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Helpful Advice?

[A/N: Originally this idea was just to have some goofy scenes of the four young girls asking someone older for advice, then I felt compelled to add a scene for that advice bearing fruit for each pair as well. Honestly didn’t expect to get this many words out of it.

I guess this is part me wanting to do a follow-up on the Alfin/Elise fic I put out before Chris-mas, and part me being a frustrated Renne/Tita shipper watching Cold Steel 3 push its Agate/Tita agenda heavily and explicitly. I didn’t like it in Sky, and I don’t like it now. I will never surrender, no matter what the canon says!]

Princess Alfin Reise Arnor had some new developments in her life that she desired some advice on. And her best (by virtue of being her only) option was her older brother prince Olivert. Maybe that was an unfair way of thinking about it. Unless his stories were all complete fabrication, this was an area he had some experience and insight into.

And it just so happened that the two of them were in the same place at the same time, which was rarer than Alfin would have liked. He had his faults, but she really liked her brother. So she knocked on his door.

“Come in,” said a voice from inside.

Alfin opened the door. “Good afternoon, brother,” she said as she stepped into the room.

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Impossible Feelings

[A/N: Imagine me, playing Trails of Cold Steel 3, thinking a lot about these characters again, and trying to figure out a couple of ideas for writing a Laura/Emma fic, and also a Tita/Renne fic. And then I start writing Alfin/Elise instead. Why am I like this?

Perhaps this is in part due to the “what your favourite Trails/Kiseki ship says about you” list I saw on twitter the other day. Even with 32 ships on there somehow only one of my top three made it onto it, which I was a little surprised by. Like I don’t think either of the two first ships I mentioned above are so strange that they wouldn’t be brought up? Especially not compared to some of the really far out there ones on that list. And I would have thought Estelle/Joshua/Khloe as an OT3 would be blindingly obvious, but I guess not. While not in my top three, Elise/Alfin did make the list, so maybe that was enough to get my thoughts going in that direction.

So here you go. Just a short scene with the two of them featuring an accidental confession. I don’t really have a better/longer idea for now, but it was desperate to get out of my head and into text.

I stay away from spoilers tying this directly into the story in any way, except that Elise became student council president, I guess.]

Paperwork. Seemingly endless paperwork. Not that it had been entirely unexpected when Elise Schwarzer had become the student council president. She wasn’t so naive as to think it would be easy. Far from it. Yet some days it was harder than others. Especially those days where her thoughts were quite firmly stuck in a different place. It was like her eyes could see the words on the paper, but her brain refused to process them as sentences with actual meaning.

An idle thought made her wonder if situations like this were what made her father remove his glasses, rub the bridge of nose, and try cleaning said glasses before continuing to read. No, not these kinds of thoughts exactly. No way. Elise didn’t have any glasses to remove anyway, so she had to settle for letting out a deep sigh.

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