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All A Dream?

[A/N: I have this small ball of seeds of ideas roughly falling under the label of ‘Hanamaru is too gay for this’, and one of them sprouted into this.]

“Y-You-san?” Hanamaru wasn’t sure how she had ended up on the floor, or how You had ended up on top of her. But those blue eyes were gazing down at her very intently.

“I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, Hanamaru-chan.” You’s voice was huskier than Hanamaru was used to, and the fingers caressing her scalp was making her shiver.

“You-san…” Hanamaru wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but then You started leaning down towards her. She closed her eyes, and just as she could sense You’s closeness…

Hanamaru woke up.

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Day At The Zoo

[A/N: With everything else out of the way, it’s time to wrap up Daily Demon Dealings with the fourth and final chapter.]

After four weeks:

Dia had invited them to go to the zoo. Ruby was initially worried Maru and Yohane wouldn’t be interested, but Maru seemed quite excited, and Yohane said she might as well come along. If she was excited, she was doing the thing where she was acting like she wasn’t. So now the four of them were here.

Dia paid for entry for all of them, probably with money she had gotten from their mother, if Ruby was to guess. They had picked a slow day, since Dia was aware of how bad Ruby was with crowds. Ruby didn’t feel as nervous as she normally would, though. Maybe she felt safer with having three people she knew there, or maybe being around her two friends from the underworld had made her more used to people in general.

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Rooftop Visit

[A/N: Chapter 3 of Daily Demon Dealings, sequel to Confrontation.]

After three weeks:

It was a funny thing. Ruby hadn’t ever particularly thought that she disliked school, even though she had no friends. It was just something she had come to accept as normal. But now that she had someone, it was like her eyes had finally been opened, and she could truly see how miserable she had been. That it was something that shouldn’t have been normal.

Things were much easier now. Even being away from Maru and Yohane wasn’t so bad, when she knew she would see them again afterwards. They might be terrifying demonic entities, but she still thought of them as her friends, particularly now that she was getting more and more used to them. She had started daring… allowing herself to be happy. Even if it didn’t last, she would enjoy it while it did. No one could claim she didn’t look at the positive side of things. Or at least tried to. She was determined to have no regrets.

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Marus

[A/N: Had to write something fluffy for my sweet daughter’s birthday.]

It was the night before Ruby’s birthday, which was a special night for many reasons. This year one of them being a sleepover with Hanamaru. Which wasn’t exactly an unusual thing, but Hanamaru had a plan: Her gift to Ruby to this year would be herself! She would make the little cutie’s heart beat out of control! The issue was how to go about it. But Hanamaru was confident she could be seductive.

They were currently reading in Ruby’s room, sitting across from each other at a small table. It was getting quite late, so both of them had gotten into their pajamas, but since tomorrow was Ruby’s birthday they figured it was okay to stay awake a little longer. It was still a school night, but they were rebellious girls. They could probably stay up all night, if they wanted. But it was best not to.

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[A/N: Second chapter of Daily Demon Dealings, sequel to Sharing the Story.]

After two weeks:

Ruby had never been tardy with her homework. She was a Kurosawa, after all. Not to mention Dia always helped keep her on track if she was close to sliding off. But she couldn’t claim she got much enjoyment out of it. She could be wrong, but it always seemed like Dia got a sense of satisfaction from it, like a job well done. That didn’t really apply to Ruby, at least not in terms of schoolwork. But she had to admit it was more enjoyable with friends.

Maybe it was still debatable to what extent they were genuinely friends, but Ruby had certainly grown to be more comfortable around the two supernatural beings. And she liked to think she was growing on them as well.

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Sharing The Story

[A/N: Part 1 of Daily Demon Dealings. Realised I had too many ideas to comfortably fit into a single chapter, so I’ve decided to split it up. Sequel to Her First Summoning.]

After one week:

And now I have an unusual succubus and a fallen angel staying in my room.”

Ruby had posted a rough description of the events to the forum of the site that had been the most helpful in getting her ready for the summoning. She had actually cobbled everything together from a small handful of sites, but this was the biggest one. After the success (for a certain definition of success) of the ritual, she had wanted to share the story.

It had taken some effort to write it such that it didn’t give too much away. Yohane had reluctantly agreed to help, after first saying that there was no way Ruby could tell anyone about this. After about a day of pleading she had given in. There was no way anyone was going to find out who they were, or where they were, from the text. Yohane claimed she had cast a spell on the computer so it couldn’t be traced remotely either, but Ruby had no idea if such a thing was possible. That was far beyond her level of knowledge.

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Her First Summoning

[A/N: My first attempt at an AU, here’s a world where Ruby has no friends, and goes to extreme lengths to try to get some.]

Ruby was tired of it. Tired of it all. She had no friends. Her inability to bring herself to actually talk to anyone at school was a constant source of frustration for her. She had tried. By all the gods, she had tried. But when they looked at her, or said something to her, it was like a deer getting caught in headlights. She froze up, maybe let out a squeak or stammered something, and retreated. At this point everyone in class had to see her as a weirdo.

And she was really tired of it. Her sister tried to cheer her up, but Dia didn’t know what it was like. Dia had friends. She could talk to people. Ruby couldn’t. She loved her sister very much, but Dia couldn’t be there all the time. Ruby didn’t want her to, either. She didn’t want to rely on Dia for everything. This was something she had to figure out for herself.

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Silly Lilies 4: Silly Symphony

[Sequel to the events of Silly Lilies 2, set after Silly Sister]

[A/N: The Sillyverse is growing complicated.]

Ruby is almost ready to go, and Dia is fretting.

“Be home by nine, okay?” Dia says while her sister is finding her jacket and shoes.

“I don’t think I’m gonna stay that long, Dia,” Ruby replies. She doesn’t understand why Dia is making such a big fuss. She’s been to visit friends before several times. Okay, pretty much only Hanamaru, but just because she is going somewhere else for once…

“Do you have everything? Wallet, keys, phone?” Dia asks next. She keeps telling herself there’s nothing to worry about, but she still remains worried. Part of her wants so very much to tell Ruby she isn’t allowed to go, but that might just make Ruby upset. Even if it is for her own good.

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Silly Side Story: Silly Sister

[Side-story set after Silly Diver]

Dia flops face-first down on the bed, and groans into the sheets. She feels like she’s just been through hell. After Ruby got home, she started asking about what a ‘date’ is, what ‘indecency’ means, and how Mari was about to ‘snatch her away’. It’s possibly the worst experience Dia has ever had.

Though she had done her best. She doesn’t want to lie, but she also doesn’t want to explain too much. It is so obvious this pure creature doesn’t understand these things, and it feels bad to reveal them to her. So Dia had explained as vaguely as she could without actually lying, and hopefully without misleading her sister in any way. It had been excruciating.

On top of it all Mari had gotten away! Though in hindsight maybe it’s better that way. It is too early in her life to get a murder conviction on her permanent record. And maybe, just maybe, she had overreacted a little bit.

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Seasons of Romance

[A/N: Just some short stories based on a cute tweet I saw. Not pairings I’d normally go for. The stories are set in different seasons, but I figured I could at least arrange them chronologically. I wrote them in reverse order.]

The cherry blossoms were falling, and Yohane was watching them float about from the window of the clubroom. She knew it was a normal thing to go outside and watch them, but she didn’t like the way they always seemed to end up clinging to her, and getting in her hair. That part probably wasn’t normal.

Besides, it would probably somehow start to rain if she wanted to enjoy the nice weather. Even though the sky didn’t have a single cloud in it today. They had a way of sneaking up on her. Speaking of…

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