League of Legends – Sensible Champions Lists

First we have the lists:

Sensible Female Champions? – Everyone and everything I found to be female.

Sensible Male Champions? Part 1 – All the males I thought looked/sounded mostly like people.

Sensible Male Champions? Part 2 – All the males that seemed more like monsters and less like people. Honestly the distinctions often ended up largely arbitrary.

And then the updates:

Sensible Champions Lists Update 1 – Re-classified: Ezreal. New additions: Nami, Thresh, Vi.

Sensible Champions Lists Update 2 – Updated: Artwork for Annie, LeBlanc and Nidalee. Re-vamp (with original post): Karma. New additions: Quinn and Zac.

Sensible Champions Lists Update 3 – Updated: Artwork for Nunu. Re-vamps (with original posts): Trundle and Sejuani. New addition: Lissandra.

Sensible Champions Lists Update 4 – Updated: Artwork for Brand, Master Yi, Morderkaiser and Sona.

Sensible Champions Lists Update 5 – Updated: Artwork for Garen, Olaf, Riven, Sivir and Xerath. New additions: Aatrox, Jinx and Lucian.


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