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Anime Autumn Season 2017 – Early Impressions

Autumn season is steadily rolling along, and I’ve discovered I was wrong about Overlord. S2 isn’t until Winter 2018. Well, at least that means I have an extra slot this season.

I’m not sure I dare make any judgements about whether this season seems strong or weak, considering how wrong I was about Summer. I have certainly found several strong-looking shows, and some that might grow strong. I suppose it will be easier to judge by mid-season.

There appears to be a lot of shows though, but I seem to remember from previous years that Autumn is the most packed season, with Summer coming not too far behind.

Not much more to say, so I guess we might as well get started!

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Anime Summer Season 2017 – Final Thoughts

Thanks to moving to a new place, and various other things happening throughout September, I once again managed to fall behind on my anime watching. I think I did a decent job of catching up though. I’m not that many days behind the last show ending, I think.

For once I actually didn’t drop any shows between mid-season and the end. They were a good (or good enough) bunch of shows I had ended up with. I think the general consensus is that we had a strong season. At least the few comments I’ve seen indicate as much. So if you’re looking for something to binge on now, there’s probably something for you here.

I sadly don’t have anything new to report on the Symphogear or Precure front. I’m in a state where I could use about a month of peace and rest just to stabilise, so it’s a little too easy to procrastinate on things in favour of just doing nothing productive for a whole day.

There’s also no shows I’ve watched that are continuing into the Autumn season, so that segment is unnecessary. Certain things clearly have an S2 coming a little later, but no direct continuations right now. I have however watched a few extra things besides what just finished airing (yes, instead of what I keep saying I need to catch up with), so there will be a bonus section afterwards.

As always, you can check out the early impressions, and mid-season update, if you’re not up to date on what’s been running this season.

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Re:Creators Is Good But Could Have Been Better (Spoilers)

We’re not quite out of the Summer season yet, but Re:Creators, the new original series from studio Troyca, wrapped up about a week ago.

I still feel like the capitalisation is unnecessary, and a space might be, but it's their creation.

Overall I’d say it’s quite good. Maybe even very good, though that is more contestable. It played well with the concept of what would happen if the characters we created became aware of, and even entered into, our world. The world of those who created them, their “gods”. Which also provided justification for why all of these vastly different characters would/could be in the same place. Seeing characters from different worlds with entirely different backdrops and values interact was interesting. The episodes that were heavy on dialogue and interaction were just as, if not more, interesting than the action-heavy ones. It painted an intriguing picture.

Yet we’re not here today to talk all that much about the strengths of the show. Past the break the Spoilers are soon to start, so I assume that if you keep reading you have already watched the show (or just don’t care). Let’s instead talk about the shortcomings that resulted in this show only being good, when it could have been great.

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Anime Summer Season 2017 – Mid-Season Update

This snuck up on me, as I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff towards moving at the end of this month. I’ll be glad once that’s done.

I’ve been enjoying the shows, and not really paying attention to the episode numbers, so I accidentally broke my “rule” about stopping at episode 6 on everything until I’ve done my mid-season update. Plus Hina Logic cheated and got started two weeks early anyway, so I’ll just note per show which episode I’m on.

As for catching up, I just barely got caught up on Re:Creators, and nothing else. At this point it’s looking unlikely that I’ll catch back up on Sakura Quest, but I do still want to get there with Symphogear and Precure. However long that takes.

As usual, you can look at my early impressions if you want a more complete list.

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Anime Summer Season 2017 – Early Impressions

Another anime season is upon us, filled with all sorts of stuff. Now while there are some strong contenders this season, I will say that overall it feels a bit weak. Certainly not as strong as last season, which I saw some people also calling weak. That does make me wonder if anyone thinks this is a really strong season? I didn’t even hit ten shows I definitely want to watch this time. While there are some that are decent, just Not For Rita, a lot of these just aren’t that good.

Unfortunately we’ve ended up with another weird release schedule, so it’s taken a while to get through everything. And you know I like releasing the whole thing at once. But now we’re finally here.

And while I have tried to avoid any sorts of spoilers or impressions about the shows before I watch them, it has been impossible to avoid everything. To that end, we have an entirely new feature this time. While there’s always stuff I end up missing for various reasons, this time there’s also three shows I am actively avoiding. I felt like I had to do that, considering how badly I got burned by Love Tyrant. I can’t just wade into stuff I hear is really bad, just to see how bad it is. It’s not healthy.

Only posting a segmented version this time, so here are the parts:

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Anime Spring Season 2017 – Final Thoughts

Somehow we have reached the end of another anime season, and the next one has already begun. I guess I’ll have to start on that soon after I’m done writing this.

This has been a pretty strong season, I feel. Though not everything panned out as well as it might have. There were several instances of missed potential, and lacking execution. But even among those there were often some decent results anyway. Like a sense of “this is quite good, but it could have been great if not for [X]”, you know?

I’ve been keeping up with my fiction writing, as you can tell by my messy blog, and consequently I’ve fallen behind on anime several times. Which has caused me to cut a few things I maybe wouldn’t have normally. Anything that was no longer sufficiently exciting me had to go. I just don’t have the same amount of time, and I’m hoping Summer Season won’t have too many good shows.

You can as always check out my early impressions, and my mid-season update.

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Anime Spring Season 2017 – Mid-Season Update

I’m a little late on this because I’ve gotten so into writing short stories that I often lose track of doing anything else.

Still, I have finally hit episode 6 on everything I’m watching, so it’s time to get this done.

It is still a very interesting season. The amount of good, and even very good, shows is higher than I think anyone expected.

But I have a couple of others thing to bring up first. And you can look at the early impressions here.

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Anime Spring Season 2017 – Early Impressions – Segmented Version

Considering how long these are getting, as an experiment I am cutting the full post into three parts.

Part 1: A to F

Part 2: G to R

Part 3: S to Z

Hopefully it’ll be easier to digest this way, but you can also look at the full 10k word version.


Anime Spring Season 2017 – Early Impressions

[Segmented Version Available, split into three more digestible parts.]

Cor, this season feels a bit larger than the last one. And a bit beefier. Will be hard to make cuts this season. I’l leave that for the end of this post.

Now in general it’s not a new issue for anime to fall into the “this could have been good, or at least better, without that one male main character”, but I’ve been feeling that theme more strongly in this season’s early offerings.

There seems to be a significant amount of harem shows this season too, a couple of which are unmistakably teen-wanks, even though they make a few token efforts towards concealing that.

So as early impressions go, there’s been a lot weighing towards both sides of the scale. And as some shows have their second episodes out, I have heard things that make me grateful I already decided to not keep watching certain shows. It’s almost like there’s a contest towards the low end of who can be the absolute worst. Not something worth fighting over if you ask me.

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Love Tyrant Could Well Be The Worst Anime Ever Created

I almost never do posts dedicated to a single anime. I find room to fit what I want to say into my lists. However, this is a special case.


Love Tyrant (jap: Renai Boukun) is an anime it was hard to remain unaware of. The marketing push was big enough that it soon enough appeared on my Twitter timeline, where it quickly became infamous.

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