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A New Look

[A/N: More BanG Dream fic! I’ve been wanting to write something with these two for a while, even before I started playing the mobile game. But it took me a while to work out how to do it. It ended up becoming really angsty, though it does have a happy ending in case you’re worried. I just like being mean to fictional characters sometimes.]

Himari had gotten a simple text from Tomoe: “Hey, I got some new clothes. Could you come over and tell me what you think?

She was naturally quite curious what it could be that Tomoe wanted her to look at. Tomoe was usually pretty confident in her style, so there being something she wanted an opinion on intrigued Himari.

She didn’t have to wait long before the door opened. It was Tomoe herself who answered. She was wearing a red sweater and some black jeans that fit her usual, cool style, so that probably wasn’t what she wanted Himari’s opinion on.

“Ah, Himari! Come in.” Tomoe stepped aside. “I’m glad you came.”

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Everyone Wants A Goth GF

[A/N: The seed for this idea has been around for nearly two weeks, but it only properly sprouted this morning, so it took a while to get started writing. You could say I had a… slow start. Now I have some issues with how Slow Start turned out, but I recognise that it has a lot of good sides too, and Hana and Tama are definitely one of them. As soon as I saw the little scene that confirmed that Hana had some feelings for Tama, I knew I had to turn that into a fic somehow. Including the “goth gf” stuff was just for fun. I’m an unrepentant memester.]

Ichinose Hana could see the stairs up to the meeting point, and before she even got to the first step, she heard someone call from above.


The excited voice belonged Momochi Tamate, or just Tama-chan for short. Excited seemed to be her natural state.

Hana waved. “Hello Tama-chan!”

Tama had called Hana the day before to ask her to come shopping, and since it was a day off, they had even managed to get going early.

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Understanding Love

[A/N: So we return to more Love Live Sunshine this time. This idea I actually had a burning desire to get started with, someone recently realising their polyamorous feelings, and trying to figure out how to deal with that, but I struggled with it as it went along. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I spent several days going between working on this, procrastinating, and doing nothing else useful, so I at least want to show something for it. I think it’s decent overall, and there’s certainly bits in here I love, but it doesn’t feel like my strongest effort. I was almost tempted to scrap it, but at this point I’d hate discarding this amount of work more than I’d hate posting something I think could be better. Maybe it’s the best I can hope for in the middle of winter. I don’t have the same energy levels and patience as I do the rest of the year.]

Watanabe You was nervous. She was currently in the room with the two most important people in her life, and for some reason her heart seemed to be even harder to calm down than usual today. Something had awakened inside her recently, and it was getting increasingly tough to deal with.

She loved Chika. Her dear childhood friend, who had always been there for her, with whom she had shared so much. The wonderful girl who shone like the sun every time she smiled. Who could sometimes feel so lonely and frustrated because she didn’t want to bother other people with her problems. Because she was head-strong, determined, and kept having to be reminded that it was okay to ask for help. You had always admired Chika.

And she had always loved Chika. But had she always loved loved Chika? She didn’t have a good answer for that.

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There Is Just One Thing I Need

[A/N: For our fourth Christmas themed story, we’re going back to Symphogear for more Chris, Hibiki, and Miku. I’m such a sucker for those three, and I’m not sorry. The inspiration for this one is two-fold. First there was a piece of fanart I saw on Twitter a while back, and secondly I learned that Takagaki Ayahi, the VA for Yukine Chris, has done a cover of All I Want For Christmas. It’s amazing.]

Yukine Chris couldn’t sleep. This was nothing new, but this time it wasn’t for any of the typical reasons. No nightmares, no haunting trauma, no crippling anxiety. Well, maybe you could call it anxiety in a way. What was occupying Chris’s mind so much was a kiss.

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A Scary Tale

[A/N: Having finally finished AXZ, and discovered the OVAs, I’ve wanted to write more Symphogear fluff, so here it is. Added note: that didn’t turn out quite as fluffy as originally intended.]

“… then the head detached from the body, and floated off in search of its next victim!” Shirabe said in a remarkably good spooky voice.

A chorus of ‘oooo’s and ‘eeee’s erupted from the people in the room, impressed by Shirabe’s skill at scary stories. Though perhaps one person’s reaction stood out a little more than the rest.

“Senpai? Are you okay?” Shirabe asked.

“O-of course,” Chris replied. “It’ll take more than that to scare me!” Despite her bold claim, there seemed to be tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Then why are clinging to Hibiki like that?” Shirabe inquired next. Chris was hanging on tight to Hibiki’s right arm.

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Won’t You Look My Way?

[A/N: Another middle of the night idea. I don’t usually write these types of stories, but I suppose I wanted to see if I could.]

She’s beautiful. The most beautiful person in the world. That’s what I think every time I see her.

Graceful, talented, cheerful… wonderful. I have never met anyone like her. Compared to her I am so painfully average. If only she would… I should say something. Hah, I keep thinking that, yet I never do. But perhaps today…

She turns her head, and our eyes meet. My heart can’t decide if it wants to leap out of my chest, or just stop dead. She smiles, a genuine one reflected in those deep blue eyes. One might think blue eyes would be cold, but hers are soft and enveloping, like a warm ocean I want to sink into. I smile back, even though I’m aware it probably looks goofy. Then I realise I’ve been staring. Again.

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Rooftop Heartaches

[A/N: Had an idea while half-asleep one morning, and I haven’t really written much featuring these two. So I ¬†figured I’d give it a shot.]

Kanan found Riko on the roof of the school. It was a bright, sunny day, but the redhead was just staring emptily at her lunch box. She had barely taken a bite. Gusts of wind were rustling her hair, but she wasn’t taking any notice of it. Even when it flew across her face.

“May I sit down?” Kanan asked after she had walked over. Riko slowly looked up at her with dull eyes, then back down before nodding slightly. The older girl took a seat on the bench. She had expected to see red in those eyes, but perhaps Riko was past the crying stage.

Kanan hadn’t taken long to think it over before making her decision. She knew Riko’s heart was broken. In fact she and Mari might have been the only ones who had noticed. The rest of the group were so dense, buying into Riko’s act when she was with the rest of them. Chika especially needed to get a clue. But perhaps it worked in Kanan’s favour that she hadn’t.

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Relief of Heart

[Sequel to Pain of Heart]

They had of course noticed. Something was up with Kasumi and Arisa this week. There was this awkward tension between them. Something had happened. The rest of the band: Rimi, Saaya, and Tae had all noticed.

Kasumi seemed nervous, and distracted. She kept glancing towards Arisa with a look Rimi would describe as desperate and helpless. Arisa seemed subdued, and distant. Her regular fire was gone. She didn’t even protest the same way as usual, if she protested at all. They both seemed to have trouble meeting each other’s eyes. They both looked miserable.

Practice was still going, but it was obvious something was missing. Arisa sometimes just spaced out, and seemed to be playing on auto. Not always noticing when the others stopped. Kasumi kept apologising whenever she messed up something. She was still her regular cheerful self at school, or at least pretended to be.

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Pain of Heart

[Follow-up to Courage of Heart]

[A/N: I hadn’t originally intended for this to turn out this dark. I’m somewhat questioning why I did it. I’m sorry, Arisa, Kasumi. I’ll try to make it up to you at some later date.]

At times Arisa wondered if she had really done the right thing confessing to Kasumi. She had discovered Kasumi felt the same, and they had started going out. That part was good. But it had also brought several new feelings she was struggling to deal with.

Now every time Kasumi hugged her it seemed too short, and every time she saw Kasumi hug anyone else this ugly feeling arose inside her. Was that jealousy? She didn’t like it. Neither the feeling, nor seeing Kasumi getting close to anyone else.

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Desire to Stay

[A/N: Based on my gamesave of Fire Emblem Awakening, so the avatar “Robin” is named after myself. And I went with the Chrobin route on my playthrough. I just wanted to write about myself and my perfect, precious anime daughter ;_;.]

The sun was setting, and a certain blue-haired princess was sitting in one of her old hide-aways at the castle watching it. She had to leave soon. She had prepared herself for that from the start. There was no way to go back home. Where she came from might not even exist any longer. The future had been changed. Saved. Grima was gone, though the cost had been great.

So now it was time to follow through on the rest of the plan, and move to somewhere in the world where she was out of the way, and could live her life in obscurity and peace. Perhaps find someone to settle down with. She should probably leave the Falchion. The exalt line would be better off with two than one. One for little Lucina, and one for little Morgan. This Lucina wasn’t needed any longer, and would just make everything more complicated by staying.

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