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Breaking The Rules

[A/N: I keep having these short, silly ideas, and this one occurred to me last night. I think Hanamaru and Yoshiko/Yohane go well together. Maybe I’m little too inspired by the Demon Summoner fics in how I portrayed Hanamaru here, but I certainly think it’s more fun that way.]

Yohane carefully slid the door to the library open, then double-checked behind her. The coast looked to be clear. And she knew Ruby was occupied elsewhere. This was her chance.

She had come up with a foolproof plan to figure out whether Hanamaru liked her back, without having to do the whole awkward confession thing. Sometimes her genius amazed even herself.

Hanamaru wasn’t sitting behind the counter, which made Yohane’s heart sink a little. Though before she got so far as to wonder whether Hanamaru wasn’t in, she spotted a head of brown hair by the bookshelves all the way in the back. So she was either putting something back, or looking for a book.

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There Is Just One Thing I Need

[A/N: For our fourth Christmas themed story, we’re going back to Symphogear for more Chris, Hibiki, and Miku. I’m such a sucker for those three, and I’m not sorry. The inspiration for this one is two-fold. First there was a piece of fanart I saw on Twitter a while back, and secondly I learned that Takagaki Ayahi, the VA for Yukine Chris, has done a cover of All I Want For Christmas. It’s amazing.]

Yukine Chris couldn’t sleep. This was nothing new, but this time it wasn’t for any of the typical reasons. No nightmares, no haunting trauma, no crippling anxiety. Well, maybe you could call it anxiety in a way. What was occupying Chris’s mind so much was a kiss.

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Sweet Melodies Sweet Memories

[A/N: Going all the way back to where things started, I’ve been pondering another BanG Dream fic for a little while. Considering how many months it’s been, I can’t swear I remember their personalities all that well any longer, but I still want to try some Arisa and Kasumi as adults.]

“I’m home,” Arisa called out as she took off her shoes. Her feet ached a little. Walking in new shoes always sucked. Though at first there was no reply. “Kasumi?” she called out as she walked into the living room.

“Arisa!” A quick patter of feet came from the back of the house, and Kasumi basically skid to a halt at the door just as Arisa was setting her handbag down by the couch. “Look what I found!” Kasumi said excitedly, and held forth a red, star-shaped guitar.

“Eh? Your old guitar?” Arisa asked as she sat down. Sweet relief.

“Yes!” Kasumi practically bounced as she made her way over. She had dug out the old amp as well.

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The Best Present

[A/N: Learned yesterday that it was Miku from Symphogear’s birthday, thanks to fanart retweets on Twitter. I’d never be able to keep up with any of this if it wasn’t for that. So figured I’d do a short thing. I had meant to get it done yesterday, but I ran out of energy. Note: I haven’t finished AXZ yet, so there might have been something significant I’ve missed due to that.]

“Miiiiiku, that’s embarrassing,” Hibiki whined.

“Oh shush. It’s my birthday,” Miku said, not bothered by the complaining.

“But did you have to bring it to school?” Hibiki asked. She didn’t seem very happy about this.

“Yes,” Miku answered quite simply. She had wanted to show it off. “Now go make sure Shirabe and Kirika know when the party is. I’ll go check with Chris.” She smiled sweetly at Hibiki, knowing her girlfriend wouldn’t be able to resist.

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Casual Angels

[A/N: I’ve been pondering this idea for a couple of days, but after the latest LL Sunshine episode I felt the urgent need to start writing it down. I don’t think I’ve written any YohaRiko before this? I can’t remember. I think it’s a cute ship, though.]

It was a nice, quiet day, and Riko had found herself a secluded spot to do some reading. It was getting a little colder these days, so she was wearing a jacket and a scarf, but it wasn’t otherwise unpleasant to sit outside. She was sheltered from the wind in her little nook, as well.

“Hey. Whatcha doing?”

Riko quickly slapped the magazine together, and turned to look towards the voice. Only to see a certain fallen angel leaning on top of the wall she was sitting against. A lollipop stick was coming out of the corner of her mouth.

“Oh, it’s just you,” Riko said. She relaxed, went back to her previous position, and opened her magazine again.

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Turnabout is Fair Play

[A/N: Last week’s episode of Love Live Sunshine made me want to write a Dia-centric fic. While I had a couple of ideas, I didn’t have much writing motivation in the past week, so it took me a while to get around to it. But now felt like the perfect time, as I needed to write something exciting and fun to get myself back on track. Inspiration for this came from a piece of fan art I saw on Twitter.]

A hand slammed into the wall by Dia’s head as she was walking, cutting her off.

“W-w-wh-wha-” a startled Dia stuttered, and looked towards the perpetrator.

“Hello, Dia-chan~” the fiend said, and grinned wickedly.

“Y-You-san?” Dia really couldn’t ignore how close her ashen-haired kouhai was.

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Fallen Birthday

Birthdays hadn’t been a big thing for Yohane for quite a while. Her friend circle had never really been that big. But she knew in advance that this year there would be no escaping it.

She hadn’t dropped any hints or anything, absolutely not. But Zuramaru had brought it up a week ago, and Yohane was sure she would have told the others as well. But as the day went on, no one said anything to her. Not even Zuramaru, nor Ruby. And none of the other Aqours members stopped by during breaks. Considering how much she had prepared herself to be inundated with ‘happy birthday’ greetings, she was now feeling rather annoyed. Maybe Zuramaru had gotten the date wrong, or somehow managed to forget in just a week.

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Warmth of Heart

[Sequel to Relief of Heart]

Now that her dirty secrets had been revealed, Arisa felt like a load had lifted from her chest. She had calmed down a lot. Or at least a bit. She and Kasumi had sort of, kind of, started over again. In a way. They were taking things from the top, and working on being more open. Perhaps especially Arisa. Neither of them wanted to repeat the same mistakes again.

Kasumi had kept her word that sometimes Arisa was allowed to get needy, and keep Kasumi to herself for a little while. Even sometimes when it was inconvenient. While Arisa worked on not having to be that way so much. She knew she was selfish and difficult, but at times it felt like the only thing that could quell her insecurities was to just cling onto Kasumi for a while. She had to keep reminding herself to be thankful for Kasumi’s patience. This could be a long road, but at least she felt like she was making some progress.

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A Flower Wishing to Change Her Petals

[Sequel to A Guest For a Picnic]

It wasn’t shaping up to be a good day for Hanamaru. She had woken up too early, it was too hot, the eggs had gotten burned, she had spilled her tea, and it wasn’t even noon yet!

Yohane had gone grocery shopping, because for whatever reason she had a stronger tolerance for the heat than either Hanamaru or Ruby. Hanamaru figured it was either because she always used to wear dark, heavy clothes regardless of weather, or there was actually something to the fallen angel thing. Now that she knew Yohane intimately, she wasn’t entirely prepared to rule it out.

Ruby was studying in the other room, because the air condition in there was more effective. And because it had a proper desk. Hanamaru was glad that Ruby was taking it seriously, but she was also feeling grumpy, bored, and bleh. So she decided to go bother Ruby.

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Heading To The Inn

[Sequel to Spending the Night]

They are planning to leave right after work today, and Hifumi has noticed that Aoba has seemed a little down all day. Though she can’t tell if it’s the ‘I wasn’t able to talk to them’ kind of down, or the ‘I talked to them’ kind. Maybe best to not bring that up until they’re on the train.

Work is a bit of a situation itself. It’s not like they’ve exactly been trying to hide that they’re dating. Hajime and Yun have probably realised. Just like they’re all sure that Toyama-san and Yagami-san have been together for at least as long as Hifumi has worked here. But Aoba and Hifumi haven’t brought it up, either. They’re not really sure how to, unless they get asked first. Or unless they have some big announcement…

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