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Tact and Discretion

It was time for their next progress meeting, and Umiko was heading for the place where she was meeting Nene. Something had been on her mind regarding these meetings though. Weren’t they sort of like dates? They fed each other ice cream. That’s a date thing. Even using the same spoon. A slight hint of pink manifested on Umiko’s cheeks.

But she knew better than to make assumptions without further proof. Nene was a little younger, and perhaps it’s common for her to do that stuff as just a friendly thing. Perhaps she was oblivious to what she was doing. That was also a possibility. Nene might be a bit childish, but Umiko could admit she was a little charmed by this brash girl. It was easy to feel relaxed around her, especially because of how straight-forward she was.

She smiled slightly as she approached their meeting place, and saw Nene had arrived first this time. Perhaps Umiko should ambush her, but there wasn’t a lot of cover. Had Nene purposefully placed herself as much in the open as possible? Umiko figured she might as well just approach normally.

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Silly Lilies 4: Silly Symphony

[Sequel to the events of Silly Lilies 2, set after Silly Sister]

[A/N: The Sillyverse is growing complicated.]

Ruby is almost ready to go, and Dia is fretting.

“Be home by nine, okay?” Dia says while her sister is finding her jacket and shoes.

“I don’t think I’m gonna stay that long, Dia,” Ruby replies. She doesn’t understand why Dia is making such a big fuss. She’s been to visit friends before several times. Okay, pretty much only Hanamaru, but just because she is going somewhere else for once…

“Do you have everything? Wallet, keys, phone?” Dia asks next. She keeps telling herself there’s nothing to worry about, but she still remains worried. Part of her wants so very much to tell Ruby she isn’t allowed to go, but that might just make Ruby upset. Even if it is for her own good.

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Rooftop Heartaches

[A/N: Had an idea while half-asleep one morning, and I haven’t really written much featuring these two. So I ¬†figured I’d give it a shot.]

Kanan found Riko on the roof of the school. It was a bright, sunny day, but the redhead was just staring emptily at her lunch box. She had barely taken a bite. Gusts of wind were rustling her hair, but she wasn’t taking any notice of it. Even when it flew across her face.

“May I sit down?” Kanan asked after she had walked over. Riko slowly looked up at her with dull eyes, then back down before nodding slightly. The older girl took a seat on the bench. She had expected to see red in those eyes, but perhaps Riko was past the crying stage.

Kanan hadn’t taken long to think it over before making her decision. She knew Riko’s heart was broken. In fact she and Mari might have been the only ones who had noticed. The rest of the group were so dense, buying into Riko’s act when she was with the rest of them. Chika especially needed to get a clue. But perhaps it worked in Kanan’s favour that she hadn’t.

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Fallen Birthday

Birthdays hadn’t been a big thing for Yohane for quite a while. Her friend circle had never really been that big. But she knew in advance that this year there would be no escaping it.

She hadn’t dropped any hints or anything, absolutely not. But Zuramaru had brought it up a week ago, and Yohane was sure she would have told the others as well. But as the day went on, no one said anything to her. Not even Zuramaru, nor Ruby. And none of the other Aqours members stopped by during breaks. Considering how much she had prepared herself to be inundated with ‘happy birthday’ greetings, she was now feeling rather annoyed. Maybe Zuramaru had gotten the date wrong, or somehow managed to forget in just a week.

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Mission Complete

[Sequel to Fierce Assault]

When they got back to the base, they handed in their report, and were immediately told to rest. The debriefing would wait until morning, considering the state the two of them were in. Valentina especially.

They stopped by the infirmary to have her injuries checked out. Just in case any wounds were deeper than they appeared. But it was superficial enough that all they ended up doing was cleaning her down, then re-stating that she needed to get some rest. Part of her had wanted to ask if they could let the injury on her face scar, but she thought better of it. While she could argue it would serve as a reminder, her true motives were more childish.

Samus had hovered nearby the whole time, as if she was still in protective mode.

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Silly Side Story: Silly Sister

[Side-story set after Silly Diver]

Dia flops face-first down on the bed, and groans into the sheets. She feels like she’s just been through hell. After Ruby got home, she started asking about what a ‘date’ is, what ‘indecency’ means, and how Mari was about to ‘snatch her away’. It’s possibly the worst experience Dia has ever had.

Though she had done her best. She doesn’t want to lie, but she also doesn’t want to explain too much. It is so obvious this pure creature doesn’t understand these things, and it feels bad to reveal them to her. So Dia had explained as vaguely as she could without actually lying, and hopefully without misleading her sister in any way. It had been excruciating.

On top of it all Mari had gotten away! Though in hindsight maybe it’s better that way. It is too early in her life to get a murder conviction on her permanent record. And maybe, just maybe, she had overreacted a little bit.

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Seasons of Romance

[A/N: Just some short stories based on a cute tweet I saw. Not pairings I’d normally go for. The stories are set in different seasons, but I figured I could at least arrange them chronologically. I wrote them in reverse order.]

The cherry blossoms were falling, and Yohane was watching them float about from the window of the clubroom. She knew it was a normal thing to go outside and watch them, but she didn’t like the way they always seemed to end up clinging to her, and getting in her hair. That part probably wasn’t normal.

Besides, it would probably somehow start to rain if she wanted to enjoy the nice weather. Even though the sky didn’t have a single cloud in it today. They had a way of sneaking up on her. Speaking of…

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Putting Theory into Practice

[Sequel to Seeking Advice]

Akari had asked to come over today, and Yui was pondering what she actually wanted to do when she arrived. Kyouko’s “lesson” in how to date someone had been… very Kyouko. Half of what had been said Yui would have preferred to not hear, but at least it was only half. Which probably meant Kyouko had genuinely been taking things seriously, at least by her own standard.

There had been good advice in there, or at least Yui assumed it was good advice. It’s not like she actually knew, she could only guess. But some of it made sense. And some of it was a bit advanced for her. Kyouko had gotten really into talking about kissing, to the point where Yui got worried she’d offer to help her practice. Thankfully it didn’t go that far. You should give your first kiss to the one you love, right? Either way, that felt like a ways off yet. There were other things that should come first, at least that’s what she believed. Even if she wasn’t exactly sure what those things were.

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Seeking Advice

[Sequel to Crimson Doubts]

“Akari? Really?” That wasn’t what Kyouko had expected to hear. It was nearing the end of the free period, and Yui was basically done with her work. So she had decided to ask Kyouko for relationship help.

“Yes, really,” Yui said, slightly exasperated already. Maybe it was a mistake to bring this up. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No no, no problem,” Kyouko said, though she was having a hard time picturing it. “But aren’t you worried she’s going to just vanish while you are hanging out?” she asked with a slight grin, causing Yui to roll her eyes.

“Maybe I should ask Sugiura-san instead, you’re no help at all,” Yui said, and sighed deeply.

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Warmth of Heart

[Sequel to Relief of Heart]

Now that her dirty secrets had been revealed, Arisa felt like a load had lifted from her chest. She had calmed down a lot. Or at least a bit. She and Kasumi had sort of, kind of, started over again. In a way. They were taking things from the top, and working on being more open. Perhaps especially Arisa. Neither of them wanted to repeat the same mistakes again.

Kasumi had kept her word that sometimes Arisa was allowed to get needy, and keep Kasumi to herself for a little while. Even sometimes when it was inconvenient. While Arisa worked on not having to be that way so much. She knew she was selfish and difficult, but at times it felt like the only thing that could quell her insecurities was to just cling onto Kasumi for a while. She had to keep reminding herself to be thankful for Kasumi’s patience. This could be a long road, but at least she felt like she was making some progress.

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