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Shadow Warrior 2013 – Sorta Review

Considering the original game had the same title, I felt I had little choice but to precise the year. So it goes.

Had to borrow this one, because I wasn't able to find a good logo to capture in-game.

First off: I did not play the original title from 1997, so I have no basis to judge just how close of a re-make this is, and can really only judge it upon its own merits.

So let’s just take a look-see at what Flying Wild Hog have managed to pull off after Devolver Digital handed them the Shadow Warrior license. I assume the instructions said something like “Go nuts”.

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Metro: Last Light – Sorta Review

I will admit right away that I haven’t played Metro 2033. The way it was described to me made it sound like it was not a thing for me. So why did I get Metro: Last Light? Basically, I had heard they had made some changes in the Metro sequel, and now it did sound it was a thing that would be for me.

Behind this door: Terrible things.

So I got a PC box from Gamestop, where all the boxes said “Limited Edition” and included that Ranger Mode DLC that everyone was complaining about before launch. Not that I have any plans of playing the Ranger Mode. I felt the game was crazy enough as it was, on Regular Mode, at Normal Difficulty. I don’t play games for the challenge, I admit that freely. But if you do want the Ranger Mode, you might consider getting a boxed copy “Limited Edition”, since it cost me no more than Steam’s digital edition without the DLC.

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Bioshock: Infinite – An Opinionated Analysis

So Bioshock: Infinite happened, and it’s been discussed to all hell and back. There’s really not much left for me to do but offer my own view of the game, and probably just say again what has been said elsewhere.

Removing Elizabeth from the front cover to appeal to frat boys, dear lords...

I had fun with Bioshock: Infinite. I’m not ashamed to admit that. It did a lot of things right. It kept me in my chair. I left it feeling like it was time well spent. However, it is certainly not a perfect game. It has issues. No doubt about that. Still, it deserves to be lauded for its good parts, as much as it should be critiqued for the bad ones. And I’m sure what is good and what is bad about it will never really be agreed upon.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 15 – Finale

Chapter 14

Chapter Index

Yes, this is indeed the final chapter. The saga has ended.

You are no longer welcome.

Now that it’s all over I am not quite sure what to think. I’ll offer some thoughts after the end.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 14 – Mutual Repulsion

Chapter 13

Finale – Chapter 15

Chapter 14 is here! And is spent crawling around the insides of the immense body of the Many.

Do NOT fail me.

I really got caught up in things while playing this time. My old copy finally failed me. Inside ‘The Body Of The Many’ it just kept crashing over and over, so I had to bite the bullet and install the new GoG version. If I hadn’t been able to transfer my saves, I’m not sure what I would have done.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 13 – Rumble in the Metal Jungle

Chapter 12

Chapter 14

I will be somewhat busy in the following days, so I figured I’d just complete chapter 13 a bit early. I hope you won’t mind.

There might be hope for you yet.

You know, I probably died more times making this chapter than I have total over the rest of the game. Breaching and securing the Rickenbacker bridge was more than a little challenging. And since there aren’t any revival chambers on the bridge, at least that I could find, that meant a lot of reloading and trying over. Maybe more hectic than tense, but since we’re at what I assume is the endgame, I guess it’s okay to get a little climactic.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 12 – Egg Hunt

Chapter 11

Chapter 13

As I am still using my old build, and not the new, fancy GoG build, I still experience some crashing. Which is why this chapter got delayed by over a day.

You are trying my patience.

I feel like I’ve basically reached a point in the game where resources are no longer an issue. I have a lot of a lot. I can keep my weapons highly maintained. I have all sorts of medical hypos and other healing items. I have a fair amount of ammunition. I’ve gotten my most important stats maxed out. I am doing good. I almost feel powerful. And yet I am astutely aware that one false move, one blunder, one act of hubris, could be the end of me.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 11 – Scuttled Shuttles

Chapter 10

Chapter 12

Sorry about being busy last week, but here’s chapter 11! That I have ingeniously dubbed “Scuttled Shuttles” for secret reasons.

I shall name you... Aang.

In the best ever news, you can now acquire your very own copy of System Shock 2 over at! They clearly employed magic to secure the rights to this much-demanded game, and now you can live through the same terrors I have. The joy! 😀

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 10 – A Bridge To Nowhere

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

So we’re at 10 chapters now, huh? 109 log entries (yes, there is one less than normal this time, because it felt like a natural cut-off point), and over 14 hours of logged game time, if the save-game timestamps are to be believed.

Even insects can advance.

Things are definitely getting a lot more tense now. As I was moving through the command deck, my heart literally felt like it was jammed up in my throat. There are still enemies around, but not a lot, so it almost feels like the Many have abandoned ship and run off to ambush me elsewhere.

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The Von Braun Incident: Chapter 9 – Basketball is not for weaklings

Chapter 8

Chapter 10

And we are back with a new, and rather special, chapter of The Von Braun Incident. It’s the first time I’ve come up with a chapter title! The plan is to go back and add titles for the other chapters as well.

Push the button.

This time we get a rather nasty surprise, and as usual almost manage to get ourselves killed. It’s becoming a habit.

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