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Translation Service: Our Greatest Day (Vår Beste Dag)

It is time to translate another Norwegian song. 🙂

This time I’m doing Vår Beste Dag (Our Greatest Day) by Erik Bye.

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Translation Service: I See

The following are lyrics from a Norwegian song I like, and I figured I’d take a stab at translating them, since I feel it works almost like a poem as well.

The original lyrics are by Bjørn Eidsvåg, and it’s called Eg Ser (I See).

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The Music Corner: Villainous Monsters

I started thinking last week that I know several songs about villains, monsters, or villainous monsters. Mostly owing to one of Jonathan Coulton‘s recurring themes being melancholic monsters. What then of songs that are more about being evil and reveling in it? Where the figure is not sad, or guilty, or repentant? I could think of a few.

So here is my mix of songs for Villainous Monsters.

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The Music Corner: Sending Science Into Space!


I’d been considering a science music showcase for a while, but haven’t found enough songs. However NASA recently used science to fire a robot car with a nuclear-powered laser at Mars, and manage to hit it just in time for their already present satellite to snap pictures of the landing.

So here is a mix of three science songs, followed by two space songs.

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The Music Corner: Songs That Have Made Me Cry

This time I figured I’d go for a bit of theme, and showcase a quintet of songs that have touched me emotionally. I am breaking my own unwritten rules a bit here by including two songs from the same musician, but they affected me for entirely different reasons, so I feel it’s fair game.

Also, because this is based on my own sentimentality and some are context-based, it’s quite possible they won’t have as much effect on you as they did on me.

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The Music Corner: Stuff I listen to these days that you might have heard

It has been a lazy day of me recovering from exhaustion, so I figured I’d do a simple Music Corner and maybe cheer up someone’s life a little. 🙂 (One can dream, at least)

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

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The Music Corner: 5 nerdy songs you might not have heard of

First off a disclaimer. I am not attempting to compete with Mumbles or anyone else here, and this will probably not be a very regular section. But since I like to educate, I figured I might throw up one of these once in a while, so perhaps people who know me will have a better understanding of what I’m singing all the time. (Also, I don’t really know much about music genres, so I can’t provide a whole lot of info there.)

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