Games – Other Things

All the other stuff about games that isn’t reviews or series. (Under construction)


My Favourite Games of 2012 – Title says it all, really.

Wulfy’s Top Games of 2013 –  Self-explanatory, I feel.


Plants vs Zombies 2 – Had a quick romp with the Android version of PvZ2.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – Took a stab at the final beta weekend.

Warframe – My early impressions of this MMO action game.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm – A quick look at what I thought, rather than a full review.

Neverwinter – Got into a beta weekend for this aspiring MMORPG.

Wii U – Some early impressions of the console itself.

Trine 2: Goblin Menace DLC – Some quick thoughts on the DLC expansion for Trine 2.

Black Mesa Source – Played and thought about the free re-make of Half Life 1.

Fall of Cybertron Demo Is Out – Some quick impressions of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo.

Guild Wars 2 – Final Beta Weekend – Some impressions from playing the final beta weekend of Guild Wars 2.

Xenoblade Chronicles – Impressions So Far – As of Nov. 2013 I still need to go back and finish this.

The Secret World – Early Impressions – Some early thoughts I formed about The Secret World MMO.

A Look At World of Tanks + Guide – This is sadly outdated now, but I haven’t felt like doing a new one yet as of Nov. 2013.

Guild Wars 2 – Very early impressions of Guild Wars 2.


Holding Fun For Ransom – My thoughts on why the SWTOR F2P is really badly done, and doesn’t make me want to keep playing.

Metroid Dissection by Gaming Brit Show – As someone who is definitely not a fan of Metroid: Other M, I’ve sought out other people doing critiques as well. This is one of them.

Let’s Talk Dishonoured: Gameplay – Rather than reviewing Dishonoured, I did two articles looking at different sides of the game.

The World of Dishonoured – The first of my two analysis posts on Dishonoured, this one looking at the world and lore.

How Metroid: Other M Could Have Worked – Doing my best to see how Metroid: MOther could maybe have been good.

Samus Aran: A Character Study – A look at the character of Samus Aran, and the accusations that she didn’t have a character before Other M gave her a shit one.

Ridiculous Stories – Talking about silly, over-the-top stories in videogames.

Multiplayer Madness – Trying to analyse why I generally don’t like multiplayer, and what some of the exceptions are.

Why I’m Worried About The Wii U – This was way before I ever got one, but some of the points still apply as far as I am concerned.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Lessons Learned – Some thoughts on what DE: HR got right and wrong.

Short Thoughts on the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC – Pretty much what the title says.

Why I Look Forward To Pikmin 3 – Optimistic thoughts about Pikmin 3, and a retrospective on Pikmin 1 and 2.

News Reactions

Neverwinter In Open Beta – Short news post declaring Neverwinter having gone into Open Beta.

News Reaction: Gearbox Bought Homeworld – My thoughts on Gearbox acquiring the Homeworld license.

Command & Conquer News: Tim Orton Interview – Some commentary on the interview with Tim Orton for the now shut-down Command & Conquer.

Update: Brandon Justice No Longer Works At EGM Now – I actually did some investigating! Don’t expect it to happen again.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – A Work of Art – My rather popular snarky takedown of Brandon Justice’s review of Aliens: Colonial Marines that was so baffling I consider it high art.

Command & Conquer – EA’s Clumsy Dance – Just some thought on old news for the now defunct C&C.

Generals 2 Rebranded ‘Command and Conquer’ – I have a rant about the news of C&C’s name-change.

Remember Me – Gamescom Trailer – Me squeeing about the trailer for Remember Me. A shame it didn’t quite live up to it.

We Are Getting a Deadpool Videogame – Looking at all these outdated posts kinda make me sad.

Radical Entertainment Shutting Down – What is Wrong With This Industry? – Just an angry rant about the games industry.


Among The Sleep PSA – A quick PSA I put together while the game was still on Kickstarter.

Papers, Please PSA – A thing I wrote to try to get people’s attention to this wonderful little game, and letting them find the free beta/demo.

Scarlet Blade PSA – A short post to tell you that you probably shouldn’t play Scarlet Blade.

To The Moon PSA – Play it.

Spec Ops: The Line PSA – Trying to explain why you should play it without spoiling anything. That’s hard.

Overthinking It

Crafting Effective Horror – Some thoughts on how to make decent horror in games.

Thermal Clips in Mass Effect – Pondering the thermal clips used in Mass Effect 2 onwards.

Other Random

Rayman Legends Duckification – Something weird that happened while playing Rayman Legends. Lovely game.

Magic 2014 Ramblings – Just me rambling about a deck I made in Sealed Play for Magic 2014.

Dreadout Demo Playthrough – Did a non-commentary playthrough of the demo of upcoming horror game Dreadout to show off the atmosphere and spookiness.

Metro: Last Light – Transcribed Thoughts – Was so intrigued by my own train of thought as I played through the Catacombs that I decided I might as well see if they amused others.

Among The Sleep Alpha Playthrough – Grabbed a tiny niche where I couldn’t find anyone who had done a non-commentary playthrough of the Alpha demo for Among the Sleep.

Noitu Love 2: A Xoda Rap Admiration – I was impressed by a well-designed female character in a videogame, so here I went.

Bioshock: On Ice – An idea for a possible next Bioshock game after Infinite.

Introducing Kattunger – Showing off my hardened Nurgle team from Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition.

Future Metal Gear Game Pitches – Ideas for what Kojima could do with future Metal Gear games.

HD PVR Get + Rayman Legends Test Video – I got an HD recording device for consoles, and did a test video for Rayman Legends with it.

Command and Conquer Shenanigans – Talking about the trouble EA made me go through to install the C&C: The First Decade pack.


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