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My Utterly Broken Team Build in Bravely Default

I promised you I’d do a post about this, and I do sometimes keep my writing promises. >.>

Now I must warn you that this might not make a whole lot of sense to anyone not familiar with the game, even though I am going to do my best to explain why I’ve set up my team the way I did.

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An Introduction to Banished + Short Review

I saw TB’s video on Banished. I read some stuff about it. Checked out some reviews. Didn’t feel entirely sure that I wanted it. Looked at other city-builders. Got it anyway.

Hard to find a good title image for this one.

You might be asking “What is Banished?”, and that is a valid question. Banished is a city-builder, though unlike the Anno or Tropico games, this is decidedly small-scale. The idea is to set up a small village and just survive as you slowly expand. If you get too greedy, or too eager, or too confident, it might start a snowball that ends with most of your villagers dead, and it’s hard to recover from that. It might be best to just start over.

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Kurovadis – Starter Guide and Sorta Review


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Taking a look at World of Tanks + Short guide

Now, I’ve had a fairly long relationship with MMOs, starting back at the launch of World of Warcraft (fun, and played for a long time, but ultimately got fed up). I’ve tried Age of Conan (some good ideas, but failed to hold my interest), Anarchy Online (lost interest due to lack of friends), Champions Online (fun combat and powers, but silly and vapid universe), City of Heroes (got into it too late, and didn’t want to devote money to it at the time), Perfect World (made a fox lady and played like 10 levels before bored), Star Trek Online (excellent space combat, abysmally dreary ground combat), DC Universe Online (didn’t even renew past the first month), Aion (I was so disappointed by the wing mechanic), Guild Wars (not really my thing, though GW2 looks promising) and Star Wars: The Old Rebublic (great story, setting and characters, but same old dull combat), plus probably a few more I’ve forgotten.

And then there is World of Tanks. I first started playing it in October of 2011, if I recall correctly. I had heard of it before, but never gotten around to trying it. Having actually been a gunner on a modern Leopard 1 tank at the end of my teen years, I wondered how the game would represent battlewagons (as we called them). Short story: I was impressed.

Why is that Hummel artillery platform part of the charge?

Big guns comin’ at ya!

Some people might call the game realistic, but I would rather go for authentic. The controls are very simplified compared to actual tank driving and shooting, but the vehicles and guns behave pretty much like I expect them to, and the whole experience just feels right. Plus being able to lose crew members and tank systems and become handicapped from that is a nice touch, even if getting your tracks blown off is always just as annoying.

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