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Anime Summer Season 2017 – Early Impressions

Another anime season is upon us, filled with all sorts of stuff. Now while there are some strong contenders this season, I will say that overall it feels a bit weak. Certainly not as strong as last season, which I saw some people also calling weak. That does make me wonder if anyone thinks this is a really strong season? I didn’t even hit ten shows I definitely want to watch this time. While there are some that are decent, just Not For Rita, a lot of these just aren’t that good.

Unfortunately we’ve ended up with another weird release schedule, so it’s taken a while to get through everything. And you know I like releasing the whole thing at once. But now we’re finally here.

And while I have tried to avoid any sorts of spoilers or impressions about the shows before I watch them, it has been impossible to avoid everything. To that end, we have an entirely new feature this time. While there’s always stuff I end up missing for various reasons, this time there’s also three shows I am actively avoiding. I felt like I had to do that, considering how badly I got burned by Love Tyrant. I can’t just wade into stuff I hear is really bad, just to see how bad it is. It’s not healthy.

Only posting a segmented version this time, so here are the parts:

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Anime Winter Season 2016 – Early Impressions

2016 is a go! That’s how they say it, right? English is weird.

I’ve been on a wee break, just main-lining as much Xenoblade Chronicles X as I could fit, while slowly attempting to steer my sleep schedule into a usable state. January is probably my least favourite month of the year, closely followed by November.

But we are here to talk about anime! With a couple of exceptions, like the new Precure show, everything is out now I think. Bar two shows that don’t seem to have gotten subbed yet, Ajin and Renkenzan, I’ve watched basically everything. Can’t promise the same for the shorts, but I think I’ve caught at least half of them?

I’ve actually found a fair amount of shows I’d like to see more of. About a dozen, if you include the shorts. So it could be a decent haul this season. Though there has also been a lot of just utter garbage. More so than I can remember from any season since I started in Summer 2014. Or maybe it just feels that way because of that day where I kept running into awful shows one after the other, gradually wearing down my patience until there was nothing left.

I might add more titles as they appear, or just save it for the mid-season post.

Let’s just get this started.

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Anime Autumn Season 2015 – Early Impressions

The time has come for the final anime season of 2015: Autumn. Unlike Summer, there’s nothing to really indicate this will be as interesting a season as Summer was ( I said before I actually had watched that much ). The one stand-out is probably One Punch Man, which looks absolutely amazing so far.

Still, having a look-see at everything coming out tends to be an interesting adventure in and of itself, so here we are. For Summer I forgot to list the shows I wouldn’t be checking out, like sequels to stuff I hadn’t seen, but I’ll include a brief list of that for this season at the end.

Now as far as I know, the only thing launching later than the rest this season is the Pokémon XYZ anime, and I haven’t really decided yet whether I can even be arsed looking at that. I’m so far out of the age range of the Pokémon shows by now that I don’t really think they have anything for me any longer, so my opinion would be largely useless.

For my thoughts on last season, here’s my wrap-up, and here’s the early impressions for a more complete list of what was running.

Note: I’ve not been able to find subs for Hidan no Aria AA or Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama. If that changes, I’ll add them to the list.

Edit: Hidan no Aria AA suddenly showed up, and I got to watch the first episode. Added impressions below. Read the rest of this entry

Plants vs Zombies 2 is now out on Android – First Impressions

This one honestly snuck by me, partially because I figured it would be iOS only for yonks yet, and partially because I didn’t really have that much interest in keeping tabs on it despite owning PvZ1 on three different platforms.

Found this on what I think is an Italian site.

Anyways, since it is free, and now on a platform I own, I decided to download it and give it a bash. I think it was actually over 100 megs to download, which I’m not used to on my phone, but it went quickly enough over the Wifi. This will depend on your area and phone plan, of course.

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