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Plants vs Zombies 2 is now out on Android – First Impressions

This one honestly snuck by me, partially because I figured it would be iOS only for yonks yet, and partially because I didn’t really have that much interest in keeping tabs on it despite owning PvZ1 on three different platforms.

Found this on what I think is an Italian site.

Anyways, since it is free, and now on a platform I own, I decided to download it and give it a bash. I think it was actually over 100 megs to download, which I’m not used to on my phone, but it went quickly enough over the Wifi. This will depend on your area and phone plan, of course.

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Holding Fun For Ransom or Why the SWTOR F2P Crushes My Spirit

Star Wars: The Old Republic came out towards the end of 2011 and I jumped in from the beginning. I loved Knights of the Old Republic, and I still had faith in Bioware at the time, so it was a sure deal. I spent several months playing it, getting two characters to level 50, and adding several alts.

*Imperial Theme*

The first story I completed was on my Sith Juggernaut, and it was awesome. I felt amazing. Then I played through as a Republic Gunslinger, and while it had its moments, including some of the best lines, it was overall a lot more meh.

Then the Mass Effect 3 furore happened last year, culminating in the release of the Extended Ending at which point I basically cut ties with Bioware. Finally cancelled my SWTOR subscription as well, though I hadn’t really played much in the couple of months leading up to that anyway.

My dear friend Tech convinced me lately to play the F2P, as a thing to do while watching anime and such. So I figured I’d give it a shot, so long as I didn’t have to pay them any money.

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Command & Conquer News: Tim Orton Interview

Hoo boy, I certainly didn’t expect to find this when I woke up this morning. VG247 have run a piece with a video regarding the upcoming Command & Conquer. They spoke with senior development director Tim Orton, and got some answers regarding how the new thing will work.

While I am somewhat hesitant to give more attention to EA’s necromantic efforts to keep this franchise going, I did find the video interesting enough to do some commentary on what is shown and what is said. So I’ll be going through the video to see what it has to tell us.

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Dead Space 3 – Sorta Review

So Dead Space 3 went up for sale a few weeks back, and I got it a little over a week ago and played through it in the following week. I was even so lucky as to win a contest that gave me two full sets of DLC codes, so I played with everything unlocked. So my experience might have been a little different from the average player. (It should be noted that the sarcastic voice pack for the scavenger bots is pretty amazing.)

SHINY! Hard to get a good screenie of this one.

The third game in the Dead Space series was again developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts. You can get it on XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, which is the version I played. I’ve also only played the single-player so far, but I have plans to do the co-op later, and might do a small post on that if it’s warranted.

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Of Tiberium And Time: Epilogue: The Future

For chapter 8 discussing Tiberian Twilight, see here.

So now that we’re in the future space year of 2013, I thought it would be a good time to wrap up this series by taking a look at the future of Command & Conquer. It definitely had nothing to do with how I’m a master procrastinator.

I do kinda like this screen.

Tiberian Twilight was the definite deathblow to the series, but I’m sure we all know EA are not above using necromancy to keep things going. And like all undead it’s a pale imitation of its former life, that might harm you if you get too close. Let’s take a look at what remains, as a type of funeral wake, if you will.

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Of Tiberium And Time Chapter 8: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

For chapter 7 discussing Red Alert 3, see here.

For the epilogue about the future, see here.

By Odin’s beard, how do I properly express my opinion on this game without losing all coherence? I guess I’ll start how I usually do.

We were in March of 2010 when Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight hit store shelves and digital distribution platforms. A mere year and a half after Red Alert 3, and about 3 years after Tiberium Wars. EA Los Angeles was still in charge of development, but I wonder if it wasn’t a different team from those who made the two previous games.

At least Kane still looks neat.

The reception was less than favourable. Reviewers were divided between giving it average and bad scores, the fans hated it (I’ve yet to find a single person who defends it, but maybe one will crop up) and it just seemed like every little warning sign that had appeared since EA took over finally bloomed and overwhelmed what should have been a fairly simple project.

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Of Tiberium And Time Chapter 7: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

For chapter 6 discussing Tiberium Wars, see here.

For chapter 8 discussing Tiberian Twilight, see here.

In 2008, a year and a half after Tiberium Wars, Red Alert 3 hit the shelves. The reception was rather mixed, due to (among other things) a controversy over a limited-activation version of SecuROM being included with the game, some people saying the game strayed too far from the previous rule-sets, and issues with balance in the multi-player.


While you can certainly complain about and raise concerns about several bits of the gameplay, I honestly can’t deduct any points when it comes to style. EA Los Angeles put a lot of work into the aesthetic, the units, the story, the live-action scenes and the acting/voice-acting, and it shines through clearly. They even went so far as to add “EA Los Angeles Proudly Presents” to the opening cinematic, and it’s easy to see why. Like Tiberium Wars, this game also came out on XBox 360.

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Of Tiberium And Time Chapter 6: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

For chapter 5 discussing Generals, see here.

For chapter 7 discussing Red Alert 3, see here.

In the fair year of 2007 the next game bearing the Command & Conquer title hit the store shelves. Tiberium Wars was still under the same studio as Generals, though they had now changed their name to EA Los Angeles.

I am the future.

I apologise for the lateness of this chapter, but I have been distracted by all the shiny new games, like Dishonoured, XCOM, Mark of the Ninja and several others.

Tiberium Wars returned us to the conflict between GDI and Nod, and is possibly the largest investment EA ever put into a C&C game considering the product they delivered, except perhaps for Red Alert 3. The story was greater, the actors were more known (and overall better), the units were inventive, the missions were varied and the AI was cleverer. They even released an XBox 360 version which I hear wasn’t bad.

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) – Review

Wulfy foreword: I have a special treat for you boys and girls today! My very first guest post! My friend Lykos wanted to do a review for Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012), but had nowhere to put it. So I said he could put it up on my blog! As for why he felt the urge to do this review, I’ll let him explain that. PS! The alt-text for the images is still me, I’m afraid.

PPS! The game version tested is the PC one, but the game is also out on PS3, XBox 360, PS Vita, Android and iOS.

Reminds me of Mirror's Edge.

Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I’ve written a review, a friend (ed Wulf: that would be me) is putting it on his blog for me. The reason I’m writing this? People need to be warned. I’ve played almost every NFS game and I must say that this one dropped the ball.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) has the distinct pleasure of being the first NFS game that, although stickered with EA Games’ logo, is made by Criterion Games (makers of Burnout: Paradise). The game overall looks fantastic before you purchase it, the engine seems to have been pulled from NFS: The Run and the graphics are… Well, just below the quality of The Run. The physics seem to have been messed around with as well, and not for the better.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 3 – Visions of splendour

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

It took longer than I had hoped because of distractions, but another bout with System Shock 2 has been had. This game is very, very good at unnerving me, so even with my growing abilities and resources I still feel uneasy playing it.

We can see your thoughts.

Looking back on Bioshock I totally forgot it actually had its own research mechanic with the camera. It came back to me once someone had pointed it out. In certain ways it’s a better mechanic, though it never really felt very essential, nor made much sense. If they wanted to reward me for encounters with the splicers and other enemies, why not simply grant me research points for defeating them?

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