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Silly Lilies

Ruby’s time in Aquors has been the best of her life, and she really enjoys hanging out with everyone in the group. For natural reasons she has ended up with You a lot of the time, helping her design and put together their various idol outfits. And wherever You is, you will often find Chika.

However, Ruby feels like the two of them have been acting a bit strange lately, and she can swear they’ve been giving her weird looks. She wonders if she has done something wrong maybe, but it’s not like they’ve seemed angry, or treated her badly. Just strange. It’s probably nothing.

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Fearful Reunion

[Sequel to: Fallen Angel Hunt]

Kanan didn’t have the full story. She only had Dia’s take on it, plus a few words from Hanamaru. And Dia was livid.

Which Kanan could understand. Dia was very protective of Ruby, and Kanan would have probably felt similarly if she had a younger sister.

And she agreed that Ruby and Yoshiko needed to talk this through. Ruby wasn’t doing well, and clearly neither was Yoshiko. Though the latter might be in part due to how Dia was laying into her.

Yoshiko hadn’t said much. Maybe Dia couldn’t pick up on it, but Kanan could clearly see the girl was feeling guilty and awful. What little she had said made it just seem like a misunderstanding gone horribly wrong, though Dia wouldn’t hear it.

Kanan knew she had to intervene, or they weren’t getting anywhere. It had already been 10 minutes they’d just been standing here, and people were looking at them.

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Fallen Angel Hunt

[Sequel to: A Good Friend]

Dia was conflicted. She didn’t like the idea that her little sister was in love at all. Ideally that wasn’t supposed to happen until Ruby was at least 30.

She knew that was hypocritical, considering her own feelings towards Kanan and Mari, but this was her sweet little sister she was talking about. She was too innocent for these things!

Yet Hanamaru had told her all about it when Ruby had fallen asleep again. In truth Dia had had some suspicions. What else could wound a young girl so deeply but love? Dia had read the stories. She just hadn’t wanted to face the possibility of Ruby loving someone… that way. And Yoshiko of all people!

Dia was furious at Yoshiko. Worse than Ruby falling in love in the first place, was the fact that Yoshiko had broken her heart.

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Cracked Gem

Ruby wasn’t coming out of her room, and Dia was worried.

When Ruby hadn’t shown up for practice yesterday, Dia had gone home afterwards prepared to give her sister an earful. Only to find her sobbing in her room.

Ruby was a delicate soul, and easily upset, but Dia had never seen anything like this.

She had held her little sister for a while, but Ruby had refused to tell her anything about what had happened. She had just clung to Dia and cried until she fell asleep from exhaustion.

And now Ruby was refusing to come out of her room. She had sounded outright furious when Dia had tried to force her to come down for breakfast and to go to school. It wasn’t the first time Dia’d had a plush or two thrown at her, but there was something so raw about the anger Ruby had displayed.

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