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Anime Winter Season 2017 – Final Thoughts

I have gotten somewhat used to the Winter seasons being fairly chill affairs, but this one has felt a bit weird.

Most of the shows I expected to be good let me down, and the ones I never would have expected much from beforehand turned into my favourites. And of course the one I really wished I could have gotten into and liked, but absolutely couldn’t get on with. Hopefully I can put that behind me now that the season is over and I won’t see people talking about it every week.

I don’t really have more preamble. There’s a lot of games out right now that occupy my thoughts, so let’s jump right in. You can also check out my early impressions, and mid-season update.

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Anime Summer Season 2016 – Final Thoughts

Summer has been quite a ride. Both good and bad.

We’ll get to the good once we start talking about the shows, so I’ll lay out the bad first: I am starting to feel burnout.

The gradual increase in difficulty of getting through certain shows, along with my eroding patience and tolerance, can’t all be blamed on growing cynicism. I’ve taken on too much for too long, and if I don’t dial it back I might go off a cliff.

I have abandoned anime completely for years before, but I don’t want to go quite that far. I simply need a new plan, or at the very least a break. I’ll talk more about what I have in mind in the ending paragraphs.

For now, on with the shows! Early impressions can be found here, and mid-season thoughts are here.

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Anime Spring Season 2016 – Final Thoughts

I am not entirely feeling up to this, but I’m hoping it’ll get easier as I get into it.

Spring season is winding down, as Summer season is gearing up to get going. I’ve not looked at any spoilers or lists for Summer, so I have no idea what’s coming ( except a new Love Live that everyone has been talking about everywhere ). Should hopefully be exciting.

Spring season turned out to be quite exciting in and of itself, and I stuck to the end with more shows than I normally would. Maybe a new record so far? I’d have to go back and count, and it’s not that important.

Let’s just hop in! You can see the early impressions here, and mid-season thoughts here.

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Anime Winter Season 2016 – Final Thoughts

Hahaha, I managed to catch up! Go me!

Ahem. Yes, we have reached the end of yet another anime season. One of the more interesting ones since I started doing this, even though I didn’t stick with any of the “interesting” shows for one reason or another. I appreciate their existence, even if I’m not able to watch them.

I also discovered another new thing that I assume is not new for other people: Short mini-series. Two shows I watched this season were just four episodes long, with about 10 mins to each episode. I’m not sure how common this format is, since I’ve not noticed it before, but I could just be bad at paying attention.

As always, you can go look at my early impressions and mid-season thoughts for this season.

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Anime Autumn Season 2015 – Final Thoughts

It’s near the end of the year ( when I started writing this, New Year’s has passed us by now ), heralding the end of the Autumn Season, and the time for “End of Year” lists.

Now before I get to my “animes of the year” and “games of the year” lists, let’s wrap up Autumn Season 2015.

While I initially started hanging on to a lot of shows, a fair amount fell away during the first half of the season, and a few more in the second half.

With so much time freed up, and not really feeling like doing much productive with it, I went back and looked at shows I had missed. I caught up fully on Yuru Yuri, I watched S1 of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, all of Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, made an attempt at Kämpfer, and I’m currently making my way through Cowboy Bebop.

Between those, and the newly released OVAs for Hibike! Euphonium and Locodol ( I was quite surprised at this one ), and the Love Live movie, I am going to add a bonus section at the end talking about what I’m done watching. So let’s just get started.

You can also look at the early impressions, and the mid-season thoughts.

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Anime Summer Season 2015 – Final Thoughts

And so the summer season has come to an end.

Well, nearly. As of this writing, iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls has one more episode coming in about a week, but everything else I’ve been watching is done.

As always, I’ll add my impressions for that when it’s out, but a new season has started, and I feel a need to do things in the proper order.

There’s also been talk that the Kekkai Sensen finale has finally aired, but I’ve yet to see a subbed version go up. Perhaps that will also be part of next week’s update.

Talking in general, summer has definitely been the strongest season this year, I feel. Several really good shows, and a bunch of above-average decent ones. Though in fairness, neither winter nor spring were all that strong, so there wasn’t very strong competition as such.

Early impressions for the season here, and mid-season thoughts here.

Edit: Finally added my impressions for Cinderella Girls S2.

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Anime Spring Season 2015 – Final Thoughts

Another season of anime is wrapping up, and it’s become time to deliver my final thoughts on the stuff I ended up watching, and thoughts so far on things continuing on into the next season.

Overall this season has had a lot of shows that started out promising, but got stuck or lost their way at some point and didn’t really utilise their potential fully, or turned out downright disappointing. A lot of stuff ended on a fizzle rather than a bang.

Kekkai Sensen thoughts coming whenever they feel like airing the finale.

Still, there’s been a few good ones as well, so it hasn’t been a total loss of a season. I didn’t end up dropping any more shows between the mid-season point and now, and you can still find my early impressions here, so let’s just get into things with the ongoing shows.

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Anime Winter Season 2015 – Final Thoughts

Well here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure.

Sorry, I don’t get to make references very often. But yes! Time to do the wrap-up for the winter season of anime 2015. I won’t claim it’s been the most exciting season since I started doing this, but we’ve had some good ones.

Now since I posted my mid-season thoughts, there hasn’t been any new anime that I’ve caught, and you can still go to my early impressions to get a more complete list of everything that’s been running this season, so let’s just get into this.

Edit: Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls has now wrapped up, and I have added my thoughts on it.

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Anime Autumn Season 2014 – Wrapup

Well! Here we are again.

I believe all of the shows that were capping it at 12-13 episodes have had their final episodes. At least all the ones I’ve watched, so I figured it was time to do the writey thing. I am writer.

I refer back to my initial impressions post for a full listing of the shows. I will not mention any shows I had already decided to drop back then. But I will start with a short run-through of which shows I ended up dropping since, before moving on to the ones I actually finished.

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