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Bovine Game

A’del has recently learned about a curious human pastime: Cow tipping.

He doesn’t really understand the point of it. A cow is basically just a block of meat that grew legs, and some of them contain cream too. They’re actually quite tasty… wait, where was he going with this?

Oh right! Humans are clearly quite simple-minded if they find entertainment in watching blocks of beef fall over. Perhaps it’s more the act? That because it would take some effort for the scrawny humans to topple an overgrown slab of juicy, delicious… he’s getting distracted again, and shakes his head as if to clear it.

It sounds like a game for fools, yet… A’del still wants to try it. His hunger may be great, but so is his curiosity. The only problem is: How does a dragon sneak up on a cow?

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