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Xenoblade Chronicles X – Sorta Review

I’ve been pondering for quite a while what to actually say about this game. It’s been two months since I finished it.

A world of adventure.

Xenoblade Chronicles X devoured nearly four weeks of my life. The in-game playtime counter sits at 350+ hours. How do I collect my thoughts on the game that essentially swallowed all of January for me?

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Oxenfree – Sorta Review

I’ve been trying to remember where I heard of Oxenfree. I know I knew of it before it came out, just can’t remember where I learned of it. Most probable: I heard it from Felix Kramer, who was doing marketing for it, and whom I follow on Twitter.

Olly olly?

Regardless! We are here to talk about the game, not… whatever I was doing up there.

As usual I will do my best to avoid spoilers, though I will at the least have to talk about the set-up for the game. Other minor spoilers may occur.

I also have very few screenshots for this, so it might not be the most interesting stuff. I got a little too caught up in the atmosphere to remember to hit the screenshot button.

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Firewatch – Sorta Review

Firewatch has finally come out! Well… “finally”. Wasn’t it only like last year we first learned about it? Or was it the year before?

Who watches the firewatchers?

I do remember that meme that popped up really quickly. “But what is Firewatch?” People got reasonably excited about the game fairly quickly as well, and I admit I was one of the intrigued. It looked different, and when you’ve been gaming for a while that is often enough to at least pique your interest.

So now that I’ve played it, what do I think? The short answer: it’s good. It’s pretty good, but not great. The long answer:

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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Sorta Review

Boy, the Xbox One exclusivity was dropped fast, huh? A little over two months? Well, okay, the PS4 still has to wait for a while, but the PC release is out! And I have played it.


According to Steam, it took me about 35 hours to get up to 100% completion of the game. I got 100% in the previous one too. Thankfully this only applies to collectibles, because if I also had to get all the weapon upgrades and perks, I would have just gone “fuck that”.

Side-note: I didn’t bother with the DLC. 1) There was still plenty of game here. 2) I have other things to play. 3) I’ve heard it’s not that great anyway.

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Pony Island – Sorta Review

In the interest of both me keeping a record of what I’ve played, and to get myself to do more writing, let’s bring back the sorta reviews. Starting with the first new game I played this year.

Pony Island title

I started hearing talk of Pony Island while I was still deep in my Xenoblade Chronicles X binge ( which lasted most of January ), and while people had quite varying opinions on how good it was, there seemed to be a general consensus that it was at least interesting. With the understanding that it would be short, I decided to see for myself.

I’ll keep the spoilers mild. I don’t think I’m giving away much more than you’d find on the game’s store page.

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Ori and the Blind Forest – Sorta Review

2D Metroidvanias have really become a growing thing with the rise of the indies, when before you were hard-pressed to find any notable entries that weren’t from the Metroid or Castlevania series. It’s a fairly simple framework to build on once you understand the concept, and for those unfamiliar with the term, I prepared a footnote/explanation.

Pretty colours.

Though they’re also fairly easy to fuck up, if we’re going by recent examples. A good Metroidvania needs to stay strong till the end, because that is really what defines how likely I am to re-visit and replay it at a later date, and of course simply how I feel about going through it even once. Certain titles, like Guacamelee and Valdis Story: Abyssal City, start off strong, but fall apart completely by the end with utterly bullshit final bosses to crown the work. If I hate your game before I get to the end of it, I will probably not be particularly generous regarding any fun I had earlier on.

So how did Ori and the Blind Forest measure up? Well, it’s easily the best Metroidvania I’ve played since Dust: An Elysian Tail.

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Dreadout Act 2 – Post-Completion Thoughts

Some of you might remember I was quite positive towards towards Act 1 of Dreadout. I had already been impressed by its stand-alone demo/prologue, and paid attention to when it was coming out so I could have a look at it ASAP.

Only now noticed the O is a snake chasing its own tail.

Sure it had problems, and was rough in many ways, but when it worked it really worked in my opinion, and I felt confident they would iron out most of the kinks by Act 2 and deliver a much more solid experience.

So I went into Act 2 of Dreadout with a strong heart on the day after its release. Yet I only finished it last night. Why the delay?

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I Have Reviewed: Grow Home

A little over a week ago I did a review for Grow Home.

Wobbliest robot.

I got a little embarrassed when a couple of the developers found the review and complimented me on it. Especially since one of them quoted the bit I said about the “plant cock”.

Fun little game, well worth getting, that’s probably my best summary. Disclaimer: Does not contain houses, VHS tapes or lesbians.


I Have Reviewed: TRI: Of Friendship And Madness

Do you like weird indie puzzle games? Then TRI just might be for you.

Hello, I am a fox.

This game is really obsessed with foxes. I mention that in the review as well, but I feel it needs re-stating.

I’m sorry I don’t really have anything insightful to add here.


I Have Not Reviewed: The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

Well, since I didn’t really do a proper review of this one, but I still want to bring it to people’s attention, here is a separate post for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Crow count: 1.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a strange videogame that evokes the sense of a mystery novel, despite not really being like a book at all.

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