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Being Bilingual and Translating

Last night on Twitter we stumbled into the subject of translation, a subject I have an interest in, and have enough done some professional work with. And the idea was floated that if you’re fluent in both languages that would surely make the translation process easy. Which is why I wanted to write a bit about it here.

I will concede that it probably makes it easier, but becoming fluent in another language comes with some difficulties of its own in terms of translating.

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Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is Not Very Good

While everyone else was preoccupied with Fallout 4 or Rise of the Tomb Raider last week, it seemed to quietly slip under the radar that Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void had also launched on the same day.

Your Legacy is Void

You’d be forgiven for not caring. I’m not sure Blizzard did either. Pushed out on the same day as arguably the biggest release of the year, with very little marketing. There was the trailer shown at Blizzcon, which is how I happened to notice the date “November 10” ( I could make an issue out of complaining about the American dating format, but this isn’t the place. ), but it didn’t seem to have been promoted much.

As one of those deviants who really isn’t fussed about Fallout any longer, and since I don’t own an Xbox One, I figured I might as well get through it. Sure, the Starcraft story has always been corny, cheesy, and not at all well-written, but I had still gotten invested over the years, and I wanted to see how it wrapped up. The title already gives away my general opinion.

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Some Thoughts on Undertale

I feel like it’s fairly safe to say that for a lot of us, certainly for myself, Undertale came out of nowhere and barrelled right into us with significant impact.

A lot of heart and determination.

For those of you who have never heard about it, Undertale is sort of a JRPG-style game by Toby Fox and his little team. I am hesitant to tell you much more upfront, because it’s one of those games that it’s best to go into blind and play through on your own. Personally, I’d say it’s definitely one of the best games this year for various reasons, and it’s worth your time to check it out.

I will make one concession on that: I feel the game can occasionally be a little unclear on what it expects you to do, and in those cases it might be better to ask a friend or the internet for a hint rather than to keep banging your head against the wall.

And I will give you one non-spoiler tip. Pay close attention to what you’re told. While not all of it will be important, some of it can become really relevant later on.

For the rest of this article I will unavoidably be going into light spoilers to talk about some of the thoughts I’ve come to about the game. If you truly don’t care, or have already played it, then feel free to go ahead.

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Anime Summer Season 2015 – Mid-Season Thoughts

We’re slightly behind schedule because life has a tendency to get in the way ( and I wanted to catch God Eater 5 before I got started ), but it is yet again time to see how the animus are doing halfway into the season!

I’ve been dropping a lot more shows this season than any season since I started doing this. At least part of that is because I’ve become a lot more discerning in my palate, and a lot less patient with what I’m willing to put up with. Several shows were dropped not because I thought they were bad, as such, but more that I didn’t feel like they were for me. More on that when we get to them

Early impressions here.

First we have one completed show, since Nagato Yuki-chan ran into the summer season a bit.

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Metroid: Fusion Suit Fan Redesign – I Have Issues

This is not an official redesign. This is done by a fan. So it might be seen as mean of me to critique it, but when it popped up on my Twitter feed yesterday, I immediately had a feeling of “something bothers me about this design”, though I had to sleep on it to get a little more specific and eloquent than that.

I have nothing against this person's artistic ability, the art itself is gorgeous.

So here you have a short post where I heartlessly tear into a poor artist’s really well-drawn design.

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Your Feelings Are Not Wrong

My alternate title for this was simply “It’s okay”, but I figured I’d go for something a little more eye-grabbing.

This is something I’ve been struggling to really put into words for a while, but I’ve been slowly piecing it together.

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E3 2015 – Doom 4 Thoughts

So, it’s been a pretty wild E3 this year. Martin “Yarn Man” Sahlin came onto EA’s stage and charmed the world; Ubisoft announced the most authentic-looking sword-fighting game I’ve seen to date; Bethesda will give you a dog that can’t die in the post-apocalypse, while Microsoft think that robot dogs that can die repeatedly are the way to go; Sony revealed three impossible things: The Last Guardian comes out next year, Final Fantasy 7 is actually getting a proper re-make, and Shenmue 3 is going into development; Nintendo did a muppet show; ROBOT DINOSAURS; Star Wars Battlefront got two demonstrations; and Square Enix somehow managed to be more boring than EA, even though they had better content.

Evolution is a strong word.

So yeah, there’s been a lot to snark at, and a lot to be excited about. I did contemplate trying to do some sort of “here are some short thoughts on everything that happened” posts, but in the end realised I didn’t really have that many thoughts on a lot of this stuff beyond “eh, don’t care”, “that’s neat, but not for me”, “I’m interested to see more”, “I’m excited”, or “I want it NOW!!!”

Instead the only title I really have any nuanced thoughts on is Doom 4, or just Doom as they’re calling it, because screw causality and future historians. This is not really because I care about Doom in any special way. I’ve really only played the shareware version of the first one, and nothing else. It’s more that I saw a glimmer of potential in that Doom 4 presentation, but it’s going to require some work to make it shine. So I figured I’d offer some thoughts on what I feel they’re doing right, and what they could stand to work on.

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What Is Up With Dragon Age Inquisition?

In the last few weeks I’ve been playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I’ve probably put about 30 hours into the game at this point, if I remember the timer on my savefiles right. Because of certain issues I’ve played like a few hours a day rather than playing in any huge chunks like I’m liable to do with RPGs, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Boring logo.

See, I was fairly stunned with how poor some of the design decisions in Inquisition are, and for the past week I’ve had this growing urge to talk more about the technical and mechanical issues I have faced with the game. This article won’t be touching the story or characters or anything like that.

Additionally, I went into Inquisition right after completing Dragon Age 2 for the second time, so I have a very fresh basis for comparison.

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Dreadout Act 2 – Post-Completion Thoughts

Some of you might remember I was quite positive towards towards Act 1 of Dreadout. I had already been impressed by its stand-alone demo/prologue, and paid attention to when it was coming out so I could have a look at it ASAP.

Only now noticed the O is a snake chasing its own tail.

Sure it had problems, and was rough in many ways, but when it worked it really worked in my opinion, and I felt confident they would iron out most of the kinks by Act 2 and deliver a much more solid experience.

So I went into Act 2 of Dreadout with a strong heart on the day after its release. Yet I only finished it last night. Why the delay?

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Ubisoft Are Bad At PR

At least that seems to be most logical conclusion after the past few months.

While the largest portion of the fallout has come after (and during) this year’s E3, it didn’t start there. I would like to take you back to the reveal of the Far Cry 4 cover art a little over a month ago (though it’s quite possible that you can find more issues if you go even farther back).


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