Informers: War For Cybertron

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: I don’t like Bayformers

Episode 3: All the Megatrons

Episode 4: They See Me Brawlin’


Episode 6: Jump, Transform, Boost

Episode 7: Backstory Story

Episode 8: Rocket Buddy

Episode 9: Size Does Not Matter

Episode 10: Keep On Truckin’

Episode 11: Sparkling Sense of Humour

Episode 12: Race The Train

Episode 13: Bombing Run

Episode 14: Omega Keyed

Episode 15: Robocat and Elecmice

Episode 16: Did We Lose Him?

Episode 17: Power (Conduit) Trip

Episode 18: This Is The New Cannon

Episode 19: Omega Supreme Beatdown

Episode 20: I Love You, Peter Cullen

Episode 21: Autobots ROLL OUT!

Episode 22: Pain And Suffering

Episode 23: Starscream Would Not Approve

Episode 24: Ready. Aim. LOOK OUT!

Episode 25: What Just Happened?

Episode 26: Your Face is a Cover-Fire

Episode 27: This is a Lot of Dying

Episode 28: Casual Transformation

Episode 29: Omega Smash!

Episode 30: That’s The Universal Greeting

Episode 31: HAY GUISE!

Episode 32: Concorde Jet

Episode 33: Breaking My Own Rules

Episode 34: 110%? It Goes That High?

Episode 35: FINALE!


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