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A Hot (Spring) Evening

[Sequel to: Heading to the Inn]

Getting into the warm water is bliss. It’s absolutely pitch black now, and while the area around the outdoor bath is pretty well lit, they still decide to go for the indoor one. It’s not as big, but at least no one else is here right now. It’s not really prime time for tourists.

They can both feel aches they were barely aware of starting to melt away. Aoba enters after Hifumi, so Hifumi can get a good look at her as she walks in. Aoba sits down next to her, and sort of melts into the water. Her hand searches for and finds Hifumi’s, though not before ‘accidentally’ brushing against Hifumi’s bottom, eliciting a slight squeak.

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Night at the Office

Hifumi is working overtime tonight. Getting these designs modelled now will make sure she has free time this weekend. Which will be really nice considering some plans she wants to make.

A private message pops, and she clicks on it: “Hey, Hifumi-senpai. How is the work going?” It’s from Aoba, at the desk behind her. Hifumi smiles, and types a reply.

I’m mostly done, though I feel like I am starting to see double.” She hits send, and looks back at her progress. It’s really not that much left. If she pushes herself a bit now, she might finish within the hour.

Another message pops. “It’s just us left in the office, you know.” There’s a winky-face at the end. Hifumi feels a blush creeping into her cheeks.

What are you saying?” Hifumi types quickly and hits send. But instead of a text reply,  she soon gets arms covered in purple suit-jacket sleeves draping over her shoulders.

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Scorching Breakfast Girls

Agari is up early as usual. Today she has to plan out her schedule for the next couple of weeks. Between lectures, studying, still making room for practice, and so on, it can get rather tight if you don’t plan it out properly. And it’s not like Koyori is very good at this, so she might as well do both their schedules while she’s at it. It helps that there doesn’t have to be that much difference between them.

“Hm… this and that is fine… however… and the friendly match…” She’s murmuring to herself while working, too deep in concentration to realise it. Totally defenceless against the sudden smooch to the cheek that startles her.

“Wha-” is all she manages to say as she turns her head towards what startled her, before she gets kissed full on the lips. There’s the taste of peach lipbalm.

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