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Red On Red

[A/N: For this year’s birthday fic, I decide to combine Riko and Ruby, as I have yet to do a serious RubyRiko story. The Silly Lilies series was just for goofs.

I actually came up with the opening for this a couple of months ago, but then it stalled for me. Getting it done turned out to be more difficult than it should have been. I had meant to get it done by yesterday, on the actual day between the birthdays, but it didn’t work out that way.

The opening has changed very little from what I first imagined: Set up the confession, then cut to them having been together for a couple of months. The rest of it has gone through some iterations. The original thought was to write a date, but then I remembered how bad I am at coming up with ideas for what to do on dates. And realised that I just wanted to write about them cuddling. Which then became… a little more heated. 

Side-note: I always feel a little strange when I see doujins and fics where Riko is the top. I gather a lot of people imagine her that way, but I’ve become so conditioned with my own fics and the people around me, that I can’t really see her as not being a bottom. More neko than tachi. And not necessarily because she’s a natural bottom like Yohane, but because she really wants to be. I have no doubts Riko could be a top if she wanted to, as she has certainly “studied” enough to know how, but the key thing is that she doesn’t want to. She wants to be the one who gets kabedon’d, and pushed over. I can see her going so far as to teach her partner how it should be done. I certainly can’t imagine her topping Chika or You. I have probably thought far more about how the different ships would work than is reasonable.

Though if you have a different read on her, fair enough. The important thing is we have fun with our own headcanons. I absolutely do. And I really enjoy the idea of a dominant Ruby. You might have noticed in my earlier fics.]

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Live Present To Love

[A/N: With Chika, we’re at another birthday I actually did a fic for last year, too. Weird to look back on that now. Deciding on the ship took me a little while. Originally I had an idea for something with Dia, but I ended up realising that it wouldn’t work as a birthday thing. Maybe I’ll try that one later. Then I was weighing the different ships in my mind for a few days. I always think ChikaYou is adorable, ChikaRikoYou is a classic, and I haven’t really tried YohaChika or ChikaRuby yet. But then this idea hit me, and I just went “yes, excellent, let’s do it”.

Though I don’t have any personal experience with this kink, and it’s always a little awkward to write about something you haven’t tried. Feels like a lot of guesswork, and hoping you don’t get things too wrong. I had to google a few things to make sure I was understanding them right. I still wouldn’t say I’m entirely certain of all this. Regardless, at least I had fun with it.

Another consideration was just how lewd I wanted to get with this. Should I stop while I can still could still get away with a T rating, or push into M rating territory? Maybe even go fully explicit? Writing sex scenes tends to require a certain mindset for me that isn’t always easy to get into, so I often just cut things short. I’m sure you all have vivid imaginations so you can fill in the blanks yourselves.]

Evening had finally set across Uchiura, and the temperature was dropping from absolutely miserable to just slightly uncomfortable.

Still, Takami Chika had had a good birthday. Celebrating with everyone in Aqours was lovely, and she might have had a bit much cake. It was within the realm of possibility, even though it could be argued that there was no such thing.

But it was also nice to just get some alone time with her girlfriend at the end of the day.

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Powerful Little Demon

[A/N: It’s the birthday of Tsushima Yoshiko, aka Yohane, and as such I have prepared a fic in her honour. This started as a very simple idea, but turned into something longer than I expected. I pondered for a long time which pairing to go with. I could have gone for one of the big ships, like YohaRiko, YohaMaru, or YouHane. Perhaps following up on the thing I did last year. Or maybe going back to my roots with YohaRuby. But in the end I went for a rarepair I haven’t tried before, because it seemed like it could be fun. I was debating for a while whether or not to add that little epilogue, but in the end I decided to keep it. Yohane will have more teasing from Mari to deal with in her future. Wish her luck.]

With her birthday fast approaching, the great fallen angel Yohane was making preparations.

Normally she paid no notice to mortal concerns like birthdays. And that was definitely not because she had never had friends before. It was simply that such trivial matters were beneath the glory of a fallen angel. But since the rest of Aqours clearly wanted a chance to celebrate her greatness, who was she to deny them such a boon? She was honestly doing them a favour, and she was absolutely not really excited about having a birthday party full of friends.

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A Vast World

[A/N: Even with my concentration issues and general sense of burn-out, I wanted to get a fic done for Ohara Mari’s birthday. Just barely got it done before midnight local time. But overall my fic output is probably going to slow down even more than it already has. Aside from any flashes of inspiration that absolutely need to be written down right away, I will be focusing on recovering.

This is the first time I’ve done a fic that’s only Kanan x Mari. Before it’s always included Dia, and I still think it’s right to have all three of them, but I did a thing for KanaDia day earlier this year, so I figured now might be a good time for a simple KanaMari pairing.

Next LL Sunshine bday is Yohane in exactly one month, on 13. July. Between now and then we’ll see if I manage to finish anything else.]

The vast ocean floor seemed to stretch on endlessly in front of Ohara Mari. It was a sight she never got tired of, and always wished she could see more often. But things got in the way, and it was unfortunately easy to forget. Not to mention that perfect conditions like today weren’t a guarantee. The sun streaming down from above gave it all an extra touch of magic.

There was a tap on her shoulder. She turned to look at her diving partner: Matsuura Kanan. Kanan pointed downwards, and Mari looked in that direction. There was a pair of turtles swimming slowly, a short distance from the seabed. Mari gave a thumbs up, and the two of them swam further down to have a closer look.

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Damp by Downpour

[A/N: It’s now a little more than a year since I started writing fiction on the regular, and at the time I didn’t really pay attention to birthdays of the Aqours girls, or anyone else for that matter. But this year I am aware that we have reached Watanabe You’s birthday, so! A story! I feel like I could have done better, but I’ve had some issues focusing. That happens sometimes, and there’s not a lot to do about it. In the end I just decided I wanted to post something.

As for the pairing, I decided that via poll. I put up two polls on Twitter, but to keep it kinda random, I didn’t say what the options were for. I had one ship ready for each possible combination, but I maybe should have foreseen that when given three options, people would naturally gravitate towards the middle one. So in the 1-2-3 poll, 2 won handily, and in the A-B-C poll, B won, though it was a much closer call. And 2B was YouRiko. See, the first poll was to decide the year, and the second was listing the names alphabetically. So for example 1A would have been YouMaru, and 3C YouMari. 2C was reserved for Chika/Riko/You, since shipping You with herself, or doing her solo, wasn’t something I wanted in either case.

Making it adult life was simply because that fit better with the idea that came to me. Anyway! In spite of my scatterbrained state, I hope it’s still okay.]

The door smacked close behind a dripping Watanabe You.

“I’m home,” she said in a miserable tone as she peeled her jacket off. The forecast had said it would only be partly cloudy today, but the cloud that had passed over this area had opened itself up, and unloaded upon the populace.

“Welcome back,” said a voice from further inside.

You walked slowly towards the living room as she peeled off more layers of wet clothing.

“Oh wow, it really came down that hard?” Riko commented as the soaked You came into sight.

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Silly Love

[A/N: In honour of Matsuura Kanan’s birthday, I have written a little story for her. Not the typical birthday fare I’ve done, since it’s not really tied to the celebration. The title is an homage to the Silly Lilies series. This isn’t the same “universe”, but I was never able to put a proper cap on that series, so why not revisit the KanaRuby ship here, I thought. Ruby tries her best.]

“Here, Kanan-chan!” Ruby bowed her head, and thrust forward a small bag tied shut with a cute, red ribbon.

Kanan accepted the bag. It was very light, and she could feel something shuffling about inside when she moved it. “What’s this?” she asked, though the way it felt gave her some ideas already.

“It’s… they’re chocolates…” Ruby said, seemingly very interested in looking at her shoes.

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In High Spirits

[A/N: The day is here, Suzukaze Aoba’s birthday. Our little girl’s 20th. I don’t drink, have never been truly drunk, nor am I particularly comfortable being around alcohol and drunk people. Yet still I went ahead and did a story about Aoba’s first time drinking. It feels appropriate for the characters, so I wanted to try. Another challenge to myself, I suppose. But since I have so little experience here, I apologise in advance if this comes off as incorrect. And I’m sorry for my poor attempts at giving Yun an accent.]

Finally she was 20 years old, the big Two Oh, and the others couldn’t make fun of her any longer. Or so she thought.

Very carefully Aoba stuck her tongue into the sake cup, and tested it out. “Ugh, it still doesn’t taste good…” she said without thinking. It had been a year, but somehow she hadn’t quite forgotten that taste. Could she have imagined back then where she would be now?

“Still? Aoba-chan, are you admitting to being a criminal?” Hajime sounded far more amused than surprised. The grin on her face certainly suggested as much.

“Eh? I-I-I-I mean…” Aoba sputtered, a moment of panic seizing her.

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Quiet Game Night

[A/N: I have planned for a while to do a birthday fic for New Game‘s Aoba, and was for a while thinking to just lump her and Hifumi’s fics into one, since they’re only like 10 days apart, but then I got an idea for a short stand-alone for Hifumi. Though I didn’t think of it until the 24th, where I re-discovered her birthday is the 23rd, and not the 28th like I for some reason thought. Between that, and some writer’s block, this is very belated. Sorry about that, Hifumi. Will hopefully get Aoba’s out on time, though.

Also, I think this is most actually video-game focused New Game fic I’ve done.]

“Happy Birthday, love!” It was past dinner, and cake had been had at work, so now it was time for the gifting.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Hifumi said as she accepted Aoba’s present. Though as soon as she took hold of it, she had a feeling she knew what it was. Opening it up merely provided confirmation. “Aoba, why do you keep buying me lingerie?” she asked, even though she knew the answer.

“Because you look so great in it,” Aoba said with a grin, while leaving “You look great in anything” unsaid.

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Long Awaited Reunion

[A/N: The end of the year is always a busy time, with the holidays happening, best of the year lists to be written, and preparing to get started with January. But by checking well in advance, I learned that Kurosawa Dia’s birthday is on 1. January, and I’ve been preparing for that. Been trying to come up with a good idea all month, and I think I’ve gotten there. Went on longer than I expected, though. Unfortunately there were two other birthdays I missed. Fate’s Nero Claudius on the 15., and Symphogear’s Yukine Chris on the 28.. I really hate that I wasn’t able to do anything for the latter especially, but I simply didn’t have the time or energy. At least I have this one.]

It was New Year’s Eve, and Dia was feeling nervous. And excited. Though she was doing her best at remaining calm, and her best was very good indeed.

It would be five years since they graduated this coming Spring, and since she, Kanan, and Mari parted ways. Today they were all getting together again. It wasn’t like she had never seen them again since. Mari had come back for a short time after she graduated college, and her and Dia had shared a brief moment before Mari had to leave again. And she had seen Kanan just this past Summer. She assumed the two of them had met at some point as well. But this was the first time since they graduated from Uranohoshi that all three of them would be together again.

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Festive Revelations

[A/N: I am not exactly sure what made me suddenly remember Locodol, nor why I wanted to do a fic about it in the first place, but because of those two things, I ended up re-watching the series (highly recommended, one of the most underrated shows of 2014). It has a very lovely relationship dynamic between the two leads that grows as the show goes on, and they are very comfortable and intimate in a nice way. So now I’m here to try a writing of it, based on episode 14. For a show that probably has a fanbase in the double-digits. I hope you still like it.]


It’s starting to get quite cold as I’m making my way home from the party. It has to be past midnight by now. Happy birthday, me.

I don’t hate these parties. They’re pleasant enough, and I understand the point of them. Plus I have Su-chan there with me. But they can get tiresome, and at times I feel like I have more important things I’d rather do. Maybe not today, but getting home this late kinda sucks. At least I’m right by the building now.

“I’ve had enough.” I hear a sad, familiar voice speak up, as if the words are a weird mirror of my own thoughts.

I look down, and have to double-check I’m actually wearing my glasses. It’s… “Nana-chan?” Sitting there at the bottom of the stairs in front of my building is the sweetest, cutest girl in the world: Usami Nanako. She looks up at me. “What’s wrong?” I ask her. Why is she here, and dressed like Santa?

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