Occasionally I write little stories. Mainly involving my OC and other aspect: Rita Wulf. (Under construction)


Into The Depths Chapter 1 – I had originally planned to do more of this one, but so far it’s been shelved like so many other ideas.

Assault Scene – Very short story that I came up with while driving, and ended up typing the first draft over Twitter.

Wulf Manor – A tour of the home of the matriarch of the Wulfs.

Small Problems in Small Places – A Rita Wulf story.

Enchanted Encounter in Limsa Lominsa – A short FFXIV fanfic about a Summoner getting accosted by ruffians.

Empty City of Mysteries – Short scifi fic about a machine lifeform exploring the ruins of a human city long abandoned.

Cecilie the Hopeless Lesbian – A short romance fic trilogy about a girl trying to confess to her crush. With bonus chapters!

Cecilie and Linda – Follow-up stories after the initial confession trilogy.

Bovine Game – Short silly story about a silly dragon and some cows.

The Wind at Our Back – Short story about sailors and the sea, written in rhyme.

Courage of Heart – A BanG Dream fan-fiction. I felt the show left things between Arisa and Kasumi hanging, so I wanted to do some closure of my own.

Good Girl – A BanG Dream erotic fan-fiction. Definitely NSFW. Felt like I wanted to try writing some smut. Been years since last time. And had an idea for a scene between Hinako and Rii.

Scorching Breakfast Girls – A Scorching Ping Pong Girls fan-fiction. Just wanted to write something fluffy, and a story about Agari and Koyori living together seemed perfect.

Cracked Gem – A Love Live Sunshine fan-fiction. Ruby had confessed to Yoshiko, and it hadn’t gone well. Five chapters.

Night at the Office – A New Game fan-fiction. While working overtime, Aoba and Hifumi are left alone at the office. Originally intended as a one-shot.

Not A Game – A New Game fan-fiction. Aoba and Hifumi have dated for months, and are now talking about moving together, but it might be easier said than done. After writing Night at the Office, I was reminded of how much I like New Game, so I wanted to do more with these two.


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