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Anime Winter Season 2017 – Early Impressions

New year, new anime! After the massive autumn season it feels a little weird to have such a small season to deal with. I think there’s about a dozen less shows total, and there’s several sequels, so there wasn’t really that much for me to check out this time.

I’d also say it’s perhaps a somewhat weak season. While there are several good shows, there’s a lot more that are bad, mediocre, or just dull. And of the good ones, there’s maybe only two or three I think have the potential to be great. I don’t think I’m going to have much problem finding enough stuff to watch though. It just probably won’t be quite up to last season’s standard.

Back to normal procedure with both [Dropped] and [Maybe] tags again applied. I was tempted to also give them a grade, like from A to F, but that’s more effort than it’s worth. If you missed it, I also wrote about last year’s most noteworthy shows here.

BanG Dream is not on here because it’s still a week out, and I don’t want to wait. With that said, let’s get started.

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Anime Autumn Season 2016 – Early Impressions

I am not sure whether I’m slow, or this season just has a lot of shows, but it’s taken me nearly a week to get through all of them. Even though I spent several hours per day watching the damn things.

Sorry, I shouldn’t sound so bitter. As always, this adventure into uncharted seas has been highly interesting. In spite of my looming burnout, there were very few shows where I weren’t able to even complete the first episode. Which might have contributed to how long it took to clear them all. Looks like this might be a decent season.

As I stated at the end of my wrap-up post for Summer Season, I am going to be limiting my picks this season. After some self-deliberation, I decided on 3 seeds, 4 new shows, and 1 short. I’ll also have a backup list for things I can swap in if my new picks don’t work out, or maybe just to watch if I have time to spare with nothing else to do. I’m not sure how likely that is, but it’s an option.

I will post my picks at the end, and drop my [Maybe] tags to try to keep some mystery. However, I fully expect my choices to be reflected in my writing, so it probably won’t be much of a mystery.

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Anime Summer Season 2016 – Early Impressions

The Summer season has started, and I believe I have watched everything that’s coming out. More or less. I might have missed something, especially among the shorts, but I did my best to compare the release list with what I actually watched.

My general impression so far: Not as strong as Spring, but definitely not as weak as I thought it might be. A lot of stuff that seems to be at least alright, if not necessarily good. I’m sure it’ll have its audience.

I’ve fallen into the habit of mentally dividing the shows into Yes, No, and Maybe, so I figured I’m going to reflect that more clearly this time. At least as a trial thing. Anything I mark as Maybe is something I might look more into if I have the time or hear good things, even if they technically count as dropped right now. The list will likely feature a lot of Maybes.

Oh, and as a heads-up! This season seems to be really gay. Seems to be a lot of shows that involve boy-boy or girl-girl. Personally I consider this a good thing, but your mileage may vary. How much of it is just baiting/teasing is hard to say yet.

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Anime Spring Season 2016 – Early Impressions

The Spring season is upon us! And wow, what a haul it’s brought.

I can’t remember if there’s any season so far where there’s been so little I’ve felt like immediately dropping. I had to look more harshly at my list and decide which ones I cared less about, since the original list of “stuff I want to watch a bit more of” had 27 titles on it. So I had to drop stuff I normally wouldn’t have.

I suppose it’s similar to the “maybe” list I did for the Winter season, but then it was in part because of how low-energy I get in Winter. I feel much better now, but there’s still no way I can keep up with that much.

Update: I wasn’t able to cut as much as I expected. I have only myself to blame.

Things might be easier to judge once we’re two or three episodes in, but even with that in mind I decided to leave behind some things I was not quite as interested in.

All I’m missing is Big Order, which isn’t out for another five days at least, and I didn’t want to postpone the whole post for that. Will add that when it’s out.

With that said, let us begin:

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Anime Summer Season 2015 – Early Impressions

It is time to embark upon the adventure that is the Summer Season of Anime, 2015!

To reveal a bit of my writing process: As I start this, I have not seen every show yet. I think I’ve seen about a third. But I want to try to get my impressions down while they’re fairly fresh, so I’m starting the document early! So far there’s really only four shows I’ve seen that I’m fairly certain I’ll keep watching, but some potential ones as well.

As always, the idea here is to give some brief impressions after watching the first episode of a show, and see if there’s anything that stands out as immediately impressive, or immediately droppable, or just somewhere in the middle.

Edit: Added early impressions for imas: Cinderella Girls S2.

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Anime Spring Season 2015 – Early Impressions

Spring season is upon us, and as I am starting this post, most shows have aired their first episode, and I’ve gotten to watch most of them.

While this doesn’t seem to be the most exciting season, things are a little complicated with how I’ve found a handful of shows that although I am not going to watch them, I can see how they could hold merit to someone else. So I will try to convey that as best I can.

Now as of this writing, I believe I’m only missing Grisaia no Meikyuu and Grisaia no Rakuen, the follow-ups to Grisaia no Kajitsu ( I got through the first show, so I’m damn well going to try here too ), and Yamadakun to Nananin no Majo. ( And anything that might pop up partway into the season.) I will edit those in once they’re out.

Update: Apparently the second season of Knights of Sidonia is starting this weekend. Guess I’ll have to look at that eventually.

Edit: I believe I have now watched everything, and can finalise this post. If I haven’t, I’m saving anything else for the mid-season update. Added: Grisaia no Meikyuu / Grisaia no Rakuen, Ninja Slayer, Knights of Sidonia S2, and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.

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Warframe – Early Impressions

Much influenced by a certain Specktre, I recently got into Warframe, which very quickly made me want to write about it. As I am starting this I am still not entirely sure what I’m gonna write, apart from a few points.

So many swirlies.

Warframe is a very silly game. Any of you who believe otherwise are so wrong. Luckily it’s the fun kind of silly. There is a story that I’ve mostly forgotten, but it boils down to this: You play as a future super-soldier in ultra-high-tech power armour called “Warframes”, hence the title, and you run around acting like part John Woo action hero, part Hollywood ninja.

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Wii U – Early Impressions

So I’ve had my Wii U for nearly a week now, so I figured: Why not talk about some early impressions, both about the console itself, and the few games I’ve tried on it. For full disclosure, I got the Premium edition, which had a few extra bits and bobs with it, along with Nintendo Land (and is black rather than white).

Like so.

Definite first impression when turning the thing on is that people are crazy talented. The amount of stuff they’re able to draw and post on the Miiverse when the only settings are three thicknesses, pencil and eraser is nothing short of amazing. I really can’t draw at all, so I am not about to try to step to any of this.

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The Secret World: Early impressions

The last couple of days I’ve been playing The Secret World, the new MMO by Funcom that is published by EA. I’ve put about 10-12 hours into it, and while that’s not enough to do anything like a “review” of the game, it has still left me with a lot of impressions I feel compelled to share, so brace yourselves.

Representatives from each faction.

Left: Dragon. Middle: Templar. Right: Illuminati.

Also, I had some issues with not figuring out that F11 was the screenshot key before I got into the game itself and was able to check the key bindings, so any screenshots I tried to take in the very beginning before they gave me control are sadly non-existent. (I went back in to snap some shots of the character creation screens, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me snap anything before the faction selection screen.)

And if you don’t feel like reading, you can check out the video (at the bottom) from the guys over at Blue Screen of Awesome.

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