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Deep in Concentration

[A/N: I just finished Trails of Cold Steel 2 yesterday, and found the ending rather depressing. So I decided I had to write something very fluffy to cheer myself up, and here it is. I’ve been pondering a Renne/Tita fic for a while, and realised quickly that it would work best for me if I did it with them a bit older. I have only played the games that have been localised so far, meaning the Trails in the Sky trilogy, and Cold Steel 1 and 2. I know Tita shows up in 3, and Renne has been revealed for 4, but I don’t really know anything about what they’re like in those games. So this is entirely based on guesswork and conjecture about what they might be like in their late teens.

I’m thinking a lot about her being revealed as Renne Bright these days.]

“Renne, hand me the number 3.”


Renne handed Tita the tool she asked for.

“Thanks.” A slight turn of her head, enough to show a small smile, and then Tita went right back into her work.

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Powerful Little Demon

[A/N: It’s the birthday of Tsushima Yoshiko, aka Yohane, and as such I have prepared a fic in her honour. This started as a very simple idea, but turned into something longer than I expected. I pondered for a long time which pairing to go with. I could have gone for one of the big ships, like YohaRiko, YohaMaru, or YouHane. Perhaps following up on the thing I did last year. Or maybe going back to my roots with YohaRuby. But in the end I went for a rarepair I haven’t tried before, because it seemed like it could be fun. I was debating for a while whether or not to add that little epilogue, but in the end I decided to keep it. Yohane will have more teasing from Mari to deal with in her future. Wish her luck.]

With her birthday fast approaching, the great fallen angel Yohane was making preparations.

Normally she paid no notice to mortal concerns like birthdays. And that was definitely not because she had never had friends before. It was simply that such trivial matters were beneath the glory of a fallen angel. But since the rest of Aqours clearly wanted a chance to celebrate her greatness, who was she to deny them such a boon? She was honestly doing them a favour, and she was absolutely not really excited about having a birthday party full of friends.

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Second Meaning

[A/N: After seeing what the new Bandori event is, I was struck with a dumb idea for a Himari/Tomoe fic. So here it is, short and silly. Tomoe is bad at this.]

“So you’re sure you’re okay now?”

Himari had come over to see Tomoe after she’d been sick. It was rare for Tomoe to fall ill, so despite being told to not worry, Himari had ended up worrying after all. It was only natural when it happened to someone you loved. When Tomoe had let them know she was feeling better, and intended to come back to school the next day, Himari had taken that as her cue to go for a visit.

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Good Girl Elizabeth

[A/N: Another “what if” story, about what if Hakuno had summoned Elizabeth at the start of Fate/EXTRA. Now, I have not actually played that game, so I may not at all be accurately describing how things worked back then. I’m mostly guessing based on what I’ve seen and heard. But I’ve had this little blood-sucking scene in mind for a while, and figured I’d try making it into a short fic. I probably could have worked it into the Extella setting, but I liked the idea of this being earlier in their relationship. Poor Liz doesn’t get enough love. I hope she gets a redemption arc of sorts in Extella Link. Just let her be part of the band in some way.]

With a powerful tail strike the last of the enemy programs was smashed into broken code. Lancer Elizabeth Bathory took some deep breaths as she scanned the surrounding area, crouched and ready to strike again.

“Seems like that was the last of them,” the voice of her Master said from behind. “I’m not detecting anything else nearby. I think we’re safe.”

Elizabeth relaxed, and stood up properly before she turned around. Her Master was smiling at her, so Elizabeth broke into a smile of her own as she hurried closer. “Did you see how well I did, Master?” she asked excitedly.

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Catching Up

[A/N: Taking a break from writing and everything has felt like it was needed, but I wasn’t able to stay away for too long. A few ideas started bubbling forth, so I figured I’d go for this one. Since I started playing BanG Dream: GBP, I became a little fascinated by Misaki and Rimi’s friendship. I have no idea how they met or became friends, but I imagine it’s an important part of Misaki staying sane. Without Kanon and Rimi, she’d probably not be able to stick with this band thing.

This doesn’t mean I’m back in full swing, though. I am planning something for Yohane’s birthday, and other upcoming summer birthdays, but otherwise I don’t really have anything pressing I want to write. Something might come up, but otherwise I’m still taking it easy.]

With the summer heat ramping up, it was nice to sit down somewhere sufficiently air-conditioned. Hazawa Coffee wasn’t exactly the busiest place in town, making a good spot to cool down, and calm down, without much fuss.

Two friends were currently using it as just such a refuge: Okusawa Misaki, and Ushigome Rimi. They used to hang out like this more often, but with them both ending up in bands without necessarily meaning to, a lot of their free time now went to spending time with their bandmates. Which made finding time to hang out like they used to feel a little more precious, even if it mostly turned into simple catch-up.

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A Vast World

[A/N: Even with my concentration issues and general sense of burn-out, I wanted to get a fic done for Ohara Mari’s birthday. Just barely got it done before midnight local time. But overall my fic output is probably going to slow down even more than it already has. Aside from any flashes of inspiration that absolutely need to be written down right away, I will be focusing on recovering.

This is the first time I’ve done a fic that’s only Kanan x Mari. Before it’s always included Dia, and I still think it’s right to have all three of them, but I did a thing for KanaDia day earlier this year, so I figured now might be a good time for a simple KanaMari pairing.

Next LL Sunshine bday is Yohane in exactly one month, on 13. July. Between now and then we’ll see if I manage to finish anything else.]

The vast ocean floor seemed to stretch on endlessly in front of Ohara Mari. It was a sight she never got tired of, and always wished she could see more often. But things got in the way, and it was unfortunately easy to forget. Not to mention that perfect conditions like today weren’t a guarantee. The sun streaming down from above gave it all an extra touch of magic.

There was a tap on her shoulder. She turned to look at her diving partner: Matsuura Kanan. Kanan pointed downwards, and Mari looked in that direction. There was a pair of turtles swimming slowly, a short distance from the seabed. Mari gave a thumbs up, and the two of them swam further down to have a closer look.

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Real Official Date

[A/N: I do enough complaining about how little I manage to write these days, so let’s leave that at that this time. Comic Girls is a very fun, and sometimes very real, anime, and it makes me want to write about it. Kaos’s thirst levels are off the charts, but this time I wanted to give a bit of time and attention to Koyume and Tsubasa.

Koyume’s open admission of being in love with Tsubasa was rather refreshing after I’m so used to anime dealing heavily in subtext. So I wanted to take a shot at a story about the two of them. While I don’t feel it’s exactly my greatest work, I think it’s good enough that I’m willing to post it. Having a hard time focusing these days, but at least it’s something.]

“Want to stop for something to eat?”

“Uh, sure!”

Koizuka Koyume still couldn’t believe this was real.

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Somebody Better

[A/N: There’s this song lyric that I’ve been thinking for a long time that it sounded like a great writing prompt, but I couldn’t come up with anything to really go with it. At least nothing that wasn’t just a rehash of something I’d already done. Then it just fell into my head as I was brainstorming while out driving today.

Experimental formatting again, as I’m doing a double first-person perspective. It’ll probably be confusing to read, but I hope you can make sense of it. This feels like an idea that would have worked better in comic form maybe, but I can’t draw well enough for that. If you would like I could label each section with whose perspective it is currently (or different text colours maybe), but I wanted to try it clean at first. Since I’ve never tried this format before, I’m open to feedback.

It’s rare for me to do an angst-only fic. Like, I’m not sure whether I would call that a happy ending. Still I guess it’s good to try something different every now and again.]

* * *

Have you ever met somebody you could love forever? 

* * *

Six years. I hadn’t seen her in six years. I had forgotten about her, until that day.

Middle school had not been a happy time for me. So I was honestly relieved that I’d be going to a different high school from everyone else. High school would be a fresh start. No one would know about me, or my sins, and I could just become a normal girl like everyone else. I didn’t need Yohane any longer, I thought, as if it was that easy to drop. Then I heard her say my name.


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The Challenges of Change

[A/N: Been a while since I’ve written anything. Just not had the motivation or focus. This one has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while, and I finally managed to finish it. A third part to the “what if Salter was in Extella” mini-series, though this one doesn’t directly involve her. I wanted to try to write from Nero’s POV for once. I realised I hadn’t done that yet. Not completely sure I nailed her personality, but I am pretty happy with the story considering everything going on right now.]

Nero Claudius, fifth emperor of Rome, and first emperor of New Rome, was alone in the throne room. Not necessarily an unusual thing, but all she was doing was pondering.

SE.RA.PH.’s simulation of a better Earth included weather patterns, and today the skies were as gloomy as the emperor’s mood.

In spite of appearances, even Nero struggled with self-reflection and self-doubt at times. But it wasn’t proper for a ruler to display that to her beloved subjects. Yet when she found herself alone, with nothing to keep her occupied, such concerns could come creeping up on her. It didn’t help that her migraine felt particularly bad today.

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Soft Duty

[A/N: Another silly Comic Girls idea. This just started from me thinking up the line “you need to be Rukki’s plushie”, and it escalated from there. Nothing indecent, I promise. I like soft girls being soft, and this show is very good at that. Also Kaos’s thirst levels are through the roof. Future episodes might give me more ideas.]

A gentle shaking stirred Kaos from her slumber.


A voice was calling to her.

“Hey, Kaos.”

It wasn’t loud, but it was insistent. Kaos thought she recognised that voice.

“Tsubasa-san?” she mumbled as she blearily opened her eyes, but she couldn’t see very well yet.

“Kaos, you need to go be Rukki’s plushie,” said the voice that sounded like Tsubasa.

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