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Relief of Heart

[Sequel to Pain of Heart]

They had of course noticed. Something was up with Kasumi and Arisa this week. There was this awkward tension between them. Something had happened. The rest of the band: Rimi, Saaya, and Tae had all noticed.

Kasumi seemed nervous, and distracted. She kept glancing towards Arisa with a look Rimi would describe as desperate and helpless. Arisa seemed subdued, and distant. Her regular fire was gone. She didn’t even protest the same way as usual, if she protested at all. They both seemed to have trouble meeting each other’s eyes. They both looked miserable.

Practice was still going, but it was obvious something was missing. Arisa sometimes just spaced out, and seemed to be playing on auto. Not always noticing when the others stopped. Kasumi kept apologising whenever she messed up something. She was still her regular cheerful self at school, or at least pretended to be.

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A Flower Wishing to Change Her Petals

[Sequel to A Guest For a Picnic]

It wasn’t shaping up to be a good day for Hanamaru. She had woken up too early, it was too hot, the eggs had gotten burned, she had spilled her tea, and it wasn’t even noon yet!

Yohane had gone grocery shopping, because for whatever reason she had a stronger tolerance for the heat than either Hanamaru or Ruby. Hanamaru figured it was either because she always used to wear dark, heavy clothes regardless of weather, or there was actually something to the fallen angel thing. Now that she knew Yohane intimately, she wasn’t entirely prepared to rule it out.

Ruby was studying in the other room, because the air condition in there was more effective. And because it had a proper desk. Hanamaru was glad that Ruby was taking it seriously, but she was also feeling grumpy, bored, and bleh. So she decided to go bother Ruby.

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Fierce Assault

[Sequel to Underwater Recovery]

[A/N: Hadn’t realised how long it had been since last I updated for this story, but here you are! Extra long for your wait. Valentina OC of Sarah Almeda.]

Valentina had to spend a whole day in the infirmary when they returned to the station. She had gotten a concussion, but they were able to stabilise it fairly quickly. The rest of the day was mostly applying accelerated healing, and monitoring her head.

Samus had tried to protest Valentina leaving the infirmary so soon, even though to Valentina it had felt like forever already. She wasn’t great at just lying around.

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Night-time Sparring

“Father… no, father… don’t… mother’s… nooooooooooo!!!” Lucina jerked upright in bed, arm out-stretched. The moonlight coming in through the windows made most of the room faintly visible. She was in her bedroom. Not in… the scene… in her dream. She had been dreaming. She pressed her palms against her face. Sweaty.

It was just a dream, right? She pulled on her shirt and exited the room. Going the short distance down the hallway to her parents’ room, she opened the door gently. With her eyes so adjusted to the dark, she could see them by just the light of the moon. They were both there. Breathing peacefully. She closed the door.

Everything was over. She had hoped the nightmares would stop. She sat on the bed when she came back to her own room. Wishing she could crawl into bed with her parents, but knowing she was too old for that now.

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Celebrated Gem

[Follow-up to Fallen Gem]

Hanamaru was proud of her role in getting Ruby and Yoshiko together. She was glad the two of them had made up, and seemed to be doing well together.

It was a bit of a lapse on her part to not notice Ruby’s feelings for Yoshiko before Ruby went and confessed. Maybe she could have helped make that all… less messy. She had thought she had a better head and eye for those things than both of them put together, but to her credit Ruby had managed to slip entirely under the radar.

There was also this new sense of confidence to Ruby now. Whenever she saw Ruby and Yoshiko together, Ruby seemed to be the one in the lead. Seemed like there was finally something someone was more shy about than Ruby, and Hanamaru could tell her friend found great joy in that. It was nice seeing them together.

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Pain of Heart

[Follow-up to Courage of Heart]

[A/N: I hadn’t originally intended for this to turn out this dark. I’m somewhat questioning why I did it. I’m sorry, Arisa, Kasumi. I’ll try to make it up to you at some later date.]

At times Arisa wondered if she had really done the right thing confessing to Kasumi. She had discovered Kasumi felt the same, and they had started going out. That part was good. But it had also brought several new feelings she was struggling to deal with.

Now every time Kasumi hugged her it seemed too short, and every time she saw Kasumi hug anyone else this ugly feeling arose inside her. Was that jealousy? She didn’t like it. Neither the feeling, nor seeing Kasumi getting close to anyone else.

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Desire to Stay

[A/N: Based on my gamesave of Fire Emblem Awakening, so the avatar “Robin” is named after myself. And I went with the Chrobin route on my playthrough. I just wanted to write about myself and my perfect, precious anime daughter ;_;.]

The sun was setting, and a certain blue-haired princess was sitting in one of her old hide-aways at the castle watching it. She had to leave soon. She had prepared herself for that from the start. There was no way to go back home. Where she came from might not even exist any longer. The future had been changed. Saved. Grima was gone, though the cost had been great.

So now it was time to follow through on the rest of the plan, and move to somewhere in the world where she was out of the way, and could live her life in obscurity and peace. Perhaps find someone to settle down with. She should probably leave the Falchion. The exalt line would be better off with two than one. One for little Lucina, and one for little Morgan. This Lucina wasn’t needed any longer, and would just make everything more complicated by staying.

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Meeting By The Beach

[A/N: Disclaimer: The opening is You’s thoughts of herself, and it does not represent my thoughts of her.]

Watanabe You had things to think about. Mainly one thing. What was her role in Aqours? She wasn’t the greatest singer, or the greatest dancer. She didn’t have the best sense of rhythm. She wasn’t the cutest, or the prettiest. She had a passion for uniforms and costumes, and she made the ones for the group. Was that all she had?

The others could probably do that without her if they had to. Ruby had a talent for design. Yoshiko and Dia were good with their hands.

A gust of wind rustled her hair, and she gazed up at the sky. It was a nice day. Summer might be approaching its end, but it was still warm enough. She was hoping the fresh air would help clear her mind as well.

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Emily’s Saviour

[A/N: Inspired by a dream I once had. The alien uses they/them pronouns, and only thinks of a human as it, due to lacking familiarity. Deciding on a singular version of ‘themselves’ was the trickiest part. After some consultation, I went with ‘theirself’, though just ‘themselves’, or perhaps ‘themself’, was also options considered.]

The war had lasted a long time. There was currently a lull that had lasted most of a year. In all honesty it was mostly lulls and not so many battles or campaigns these days. The frontline hadn’t moved in five years, and was now treated more as a border. Mutual exhaustion was taking its toll more than the actual fighting was. A cold war, you could say.

There was talk of a ceasefire. There was talk of peace. There was always talk of peace.

None of which really concerned the nadryn. They were a mere border patrol guard now. They had been trained as an ambusher, but there was little call for that right now. Perhaps the occasional sabotage mission, but the main mission was spotting and intercepting threats along the river that served as a natural border line.

They couldn’t really explain why they picked up the human child.

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A Bit of Practice

[NSFW: Explicit sexual content.]

[Sequel to First Time Experiences, this time from Charlotte’s POV]

[A/N: This started as just something I was writing for myself. Yes, I sometimes write lewd stuff just for my own enjoyment. It’s usually fairly simple kinky stuff that I don’t think is good enough to actually share. But once I was done with this one, I felt like it was almost good enough to post. So I worked on cleaning it up a bit, adding some stuff to tie things together better, and trying to make sure it mostly made sense. It probably still reads a bit weirdly, but here you have it anyway. Enjoy.]

I’ve not been able to stop thinking about how Jenny and I had sex that night. Does that make me a pervert?

I thought it was a very erotic experience. Yes, it was also awkward and strange, especially for her I imagine, but somehow everything she did still felt good. It had been a long time since someone else touched me, but that wasn’t the only reason.

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