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[A/N: No one asked for this, it was just an idea that fell into my head a little while ago, and I decided to write it up.

Something I’ve talked about with friends before is how it’s a moderately kept secret that Tae is probably the most skilled guitarist among the cast, if only she’d apply herself fully. And Sayo is very preoccupied with skill, so I thought… well, what if she figured out Tae’s skill level, and asked her for lessons? And that turned into this piece of heresy.

No one asked for it, but I hope someone enjoys it anyway. It was fun to write.]

“I see. But I was hoping we could start playing,” Sayo said.

“Sure.” Tae put down her album of bunny shapes, and picked up her guitar. “Did you practice what I showed you, Sayo-senpai?” she asked as she was setting up her amp. Read the rest of this entry

Precious Gift

[A/N: I have been working on a fic that is turning out significantly longer than I first expected. So I felt like I needed a break for some change of pace, and I wanted to write some short fluff. So here we are.

This is inspired by the Tsugumi card art I linked below, where upon seeing it my immediate thought was “she absolutely sent this image to Sayo, who nearly died upon seeing it.” So that’s what I ended up writing. Thanks to Kei for the idea that Hina would find Sayo on the floor.]

Sayo put her guitar down. It was time to stop for the night, and get ready for bed, so she got up to do some stretches. It was especially important to keep her hands nimble and flexible. There was a risk of her performance suffering if she didn’t.

Her phone suddenly beeped, and she picked it up. There was a text message from Tsugumi.

Hello, Sayo-san. I wanted to once again thank you for the keyboard pillow you gave me. I really like it. Here is a selfie with it. How do I look? I’m going to bed now. Good night. Lots of love. ❤❤”

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[A/N: I’m not quite dead yet. Though it feels like the world has had it in for me lately. I won’t regale you with the full tale, but between physical injuries and other bouts of misfortune I’ve had trouble getting much done. I can mostly use both arms freely again now, and I’m less exhausted.

So I haven’t exactly been overflowing with creative energy either, but I spent most of the week puzzling this together. I just wanted to be able to post something, and was glad I finally had some new ideas for the Superpowers AU. Even if it took a while to write them down.

I am now cautiously attempting to establish a timeline for this setting, since I want to work towards moving them up a year like the game and anime have done. I haven’t really paid much attention to when things are happening before, so this might not entirely line up with what has come before. But I figure the next part will probably take place after New Year’s. I actually have an idea for it.

I have a mostly finished draft for another magical girl Aya story that I might put up tomorrow, or at least soon. I wrote it a while ago, and wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make it canon, or just leave it as a self-indulgence. Regardless I didn’t want to put it up before I had posted this. But since I’ve posted so little for so long, I figure I might as well give it to you. Hopefully it’ll be okay.]

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Engaging Conversation

[A/N: It has been a tiring week, and at the end of it all I wanted to do was write some ultra-sweet fluff. I know it’s very short, but it feels to me like it contains everything it should, and is the length it needs to be. I don’t want to try to artificially inflate it.

I knew I wanted to do this idea before I knew which couple I wanted to do it with. For instance I also considered Kanon/Misaki, Moca/Ran, and a few others. I know the whole getting down on one knee, presenting a ring, doing the “will you marry me” line is a very romantic idea, but I wanted to do a different approach. Sayo felt like a good fit for it. I think it’s reasonably common IRL, it’s just not shown off in TV and movies much.

Unrelated to anything in particular, I kept typing her name as Sayou for some reason. I have no idea why.]

Hikawa Sayo had been thinking about something for a little while. It was currently morning, and across the table from her sat Hazawa Tsugumi, who was focused on the tablet lying on the table next to her breakfast. Maybe reading the news. Though the faint smile on her lips suggested it was probably not the news. Whatever it was, it had her attention well enough that she was just holding her chopsticks idle. The two of them had been living together for a while, and there was something Sayo wanted to bring up. Since they both had the day off, it seemed like a good time. She took another sip of her coffee, then put the cup down.

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Celebrating Two Years

[A/N: As this is essentially just a back-up for the fic going on AO3, the bit at the end doesn’t really make sense for my blog.]

Ichigaya Arisa: “Okay, since Rita has forced us all to come here for her anniversary, I expect- Kasumi, leave that cake alone!”

Toyama Kasumi: “Eh? But there are so many cakes. I haven’t even seen most of these before. Surely just one-”

Arisa: “No. Wait until everyone is ready.”

Kurosawa Dia: “You too, Chika-san. Put the cake shovel down immediately.”

Arisa: “O-Tae, drop those cinnamon buns at once!”

Hanazono Tae quickly stuffs one into her mouth: “Mine~.”

Okusawa Misaki, as Michelle: “Listen up, everyone. Be good girls, and you’ll get cake soon. There’s enough for everyone, okay?”

A chorus of various voices: “Okaaaaaayyyyyy~!”

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Roselia Rescue Rangers

[A/N: I’ve been trying to write other fics for a change of pace, or finish an old draft or two, but I’ve been getting nowhere with them. So I decided to just move on to one of the spin-off ideas I had. Maybe I need to get them out of my head before I can focus on anything else.

This is an idea I’ve had almost since when I started writing the Superpowers AU, but I never found a good time to do it. Especially since it’s not exactly canon with the rest, and I wanted to focus on the main story instead. This is just some goofy fun. But since I’m not yet sure where I want to take the main story next, I felt like the time was finally here.

I’m not sure if there’s enough meat on this idea to do anything more with it, but it was fun to do this one at least. The premise is that everyone has powers of some sort, and maybe even hidden skills, and everyone knows about it. So Roselia are the number one name in handling emergencies in Edogawa. Though the “emergencies” are pretty mundane stuff.]

~At Roselia HQ~

Everyone was in the studio working on improving their musical skills, when Ako suddenly burst into the room.

“I just got off the Roselia Phone,” she said. “There’s an emergency!”

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Do You Believe In Magic

[A/N: Finally back at it after so long. It’s a while since the Bandori anime drama resolved itself to a point where I was no longer too upset to write. Episode 10? Or 11? But like a couple of days before that episode aired, I got started on a large original fic project that ended up taking all of my time. I’m proud of how it turned out, but I was pretty brain-dead after its completion. Getting back into writing other stuff took me another week. And now it’s been over six weeks since I posted Incursion, my last Bandori fic, and also the previous entry in this series. Sorry I kept you all waiting.

I could go deeper into my thoughts about how BanG Dream S2 turned out, but I won’t. Maybe somewhere else.

I started this fic before I went on my break, so about a third of it was already done once before I started back up. It essentially just turned into more world-building, back-story, and Aya appreciation. No romantic fluff this time. But coupled with the lewd side-fic I did a couple of days ago, I’m feeling okay with my return. I’ve gotten the ball rolling again. Not sure what is next, but I noted down some ideas that popped up during my hiatus, even if I couldn’t write them right away.

There is another original idea I’d like to try doing, but I’m gonna focus on fanfics again for a while. At least until I decide if I want to do anything more with Because I Love You.]

Now for the news.

Tsugumi turned the volume up a couple notches.

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[A/N: I have been sitting on this for over a week, and I’m excited for you all to finally see it.

I feel like I probably said at some point that I wasn’t going to do anything like this. Not sure whether this is tonal shift, or tonal whiplash. This was originally intended as superpowers in a world where they weren’t needed. But I also didn’t think this series would ever get to 17 instalments. So when the idea hit, I thought “sure, let’s do something different”. How willingly I give up my principles.

However, whether you fear or hope for it, this is not the new standard for the series. I still prefer doing the slice of life stuff with the girls, so that is going to remain the focus, for however long this keeps going. I’ll run out of ideas for what to do eventually, but I’ve also been thinking that since early on, so who knows how long it will take. Well, now that I’ve jinxed it, maybe everything will dry up after I write the next part.]

After yet another successful club meeting, the members had decided on a joint activity: Karaoke. There were no vocalists in the group, so they were somewhat curious which of them could actually sing. Even Rinko had agreed to come along. It was heartening to see how comfortable she had gotten with the rest of them.

Speaking of comfortable. “I’m pretty confident I’ll win, you know,” Arisa said.

“It’s not a contest, Ichigaya-san,” Sayo said, somewhat exasperated.

“Oh really?”

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No Harm Done

[A/N: For what was originally intended to be a Maya-focused fic, it sure turned into being mostly Arisa’s POV. But after going through so many ideas for how to make this discovery happen, I realised I just had to start writing, and see where it took me. Which is here, it turns out. At least Maya is in now.

With this complete, it means I am also free to post the next two fics, which I actually wrote ahead of this one. This will be part 15, but I actually wrote what will be part 17 first. About a week ago. And I’ve been tweaking it ever since, just waiting for the chance to actually post it. Then a few days ago the inspiration for part 16 became so strong that I couldn’t wait to write that either. But I still needed to get this part done to help set up things I’ve already written.

I’ve never done it that way before, and probably should never do so again. Still, it has been interesting to sit on a fic for a while, and keep tweaking and adding to it. Both 16 and 17 are probably better now than they were when I first called them “finished”. Ideally I should probably sit on all of my fics for at least a couple of days, and take the time to consider them. But I won’t. I don’t have the patience. I’m too eager for people to read what I’ve written, and move on to the next. So I hope the quality of the next two fics don’t fool you into thinking my standards have gone up, because I’ll probably get right back on my regular bullshit afterwards.

The plan is that after posting this, I will post part 16 the next day, and part 17 the day after that again. Space them out a little bit. And at some point start work on part 18, but I also still have most of Kingdom Hearts 3 to play through.]

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SPAU Scenes of Progress

[A/N: These got done faster than I had anticipated.

I sort of want to try to advance time a bit in the Superpowers-verse, to better set things up for future chapters (one of which is actually already written, and just waiting for me to write the stuff that goes between first), and maybe hopefully get into the transition of advancing everyone at school a year to catch up with where the anime is at. Should this series go on long enough, I might want to bring in someone from Raise a Suilen too. But at current we don’t really know enough about them, and this series isn’t quite there in the timeline anyway.

When does this actually take place? Uh… when it needs to. I don’t really have a good answer. I have things I want to happen, and just hope that stuff I describe can reasonably happen at some point where I want to be. The only thing I can remember establishing is that when I brought Sayo in, the rain event with her and Hina had recently happened. In real-time that was in October, but when that was in game-time… hard to say. But if it was October, then… this should be taking place probably close to Christmas at this point? Or even New Year’s? … maybe best to not think too hard about it…

Undefined time skips might need to happen regardless.]

“I… I have never done this before…”

“Fufu~. Don’t worry, Aya-chan. It’s not that complicated.”

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