Collisions On Aether

Prologue: A small teaser I did in December 2012.

Chapter 1 – “Rough Landing”: Our heroine arrives at Aether and lands, though far from smoothly.

Chapter 2 – “Abandon(ed) Base”: Samus investigates the Galactic Federation outpost.

Chapter 3 – “A Dark Encounter”: Samus discovers Dark Samus.

Chapter 4 – “Heavy Lifting”: Samus follows the map towards the GF ship.

Chapter 5 – “Despair and Decay”: Samus arrives at the GFS Tyr.

Chapter 6 – “Breached Temple”: Samus makes it into the Great Temple.

Chapter 7 – “Meeting The Sentinel”: Samus gets some answers.

Chapter 8 – “Descending Towards Agon”: Samus finds her way to this desert-like area.


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