How To Treat A Fluff

[A/N: Okay, so after the last short Chris/Hibiki/Miku story, I wanted to write another one almost right away. I am such shipper trash.]

Of all the things Chris had come to appreciate about Hibiki and Miku’s apartment, what she would never have expected was how much the smell of it comforted her. It smelled like a home. Even if it wasn’t her home.

She had gotten her way. Hibiki was handling the kitchen, while Miku was brushing Chris’s hair. In spite of anything you’d expect from the dummy, she was actually a good cook.

“Ack! No, no- safe! Everything is okay!” Hibiki’s outburst caused Chris to groan. She was a good cook, but still a bit of klutz.

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How To Invite A Fluff

[A/N: This little scene was keeping me awake, so I had to get back up and write it. It’s a little messy as a result, it’s past midnight here.]

The school-day was over, and Yukine Chris was about to leave the grounds to go home. It had been an uneventful day, which suited her fine, but that was about to come to an end.

“Chris-chan~!” By the time Chris heard Hibiki, Hibiki had already pounced and embraced Chris.

“Hey! Get off!” Chris tried to get free. It seemed like Hibiki had learned to not announce her presence too early, so Chris was having a harder time escaping these days.

“I’m sorry, Chris.” Miku’s voice also came up from behind. “I tried to stop her, but you know how she is.” Chris wasn’t convinced that Miku had tried any such thing. In fact, she rather suspected that Miku had encouraged Hibiki all the way.

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Joining The Unit

[A/N: Chapter 2 of a story I’ve come to call Curse of the Dragon featuring an AU version of Fate/’s Elizabeth Bathory as part of the Symphogear world. Set after the original series, but before G.]

Elizabeth Bathory, age 16, first-year student at Lydian Music Academy, was currently sitting in front of a desk. Not by choice, you have to understand. She had been brought to this strange… boat? She thought it was probably a boat. When it came to nautical things, Elizabeth had never paid much attention due to a distinct lack of interest. Then they had escorted her in here, and told her to sit.

Behind the desk sat a very large man in a red shirt, with equally red hair, and a goatee. He easily rivalled the biggest men from back home, and looked like he could headbutt a rock, with only the rock suffering damage. He was currently looking at a file, with his brow furrowed.

Behind Elizabeth were two people in black suits, a man and a woman. One of them had driven the car she was brought here in. She wasn’t sure if she’d call them guards or what. They had been very firm about her not being allowed to leave yet, though.

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A Tough Audience

[A/N: Chapter 1 of a story that came into my mind as “What if this character was put in this world?” In this case, Fate/’s Elizabeth Bathory as part of Symphogear. Set after the original series, but before G. I don’t really have much beyond that basic set-up though, so we’ll see how and where this goes.]

“But why?!”

“Bathory-san, we don’t believe there is sufficient interest in a death metal concert at the academy,” the student council president said.

Elizabeth Bathory, age 16, first-year student at the Lydian Music Academy. Self-proclaimed top idol at the school, and currently trying to convince the student council to let her use the auditorium for a concert.

“I got four people to sign on. If I ask the whole school, there’s sure to be lots more!” Elizabeth didn’t want to budge on this. Her fans deserved seeing her on the best possible stage.

“How about using the band room in the basement?” the treasurer helpfully suggested. While Elizabeth might not be aware, the president’s patience was being stretched.

“No, only the auditorium will do,” Elizabeth insisted. “Anything less would be an insult to my little piggies.” She thought that much should be obvious.

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An Idol Is Born

[A/N: The prologue for a story that came into my mind as “What if this character was put in this world?” In this case, Fate/’s Elizabeth Bathory as part of Symphogear. Set after the original series, but before G.]

Young Elizabeth, age 7, was an energetic child. She didn’t like sitting still for very long, usually running off to play with the other children whenever she could get away with it. And sometimes when she couldn’t. Her parents had a handful with her, but she was such a cheerful, guileless child that it was hard to stay angry at her for very long. The main issue was that she had trouble recognising that she ever did anything wrong, but aren’t most children that way?

When out with her friends she had a tendency to try to take charge of whatever they were doing. They never really listened to her, though. Perhaps they had learned better, as Elizabeth’s enthusiasm outstretched her common sense. So not only would she get herself in trouble, but them as well.

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All A Dream?

[A/N: I have this small ball of seeds of ideas roughly falling under the label of ‘Hanamaru is too gay for this’, and one of them sprouted into this.]

“Y-You-san?” Hanamaru wasn’t sure how she had ended up on the floor, or how You had ended up on top of her. But those blue eyes were gazing down at her very intently.

“I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, Hanamaru-chan.” You’s voice was huskier than Hanamaru was used to, and the fingers caressing her scalp was making her shiver.

“You-san…” Hanamaru wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but then You started leaning down towards her. She closed her eyes, and just as she could sense You’s closeness…

Hanamaru woke up.

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Anime Autumn Season 2017 – Early Impressions

Autumn season is steadily rolling along, and I’ve discovered I was wrong about Overlord. S2 isn’t until Winter 2018. Well, at least that means I have an extra slot this season.

I’m not sure I dare make any judgements about whether this season seems strong or weak, considering how wrong I was about Summer. I have certainly found several strong-looking shows, and some that might grow strong. I suppose it will be easier to judge by mid-season.

There appears to be a lot of shows though, but I seem to remember from previous years that Autumn is the most packed season, with Summer coming not too far behind.

Not much more to say, so I guess we might as well get started!

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Night Terrors

[A/N: Just began watching Symphogear G (finally), and this idea sprouted overnight.]


Her eyes flew wide open, and Chris pushed herself up from the bed. Blearily she looked around, and it took her a good few moments before she remembered where she was. Home, not… there.

She pressed her right palm against her forehead, and squeezed her eyes shut before turning on the light. It wasn’t as harsh as that, but certain habits died hard. Genjuurou had insisted on soft, yellow bulbs for the bedroom. ‘It helps soothe your mind and soul,’ he claimed. Yet Chris didn’t feel very soothed right now.

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Won’t You Look My Way?

[A/N: Another middle of the night idea. I don’t usually write these types of stories, but I suppose I wanted to see if I could.]

She’s beautiful. The most beautiful person in the world. That’s what I think every time I see her.

Graceful, talented, cheerful… wonderful. I have never met anyone like her. Compared to her I am so painfully average. If only she would… I should say something. Hah, I keep thinking that, yet I never do. But perhaps today…

She turns her head, and our eyes meet. My heart can’t decide if it wants to leap out of my chest, or just stop dead. She smiles, a genuine one reflected in those deep blue eyes. One might think blue eyes would be cold, but hers are soft and enveloping, like a warm ocean I want to sink into. I smile back, even though I’m aware it probably looks goofy. Then I realise I’ve been staring. Again.

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Flustered Flower

[A/N: This was one of those ideas that come to me when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night/early morning. Not stuff I’d normally write, but that I just have to give a go anyway.]

“Good morning, Riri~” Mari’s perky voice rang out.

“Good morning, Mari-san,” Riko said as calmly as she could. For Riko felt like she was constantly flustered around Mari these days.

It had started with Yoshiko. She had been the first to call Riko ‘Riri’, for whatever reason. Maybe she thought it was poetic, or dramatic, or something. It was sometimes hard to get what was going on in Yoshiko’s mind.

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