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Being Bilingual and Translating

Last night on Twitter we stumbled into the subject of translation, a subject I have an interest in, and have enough done some professional work with. And the idea was floated that if you’re fluent in both languages that would surely make the translation process easy. Which is why I wanted to write a bit about it here.

I will concede that it probably makes it easier, but becoming fluent in another language comes with some difficulties of its own in terms of translating.

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Basic Mac’n’Cheese Recipe

I ended up talking about this on Twitter, and the tweet chain became rather long, so I figured it was worth a post. Even though I haven’t done any food stuff here before.


As tends to be the case with my recipes: They’re a mix between stuff I read online, information from family and friends, and personal experimentation. It took me several attempts/iterations to work this one out.

As the title states, this is just a basic recipe. It’s for macaroni and a cheese sauce to pour and stir in, not oven-baked mac’n’cheese.

Feel free to add anything you want on top/alongside it, or just eat it as is if you’re having a lazy day. ❤

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Tank Ammunition Talk kinda related to World of Tanks

I don’t even know why I try to connect this to something videogame-related, since I just wanna talk about shit I learned in the army. It might still have some practical application for World of Tanks players, as they might better understand why the different ammunition types work as they do. Because I believe have mostly gotten it right.

Example image of tank ammunition.

This image makes this article seem like it’s going to be larger than it truly it is. I just mainly aim to talk about the three main types: APFSDS, HEAT and HEP/HESH.

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Tiny Monsters

The evil wizard Jarenth cast a spell on me that caused me to download and consequently play around with the Android app Tiny Monsters. At least that’s my best explanation for why I’m still checking up on this thing like a week later.

Omg kittans! Omg puppehs!

I do apologise in advance for stretching of the images, but this is an app for iOS and Android, so not many high-res images out there. This thing is made by a company called TinyCo, who like to make products with ‘Tiny’ in the title. I hesitate to call this a game in any respect, as I don’t feel like it fulfills any of the regular criteria. It feels closer to a more compelling version of gardening.

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