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Silly Love

[A/N: In honour of Matsuura Kanan’s birthday, I have written a little story for her. Not the typical birthday fare I’ve done, since it’s not really tied to the celebration. The title is an homage to the Silly Lilies series. This isn’t the same “universe”, but I was never able to put a proper cap on that series, so why not revisit the KanaRuby ship here, I thought. Ruby tries her best.]

“Here, Kanan-chan!” Ruby bowed her head, and thrust forward a small bag tied shut with a cute, red ribbon.

Kanan accepted the bag. It was very light, and she could feel something shuffling about inside when she moved it. “What’s this?” she asked, though the way it felt gave her some ideas already.

“It’s… they’re chocolates…” Ruby said, seemingly very interested in looking at her shoes.

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A Very Special New Year

[A/N: For the second of this year’s Christmas stories (which is technically happening post-Christmas), we are revisiting Ruby and Leah from Love Live Sunshine. I wanted to get episode 9 watched before I started this one, and now that that’s done, let’s see what we can do about this. Post-completion: Okay, that became a lot longer than I expected it would. Proof-reading this wasn’t easy, but I’m fairly happy with it.]

Getting the permission for this hadn’t been easy, but Ruby had done her very rubesty. Convincing Dia had been the hard part. Getting Mari to lend her the money for the ticket had been fairly easy. Mari seemed very supportive of Ruby going to see Leah, and had even helped talk to Dia. Ruby wasn’t sure how long it would take her to repay all of that, but she was certain it would be worth it.

She was going to stay with Leah in Hakodate for New Year’s. Of course she felt bad about asking for that after they had just come back from the Christmas concert they did, but she wanted this more than anything else in the world right now. Even more than winning Love Live. If she missed this opportunity, she’d have to wait a whole year for her next chance. It meant missing most of Dia’s birthday for the first time ever, but she told herself that was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

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Dia’s Wish

[A/N: This is an idea that’s been in the back of my mind for about a month now. I just haven’t really been sure what to do with it, but felt like I wanted to make an attempt now. This is a continuation of the Ruby The Demon Summoner AU.]

It was a quiet Saturday at the Kurosawa residence, just past noon. Dia was sitting in the lounge with a cup of tea, and a magazine about idol fashion. It was actually Ruby’s, since she was more into the fashion side of things than Dia, but their love of idols was shared between them. So they shared magazines, and other materials too. Each of them only had so much allowance after all, and bought what they felt was most important to them.

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Change of Pace

[A/N: By the end of episode 8 of Love Live Sunshine, I had been struck by a new sensation. The desire to ship one of the Aqours girls with someone outside of Aqours. More specifically Ruby and Leah. I’ve been struggling a little getting a good idea together, though. Hopefully I’ll manage something decent.]

Writing a song was easier said than done. Ruby had some experience now, and Leah had more, considering Saint Snow was just a duo. But it was still slow going. Probably in large part because they had never worked together before, and didn’t know each other that well. Weren’t used to each other. Which was something only time could fix.

However, now that they were working together so closely, Ruby couldn’t help noticing that Leah was actually very cute. Even when she was very serious. The face she made when she was really concentrating had seemed scary at first, but now that she was getting used to it, Ruby had started to appreciate it. It was cute, and it made Ruby feel strangely giddy.

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Bright Future

[A/N: After having tried all day to come up with something interesting to write, I have given up, and instead fallen back on some familiar, wholesome cuteness.]

“Ruby-chan, Ruby-chan, Ruby-chan! Are they turning on the lights yet, zura?” Hanamaru was practically bouncing with excitement.

Ruby checked her phone again. “There’s still another ten minutes left, Hanamaru-chan,” she said. Hanamaru’s excitement level didn’t seem to change at all, though.

The sun had already gone down, and it was getting dark quickly. But that was the point, as they had come to Numazu’s shopping district so Hanamaru could witness this event. Though as the daylight faded, so did the temperature drop.

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All A Dream?

[A/N: I have this small ball of seeds of ideas roughly falling under the label of ‘Hanamaru is too gay for this’, and one of them sprouted into this.]

“Y-You-san?” Hanamaru wasn’t sure how she had ended up on the floor, or how You had ended up on top of her. But those blue eyes were gazing down at her very intently.

“I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, Hanamaru-chan.” You’s voice was huskier than Hanamaru was used to, and the fingers caressing her scalp was making her shiver.

“You-san…” Hanamaru wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but then You started leaning down towards her. She closed her eyes, and just as she could sense You’s closeness…

Hanamaru woke up.

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Day At The Zoo

[A/N: With everything else out of the way, it’s time to wrap up Daily Demon Dealings with the fourth and final chapter.]

After four weeks:

Dia had invited them to go to the zoo. Ruby was initially worried Maru and Yohane wouldn’t be interested, but Maru seemed quite excited, and Yohane said she might as well come along. If she was excited, she was doing the thing where she was acting like she wasn’t. So now the four of them were here.

Dia paid for entry for all of them, probably with money she had gotten from their mother, if Ruby was to guess. They had picked a slow day, since Dia was aware of how bad Ruby was with crowds. Ruby didn’t feel as nervous as she normally would, though. Maybe she felt safer with having three people she knew there, or maybe being around her two friends from the underworld had made her more used to people in general.

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Rooftop Visit

[A/N: Chapter 3 of Daily Demon Dealings, sequel to Confrontation.]

After three weeks:

It was a funny thing. Ruby hadn’t ever particularly thought that she disliked school, even though she had no friends. It was just something she had come to accept as normal. But now that she had someone, it was like her eyes had finally been opened, and she could truly see how miserable she had been. That it was something that shouldn’t have been normal.

Things were much easier now. Even being away from Maru and Yohane wasn’t so bad, when she knew she would see them again afterwards. They might be terrifying demonic entities, but she still thought of them as her friends, particularly now that she was getting more and more used to them. She had started daring… allowing herself to be happy. Even if it didn’t last, she would enjoy it while it did. No one could claim she didn’t look at the positive side of things. Or at least tried to. She was determined to have no regrets.

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Marus

[A/N: Had to write something fluffy for my sweet daughter’s birthday.]

It was the night before Ruby’s birthday, which was a special night for many reasons. This year one of them being a sleepover with Hanamaru. Which wasn’t exactly an unusual thing, but Hanamaru had a plan: Her gift to Ruby to this year would be herself! She would make the little cutie’s heart beat out of control! The issue was how to go about it. But Hanamaru was confident she could be seductive.

They were currently reading in Ruby’s room, sitting across from each other at a small table. It was getting quite late, so both of them had gotten into their pajamas, but since tomorrow was Ruby’s birthday they figured it was okay to stay awake a little longer. It was still a school night, but they were rebellious girls. They could probably stay up all night, if they wanted. But it was best not to.

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[A/N: Second chapter of Daily Demon Dealings, sequel to Sharing the Story.]

After two weeks:

Ruby had never been tardy with her homework. She was a Kurosawa, after all. Not to mention Dia always helped keep her on track if she was close to sliding off. But she couldn’t claim she got much enjoyment out of it. She could be wrong, but it always seemed like Dia got a sense of satisfaction from it, like a job well done. That didn’t really apply to Ruby, at least not in terms of schoolwork. But she had to admit it was more enjoyable with friends.

Maybe it was still debatable to what extent they were genuinely friends, but Ruby had certainly grown to be more comfortable around the two supernatural beings. And she liked to think she was growing on them as well.

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