Personal stuff, and stuff not quite related to anything else. (Under construction)


In Memory of Those Lost 22nd July 2011 – Utøya.


Tank Ammunition Talk – Just discussing the most common types of tank ammunition based on what I learned in the army.

Tiny Monsters – Some thoughts on the app for Android, which I still call not quite a game.

Stockholm Trip: The Concert – I drove to Stockholm to see Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm play live.

Stockholm Trip The First – Non-concert related thoughts on the Stockholm trip.

Back to Work – When I still thought the new retail job would work out okay.

Why Are You So Wrong?! – Just me ranting about something that really infuriates me.

How Rita Wulf Came To Be – Talking about how I first created the character Rita Wulf, and musing on whether I consider her a strong female character.

Transformers Combiners aka Transformers Gestalts – Just me rambling about Transformers.

Optimus Prime vs Megatron – A Look At Their Relationship – Transformers rambling centred around the two most known leaders.


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