A Guest For A Picnic

[Sequel to After a Hard Day’s Work]

It was a nice sunny day, and Ruby was hanging the laundry on the balcony. Hanging socks wasn’t fast work, but she was well armed with clothes-pegs and time. She was humming Mijuku Dreamer, and was completely unsuspecting of the Hazel Hazard slowly approaching her.

With a triumphant “Zura!” it pounced, grabbing Ruby by the sides while her arms were stretched upwards. The ensuing shriek was loud enough that people on the street below stopped and look up. At least one person wondered if someone was getting murdered, and if they should call the police.

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Clouded Gem

Dia had confessed her feelings for Kanan and Mari before they went to Tokyo their first year. They had told her they’d give her their answer after they came back. After Aquors had shone on stage. But they didn’t shine. And Dia never got her answer.

Dia had agreed with Kanan’s reasoning, she just hadn’t predicted things would deteriorate as far as they did. Her confession got forgotten in the ensuing misery. At least by Kanan and Mari. Dia couldn’t make herself bring it up again, so she never got her answer.

She’s still not sure whether telling Ruby to give up on idols, and never talk about them again, hurt her sister or herself the most.

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Silly Lilies 2: Silly Riri

[Sequel to Silly Lilies]

Ruby has kept an eye out today, but Chika and You have not exhibited any more strange behaviour. No paper bags, no wall slamming. She still catches them glancing at her sometimes. Yet they seem to have calmed down, and Ruby is thankful for it. Perhaps things will return to normal now.

After practice Ruby heads back to grab something she forgot in the classroom. Hanamaru asked if Ruby wanted her to wait, but that’s fine. Hanamaru’s been spending a lot of time with Yoshiko lately, so Ruby wouldn’t have walked home with her anyway.

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Deadly Aftermath

“Eleven-five! Game and match to Futamaru!”

The sweat is dripping off of Kururi. She’s annoyed at herself. That hadn’t been her best play. She had gotten careless. Sloppy. She needs to be deadlier than that.

“Congratulations, Kururi!” Zakuro calls out as Kururi walks back, and runs out to hug her. Even her brooding can’t stand up to a hug from the girl she would offer up everything to.

“Thanks,” she says, and returns the hug.

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After a Hard Day’s Work

[A/N: This idea popped up while I was working on a different idea, and I just had to go for it. This is likely going to turn into an irregular series for when I need more of this fluffy trio.]

It had been a long day at work, and a long day of being Yoshiko. Yohane was tired. Overtime sucked, but it was perhaps worse that she was getting used to being Yoshiko. She was an adult now. Perhaps it was finally time to embrace Yoshiko as part of that. She unlocked the front door, and stepped inside. Or perhaps not. Being an adult wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“Yohane?” A familiar, soothing voice called out from the direction of the kitchen/living area. Hanamaru stepped into the hallway while Yohane was taking off her shoes and coat. “Overtime again, zura?”

“Yeah,” Yohane replied. She had sent a text, but Hanamaru was clearly just being concerned. “We have some rough deadlines right now, but things should calm down by next week.” She sighed and picked up her bag to carry it in. Hanamaru spread her arms to offer Yohane a hug, and she accepted it gratefully.

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Crimson Doubts

[Follow-up based on Mending a Heart]

Feeling Yui relax into the hug was a strange sensation. Maybe not so much because of the hug, but because of what she’d said just before.

“You… you’re sure you want me, Yui-chan?” Akari asked cautiously. She was no longer the naive girl who wouldn’t have understood what Yui meant. It’s just that she’s not used to being wanted. Not like this. Especially considering what Yui told her just a month or so ago.

“Yes,” Yui replied, her voice barely above a whisper. She returned the hug, and Akari let out a puff of air. Had Yui always been this strong, or was Akari simply that soft? Maybe the way she was clinging so desperately to this embrace was all the proof Akari should need. And yet…

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Release Date TBA

[Follow-up to Meeting the Parents, and [NSFW] Birthday Cake]

It’s a nice relaxed morning for Aoba and Hifumi. Actually it’s nearly noon, and they’re having a slightly early lunch because they’re soon heading out to walk under the cherry blossoms.

It has been two months since they moved together now. One month since they moved into a slightly bigger place. They quickly realised Hifumi’s old apartment wasn’t suited for two people living there full time.

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Underwater Recovery

[Sequel to Can’t Really Talk About That]

Even with there not being that much to do on the station, Valentina still felt like the three days of R&R just flew by. She got to spend more time with Samus, which was good. They had talked about various things.

Samus had revealed she was not fond of spicy foods, but was not the type to complain if it was served. Valentina had somewhat accidentally shared the tales of her jump-pack misadventures, and felt really embarrassed about it afterwards. Samus told her that she had a fondness for small, cute things. Which Valentina was not allowed to share with anyone. Valentina talked more about her family, and her training after joining the Federation. Unfortunately Samus wouldn’t open up about where she learned her skills.

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Fallen Gem

[Follow-up to Heated Confrontation]

“Yohane!” Ruby’s voice rang out over the plaza, and Yohane looked up from the magazine she was reading. She wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to how surprisingly loud the girl could be.

She got up from the bench as Ruby half-ran over to her. Yohane was also not sure she’d get used to how bright Ruby was.

“Thank you for waiting,” Ruby said, slightly out of breath. “The bus was late, then I dropped my purse, ehehe.” Nor how cute Ruby was.

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First Time Experiences

[NSFW: Explicit Sexual Content]

[A/N: This became a lot longer and more detailed than I had originally intended. I was struck with the idea of writing about a couple’s first time having sex where one’s an intersex woman (Charlotte uses she/her), and one’s a cis woman whose only previous experience is with other cis women. That ended up turning into all this. Once I saw how long it was getting, I realised at that point I was only writing for my own satisfaction. There’s also some retrospection early on (marked with ~ signs), so I hope the tense changes don’t confuse you. But if you get through it, I hope you like it.]

“Are you really sure?” she asks me, and I smile gently at her. Part of me wishes she’d stop asking, but even though I am definitely nervous, she seems to be even more so than me. Typically she’s the more confident one.

“Yeah,” I say to her, and put my hand behind her head to pull her into a kiss. My tongue slips in without resistance, and I hold her for a moment. “Are you?” I ask back, and I can see in her eyes how she’s thinking it over.

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