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Rooftop Heartaches

[A/N: Had an idea while half-asleep one morning, and I haven’t really written much featuring these two. So I  figured I’d give it a shot.]

Kanan found Riko on the roof of the school. It was a bright, sunny day, but the redhead was just staring emptily at her lunch box. She had barely taken a bite. Gusts of wind were rustling her hair, but she wasn’t taking any notice of it. Even when it flew across her face.

“May I sit down?” Kanan asked after she had walked over. Riko slowly looked up at her with dull eyes, then back down before nodding slightly. The older girl took a seat on the bench. She had expected to see red in those eyes, but perhaps Riko was past the crying stage.

Kanan hadn’t taken long to think it over before making her decision. She knew Riko’s heart was broken. In fact she and Mari might have been the only ones who had noticed. The rest of the group were so dense, buying into Riko’s act when she was with the rest of them. Chika especially needed to get a clue. But perhaps it worked in Kanan’s favour that she hadn’t.

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Mending a Heart

Yui had told herself she was okay.

During the first year of high school, when Ayano had finally gotten her act together and confessed to Kyouko, Yui had told herself it was okay.

When Kyouko and Ayano started dating, Yui had told herself she was okay.

She had missed her chance, that was all. She had been too late. Nothing to do about that now. Yui had told herself it was okay.

Yui had told herself she was okay.

But Yui wasn’t okay.

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