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Command & Conquer News: Tim Orton Interview

Hoo boy, I certainly didn’t expect to find this when I woke up this morning. VG247 have run a piece with a video¬†regarding the upcoming Command & Conquer. They spoke with senior development director Tim Orton, and got some answers regarding how the new thing will work.

While I am somewhat hesitant to give more attention to EA’s necromantic efforts to keep this franchise going, I did find the video interesting enough to do some commentary on what is shown and what is said. So I’ll be going through the video to see what it has to tell us.

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Of Tiberium And Time: Epilogue: The Future

For chapter 8 discussing Tiberian Twilight, see here.

So now that we’re in the future space year of 2013, I thought it would be a good time to wrap up this series by taking a look at the future of Command & Conquer. It definitely had nothing to do with how I’m a master procrastinator.

I do kinda like this screen.

Tiberian Twilight was the definite deathblow to the series, but I’m sure we all know EA are not above using necromancy to keep things going. And like all undead it’s a pale imitation of its former life, that might harm you if you get too close. Let’s take a look at what remains, as a type of funeral wake, if you will.

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C&C: Generals 2 has become ‘Command and Conquer’ – Gamescom

Okay, I don’t even-

This will be a ranty one. I don’t want to have that trailer showcased here, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun did a piece on this with the trailer, and there’s more information over on MMO-champion if you really want it.

Despite my current stance on Bioware I was actually kinda looking forward Generals 2 just to see what they did with it, and they’re doing it as an all-multiplayer F2P and chopping down the name to just what the original was? Just no.

Rant incoming. Language warning.

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