotions, and she feels them all very strongly. When she’s happy, she beams. When she’s excited, she sparkles. When she’s proud of herself, she’s insufferable. When she cries, she bawls. And when she’s hurt, it’s heart-breaking. To me, she’s like a beacon. I can always tell where she is, and how she is.

And she has a lot of love to give. She loves Rimi. She loves O-Tae. She loves Saaya. She loves her ‘Aa-chan’, her little sister Asuka. She feels all of this keenly, and powerfully. I admit it, I get a little jealous that she’s able to love everyone so much. But… I take enormous comfort in one fact. She thinks I’m the best thing in the whole wide world. I can’t tell you why, I don’t really understand it myself, but she feels this more strongly than anything else. Can you blame me for being attracted to that? Even if I’m bad at showing it.

* * *

I have started going back to school. Not long after this whole debacle started, I ended up going back. Or getting dragged back, more like. If I’m completely honest, I probably needed the push. Or pull. Whichever applies better.

It is easier now. While I learned that there’s still talk about me, it’s not malicious like it used to be. People are just curious. Interested. My classmates want to talk to me. It’s not easy to deal with, but it is easier than it used to be. It helps that I am partly able to shut things out now. So I don’t have to hear and feel them all the time. I’ve even started helping out with class stuff a little. I have a slight legendary status, I suppose, as the school’s enigmatic top student. People want to rely on me, and… it feels good. A little. Not that I need it, but… it helps.

And I’ve learned that I might not be the only one with… secrets… at this school.

Though I still have to take days off. Staying focused so I don’t get everything just rushing into me is tiring. I need days to rest every so often. But should I start to lose control while at school, it helps to focus on her. We’re in different classes, but her presence is so strong, her light so bright, that she’s still easy to find. She drowns out everything else. I’m not going to say she’s the only thing that keeps me going, I have a bit more faith in myself than that. I would have found some way to manage. But she makes it all easier to bear.

She loves me. It’s impossible to deny that. She’s not perfect. She makes mistakes. She has accidentally hurt me. But she is also wonderful, and she truly loves me. And I love her.

* * *

“You didn’t have to come here, Arisa,” Saaya says. “I could have come to your place.”

“I didn’t want to mess up grandma’s kitchen,” I say.

“But you’re okay with messing up ours?” She’s amused, not upset, thankfully.

“I figured you’re more used to it,” I reply. Surely bakeries get messy all the time.

“Ahaha, I guess. But you’re not going home until you help clean up,” she tells me.

“Ugh… I suppose that’s fair,” I concede. “Sorry, I’m not really used to baking.” Grandma handles all that stuff. I do other things.

“I can tell,” she says, and giggles lightly. Teasing me. I suppose that’s fair too. It’s a little embarrassing how much of a mess I’ve made, even with Saaya’s help. And we’re not even done yet.

I put my attention back to what I’m doing. My own hubris is slightly to blame. I figured that if I had the recipe, then how hard could it be? Turns out it’s hard enough. Why does dough have to be so sticky? I’m not sure I’ll ever have clean hands again.

“So why did you suddenly want to bake something for Kasumi?” Saaya asks out of the blue.

“Wha- w-w-why would it be for Kasumi?!” I stutter. Very smooth.

“Who else would it be for, hm?” She smirks.

Are you suddenly a mind-reader too? “W-well, maybe I just…” I try to think up some excuse, but I can hear loud and clear that she wouldn’t believe anything I’d say. “Fine… I just want to give her something back, for… everything…”

“Ooohhhh?” How does she manage to sound so smug?

“Never mind, I didn’t say anything!” I slap the dough, sending a puff of flour into the air. “What? What’s with that expression?” I ask. Nay, demand.

“Oh, I was just thinking how nice it must be to be in love~,” she says, and grins at me.

“Sh-shut up, or I’ll stick my dough-fingers on your face!” I warn her, causing her to laugh out loud.

I know Kasumi would be thrilled with anything I made for her, no matter what, but that just makes it feel even more important that I put some effort in. If she’s going to be happy with it, then so should I.

And one day, I’ll tell her about me. I know she’ll accept me. There’s no way she’ll push me away. No chance she’ll dump me. But even though I know that… there’s still that tiny ‘what if’ in the back of my mind. A seed of fear. Maybe I’ve read her wrong. Maybe she will dump me. Or even if she doesn’t, she’ll see me completely differently, in a way I won’t like.

But no. She wouldn’t do that. I’ll tell her. One day. Soon.


The Truth About Okusawa Misaki

[A/N: I’ve been playing through the Spider-man game lately, and somehow the thought got into my head that if Misaki had spider-powers, the rest of HHW wouldn’t suspect anything even if they caught her in the act. Well, except Kanon.

So the original idea was rather goofy, but I couldn’t quite make it work, so I decided to do a more serious, angsty take instead. What’s the point of superpowers if there’s nothing you need them for, and no one you can tell about it? Not exactly a new concept, but I thought it was a fun/interesting one to run with. The idea was that things wouldn’t change that much.

This is not canon with the other BanG Dream fics I’ve done. That Misaki doesn’t have superpowers. She’s just really buff. But I might do more with this version of Misaki if I can think of any good ideas.]

Hi. My name is Okusawa Misaki, and I’m not quite like most people. See, I have certain abilities that you could call unnatural, or maybe supernatural. Superhuman? They’re certainly not normal.

First off…

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Mini Halloween Special – Early Edition

[A/N: Look, I am aware that Halloween is a month away still, but it’s Bandori’s fault for starting the Halloween event in the game a month early, and tempting me to write this. If I waited a month, I’d forget all about it.

Warning: It gets a little horny.

HimaTomo is the main focus here, as seeing Himari’s “Sexy Vampire” card in the game was what made me want/need to write this in the first place. Without shame I will admit this is entirely catering to my own tastes. Though it took me a couple of days of workshopping to get to a state I was okay with. YukiLisa was easier to assemble, and more like a fun extra that wasn’t really big enough to get its own fic. But I still wanted to write it, so since they were related to the same event, I thought it was fair to add it to this one.

I considered doing something with the others involved in the event too, but I just couldn’t come up with any decent ideas for any of them. If anything pops up later, maybe I’ll do a followup, or cheat, and add a second chapter to this.]

“Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?”


“I’m a vampire now. I can’t come inside unless you invite me,” Himari said.

“Aren’t you getting a little too much into the role?” Tomoe asked.

The two of them had been out doing Halloween fun stuff with a bunch of the others, and had now reached Tomoe’s place on the way home.

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Bandori Short Scene Collection 2

[A/N: I’ve been trying to steadily accumulate ideas for another collection, though these all came in very short order once things got rolling. The gym is the running theme here, and what most of the scenes relate to, but like with the previous collection, I wanted to break things up with some unrelated scenes to give some change of pace.

Though some of these scenes ended up not quite as short as intended. Hopefully no one will mind.

Now, the Tsugu/Sayo event has not hit English Bandori yet, so all my knowledge of it is second-hand, and I might have misjudged their dynamic as a result. I hope not, but I accept the possibility. I feel it’s quite significant that Sayo ends up calling her “Tsugumi-san” considering she calls everyone else by their family name, even bandmates. Though I figured that if they were dating (and had been for a little while), then leaving it at -san would be a little weird.

Oh, and I found a page full of Shakespeare quotes to use when writing Kaoru. Doing my best to pick out ones that sounded like they might be relevant, but honestly weren’t. I had so much fun with that, that I almost forgot to add any fleets. Which would have been a crime.]

Kaoru and Misaki had started going to the gym together, after realising they both liked working out. Kaoru had to stay in shape to be able to carry her kittens, and being on stage could be quite physically taxing as well. Misaki had her own reasons that got her started, but she had found that she actually enjoyed it. Which had surprised herself more than anyone. And it helped a lot with being Michelle.

Their schedules really only matched up a couple of times a week, but it was still nice having someone to go with. Though there was one thing Kaoru had been wondering for a little while now.

“So how much can you bench-press, Misaki?” Kaoru asked after getting off the treadmill. Seeing Misaki down on the bench reminded her to ask.

“Hm… I haven’t really tested my limits,” Misaki said. She preferred having a program to stick to, and gradually adjusting it, rather than seeing how far she could push herself. “But I could easily press you,” she added with a sly smile.

She had expected some sort of suitably Kaoru level of response, but instead Kaoru paused. And after a couple of moments she said: “… really?”

And so…

Misaki ended up pushing Kaoru up and down instead of using a regular barbell. Which drew some funny looks.

Kaoru was giggling giddily as she was being pressed. It was the most girly sound Misaki had ever heard coming from her princely bandmate.

“Ah~, happiness is so fleeting~.”

* * *

Moca and Ran were cuddled together on the bed, Ran sitting with her back against Moca, who was lazily leaning forwards against her. Ran was scribbling ideas for lyrics in her notebook, while Moca was comfortably chilling, and leisurely playing with Ran’s hair.

“Hey, Ra~n,” Moca said.


“Did you know that I support lgtb?” Moca asked.

Ran tapped the butt of her pencil against her bottom lip. “Considering how long we’ve been a couple, I should hope so,” she answered, and crossed out some lines that just weren’t working.

“Yeah, I support let’s get the bread!” Moca said, sounding very proud of herself.

Ran’s scribbling stopped immediately. As if she had suddenly frozen.

“Do you get it? Because it sounds almost the same!” Moca hummed happily.

Ran scooted forwards, then turned around. “Moca,” she said in a serious tone, giving Moca a very stern look.

“Ran,” Moca responded.

“You know I love you,” Ran said.

“Yes~!” Moca beamed.

“But I also hate you,” Ran said firmly.

“Eh~? But Moca-chan is so lovely~,” Moca said with a grin.

“And that’s the only reason I’m not throwing you out of the room.” Ran didn’t sound like she was kidding.

“Uh… it’s my room, Ran,” Moca reminded her.

“I meant what I said.”

* * *

They had switched roles, so now Misaki was acting as Kaoru’s weight.

“I can tell you have more muscle than you appear to,” Kaoru said, her breathing a little laboured.

“Are you calling me heavy?” Misaki asked. Going up and down like this made her head feel funny.

“Perish the thought, fleeting as it is,” Kaoru said immediately. “As the great bard said, though she be but little, she is fierce.”

“And… how does that apply to right now?” Misaki asked after thinking it over for a minute.

“Uh… well… you know… some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”

“You’re not convincing me you actually know what you’re saying, Kaoru-san,” Misaki said drily.

Thankfully someone came to Kaoru’s rescue before she had to keep digging.

“Oh? Kaoru-san! Okusawa-san!”

Someone called out to them, and they both looked in that direction. Well, Misaki tried to, at least. It wasn’t that easy to move in her current position.

“Maya!” Kaoru called back.

“Yamato-san?” Misaki just barely managed to catch a glimpse of her.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to find you two here,” Maya said as she got close.

“Uh… well…” Misaki suddenly felt embarrassed about the position she was in. Maybe a bit late for that.

“What are you doing here, sweet Maya?” Kaoru asked, and thankfully eased Misaki down, so she could sit up.

“The same as you, huhehe,” Maya replied. “I had a free slot in my schedule, so I figured I’d hit the gym. Been so busy I’ve slacked off lately.” It didn’t really show on her. It was hard to imagine she had any issues moving equipment around with arms like that. “I guess it makes sense you two would work out too, considering all you do, but still, what a coincidence, huh?”

Misaki awkwardly got out of Kaoru’s lap. “Yeah, I guess so…” she said.

“But… um… I was wondering… but maybe that’s asking a lot…” Maya started fidgeting.

“By all means, ask whatever your heart desires,” Kaoru said, flicking her hair back. You could almost hear the sparkle.

“Well… what you were doing looked fun… can I join in?” Maya asked.

“Huh?” Misaki stared.

“Of course!” Kaoru declared confidently. “How could we ignore such a fleeting request? Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.”

* * *

“What do you think? Does it look good on me?” Arisa asked. It wasn’t that often she went clothes shopping in an actual store, as she preferred online shopping, but having Kasumi along made her feel more at ease.

“I think you look good in anything. And without anything.” Having Kasumi be helpful wasn’t always as easy, though.

“Geez, can you stop being horny for just a minute?” Arisa sighed.

“Hm… probably not, no,” Kasumi said, and winked.

Arisa really hoped no one could overhear them. “Bribery, then. I’ll give you a kiss, if you give me your honest opinion.”

“Okay!” Kasumi said without hesitation, and grinned wide.

Arisa had to smile a little too. It was kinda fun knowing someone as well as she knew Kasumi. Not that Kasumi was terribly complicated, but still. “So?”

Kasumi looked Arisa up and down. Arisa turned in a circle to show off.

“I think it fits you well,” Kasumi said, finally sounding like she was taking this seriously. “Though maybe a slightly darker colour would suit you? That’s up to you, though.”

Arisa looked in the mirror again. It was true that she had a lot of light colours among her existing wardrobe, so maybe something a little different for once wasn’t such a bad idea.

“I think you have a point,” she said.

“Now! I was promised a kiss,” Kasumi said, shifting right back to her playful mode.

“Yeah, yeah,” Arisa said, blushing slightly. She was hardly opposed to the idea. “In the dressing room. But only a kiss, got it?”

“I promise. Cross my heart, and hope to die,” Kasumi said solemnly.

They stepped inside, and pulled the curtain closed, before sharing a soft kiss. Kasumi always tasted sweet, though Arisa couldn’t quite pin down the what it was. Except the taste of Kasumi, she supposed. It was quite distinct.

She was relieved, and maybe just a teeny, tiny bit disappointed, that Kasumi stuck to her word, and was content with just the single kiss. Not that she seriously wanted to get busy in a public space, of course not, but maybe she could offer a little more bribery later on as well.

* * *

Tsugumi entered the gym, and found Sayo with some dumbbells that she didn’t seem to be particularly paying attention to. Her focus was clearly elsewhere.

“Hi, Sayo-chan,” Tsugumi said, and took the opportunity to gently hug onto Sayo’s arm. She was so nice and exposed, perfect for Tsugumi to ‘accidentally’ place her hand on the tight, firm bicep.

Sayo looked startled for a second, but then smiled as she saw who it was. “Hi, Tsugumi.” She blushed a little, but didn’t pull away. “You’re having a training day too?”

“I can’t stay for long, unfortunately,” Tsugumi said. “But I wanted to get some time on an exercise bike. And to see you.” She smiled so bright it was nearly blinding.

“Um…” Sayo’s blush intensified. “Th-that’s nice… I-I mean, it’s nice to see you too!”

Tsugumi giggled, and resisted the urge to give Sayo a smooch, even on the cheek. This was way too public a place. “So, what were you looking at?” she asked.

“Uh…” Sayo glanced back in the direction she had been, but then very firmly didn’t look that way. “Nothing.”

Tsugumi caught the motion, and looked over to see Kaoru, Maya, and Misaki up to something. Using each other as exercise equipment, it looked like. Odd. Looking back at Sayo, she quickly had a hunch what was up.

“They look like they’re having fun,” she commented.

“I guess…” Sayo said.

“Do you want to join them?” Tsugumi asked.

“H-huh? Why would I want that?” Sayo said.

“Sayo-chan,” Tsugumi said. Not quite in a chiding tone, but just a little firm. She had gotten pretty good at reading her girlfriend, but she wanted her to be more honest.

“… maybe,” Sayo reluctantly admitted.

“But you don’t know how to ask?” Tsugumi prodded.

Sayo nodded just a little bit.

Tsugumi smiled. “I’ll ask for you,” she said, and let go of Sayo’s arm so she could walk over.

“W-wait, you don’t have to!” Sayo said quickly.

“I know,” Tsugumi said with a wink, and went over anyway.

By the time she got over there, Misaki was doing squats, with both Kaoru and Maya on her shoulders. Tsugumi couldn’t even imagine doing something like that herself. “Um, excuse me…” she said, and the trio looked at her.

“Well, well, Tsugumi-chan,” Kaoru said. “This gym is truly blessed with cute kittens today. How fleeting~.”

“Uh… right…” Tsugumi wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“What’s up, Hazawa-san?” Maya asked as Misaki squatted down to let the other two get off. “Did you come to join in too?”

“Oh no, no no, I couldn’t!” Tsugumi said quickly. Not that she was out of shape, but lifting other people so casually was a bit beyond her. “I mean, not me, I mean…” She sighed. “Sorry, I’ll start over. Sayo-chan wants to join you.”

Misaki stretched and rolled her shoulders. “Sayo-senpai?” She scanned the room. “Oh, there she is.” Sayo quickly looked away when Misaki met her gaze.

“She’s a bit shy, you see,” Tsugumi said. “But you look like you’re having fun. Would it be okay if she joined in?”

“Of course!” Maya said cheerfully. “Right?”

The other two agreed, so Tsugumi went back to Sayo to deliver the good news.

“You really didn’t have to…” Sayo said, looking rather bashful.

“I know, but I wanted to,” Tsugumi said.

Sayo relaxed, and her smile came back. “Thank you, Tsugumi,” she said, and gave Tsugumi a quick kiss on the cheek before striding purposefully over to the others.

Tsugumi was left stunned, in a state of disbelief, with her hand on the kissed cheek, as she watched Sayo walk away. “You… you’re welcome…” she mumbled.

* * *

“Hey, Rimi.”

“Hm? What’s up, O-Tae-chan?” Rimi asked.

“I saw something fun today. Wanna try it out?” Tae asked. She looked weirdly excited, but then she tended to get excited about weird things.

“Try what out?” Rimi asked, putting her magazine down.

“See, I was jogging past the gym, and through the window I saw some girls using each other as weights,” Tae explained. “It looked fun. Do you want to be my weight?” she asked, seeming dead serious.

“E-eh? That’s a little… um…” Rimi had thought she was used to the sorts of weird things Tae came up with, but this was new.

“No?” Tae put on her sad puppy face. A dirty trick.

“B-but can you even lift me?” That hadn’t been quite what she meant to say, but it was what had plopped out of her mouth. Her love for chocolate coronets never waned, even when the bad weather forced her to stay inside more. So she worried a little.

“Hm…” Without further warning, Tae bent over, took hold of Rimi, and lifted her up into her arms.

“Eeeeeeeek!” Rimi squealed.

“Yeah, it’s fine. You’re not heavy,” Tae said.

While Rimi was happy to hear that, she was rather flustered about what was happening. “O-O-Tae-chan, w-what are you- I mean, y-you can’t just-” She wasn’t sure what she was trying to say.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Tae beamed. “Oh. Rimi, you’re blushing.”

Rimi quickly put her hands over her face. “O-of course I am! You just suddenly pick me up like that…”

“It was the best way to learn whether I can lift you,” Tae said. Maybe to her that made perfect sense. “So… do you wanna?”

“Ngh…” Rimi felt lightheaded. “A-alright, fine…” She gave in.

Tae looked extremely pleased, while Rimi’s heart raced.

And so Rimi ended up being Tae’s barbell for a while. Hoping dearly that her heart could withstand it all. She hadn’t thought Tae was quite so strong.

* * *

Sayo liked going to Tsugumi’s place. It had a nice, homely feel. There was no chance of Hina interfering. And they could get pommes frites without anyone else finding out.

“Tsugumi… I guess it’s a little late for this, but I’ve been wondering…” Sayo said, as the little potato sticks rapidly vanished.

“Hm?” Tsugumi wasn’t that hungry, so she was fine with Sayo having the lion’s share.

“Well… I’m not sure if there’s a proper way of asking this, but… why did you ask me out?” Sayo asked. It had been on her mind for a while.

“Why?” Tsugumi blinked. “Because I love you,” she said quite simply.

Sayo blushed a little. “Yes, but… why?” she asked again.

“That’s a difficult question, Sayo-chan,” Tsugumi said, scratching her cheek. “But… I suppose… I’ve always been good at finding the brightest star.” She smiled affectionately.

Sayo dropped the fry she had just picked up. “Th-that’s…” She cleared her throat. “Gross.” Fought really hard to hold back tears. “Absolutely disgusting.” Sniffled a bit. “I can’t even…” And hid her face in her hands while turning away.

“A-are you okay, Sayo-chan?” Tsugumi, not sure what that reaction meant.

“No.” She was a little muffled, but not impossible to hear.

“Are you angry?”

“… no.”

“… happy?”

“No. … maybe.”

“Aw, what’s wrong?”

“Just… how dare you do this to my heart…” Sayo said accusingly, while still hiding her face.

Tsugumi giggled. “Didn’t I say so earlier? Because I love you~.”


Exceptional Strength

[A/N: A quick and silly idea I came up with after seeing a post yesterday about how Misaki has to be really strong considering how easily she seems to carry the others in the band. So I decided I just had to write it.

Also, I just really love MisaKanon. I’m sure Misaki would do almost anything for her girlfriend.]

Kanon put the box of flyers down with a thud, only barely managing to not drop it. She wiped her brow, and took a moment to catch her breath. Why did paper have to be so heavy?

Then she noticed Misaki coming in with two boxes stacked on top of each other. The band’s posters. She placed them down close to the box of flyers, with seemingly little effort. They had to be as heavy as the flyers, but it didn’t even look like she had broken a sweat.

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New Crown, New Style

[A/N: Bowsette art has been running rampant across my twitter feed for the past few days, and has even started spreading to imagining other characters wearing the Super Crown. Peachaboo seems particularly popular as a second option. I love basically all of it.

While I can’t draw worth a damn, I figured I’d jump onto the bandwagon in my own way. Originally intended as a very short sequence of events, it kinda spiralled into a longer fic as I got into the flow of things. This was also written while I was fighting off a cold, so I apologise for any weirdness that might have snuck in as a result.

The commonly accepted term for Super Crown Bowser has become Bowsette, even though there’s a vocal minority of people who contest the correctness of that name. Which is fair, but the point of a name/tag like that is that it should be easy for people to understand, and find. And most people are going to be searching for Bowsette, regardless of whether or not it’s an incorrect term. That’s just how it works.

Though for this fic I stuck with Bowser calling themselves Bowser regardless. It makes sense to me that she would just shift to calling herself Queen Bowser in-universe, rather than changing her name, but ultimately that’s just my opinion. I still think of her as Bowsette OOC, so yeah. I also used inspiration from the more goofy version of Bowser from the RPGs, especially the Paper Mario series. Hence why I also brought in Kammy.

As this is my first Super Mario fic, maybe this is your first exposure to my writing, so I should probably note that I have a thing for making sweet and soft characters behave more naughty. I really enjoy that contrast from how they’re usually (and officially) portrayed. I’m not apologising for that, only explaining.]

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Red On Red

[A/N: For this year’s birthday fic, I decide to combine Riko and Ruby, as I have yet to do a serious RubyRiko story. The Silly Lilies series was just for goofs.

I actually came up with the opening for this a couple of months ago, but then it stalled for me. Getting it done turned out to be more difficult than it should have been. I had meant to get it done by yesterday, on the actual day between the birthdays, but it didn’t work out that way.

The opening has changed very little from what I first imagined: Set up the confession, then cut to them having been together for a couple of months. The rest of it has gone through some iterations. The original thought was to write a date, but then I remembered how bad I am at coming up with ideas for what to do on dates. And realised that I just wanted to write about them cuddling. Which then became… a little more heated. 

Side-note: I always feel a little strange when I see doujins and fics where Riko is the top. I gather a lot of people imagine her that way, but I’ve become so conditioned with my own fics and the people around me, that I can’t really see her as not being a bottom. More neko than tachi. And not necessarily because she’s a natural bottom like Yohane, but because she really wants to be. I have no doubts Riko could be a top if she wanted to, as she has certainly “studied” enough to know how, but the key thing is that she doesn’t want to. She wants to be the one who gets kabedon’d, and pushed over. I can see her going so far as to teach her partner how it should be done. I certainly can’t imagine her topping Chika or You. I have probably thought far more about how the different ships would work than is reasonable.

Though if you have a different read on her, fair enough. The important thing is we have fun with our own headcanons. I absolutely do. And I really enjoy the idea of a dominant Ruby. You might have noticed in my earlier fics.]

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Big Discovery

[A/N: Just a silly idea that came to me yesterday, vaguely inspired by the current Bandori event. The story for that is quite good, though it’s nothing like this.

I was just really amused at the idea of Hagumi finally putting two and two together, in her own special way. She has such a pure outlook on life, so why wouldn’t magic let a bear turn into a human?]

Kitazawa Hagumi followed Michelle after practice, because there was something she had forgotten to tell the band’s bear. Michelle always vanished pretty quickly after practice or a performance, but Hagumi was quick too, and managed to catch up to her.


She started to call out, when a shocking sight stopped her. Michelle took off her head, and inside was someone she recognised: Okusawa Misaki. Hagumi let out a gasp.

In truth this was not the first time she had seen this, but her mind had a way of glossing over it. Yet this time, this particular time, she finally put two and two together.

Are Misaki and Michelle the same person? she asked herself.

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