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Spending the Night

[Part 1 of Not A Game, based on/sequel to Night at the Office]

Hifumi unlocks the door when they reach her place, and they both head inside, making sure to lock behind them.

“Sojiro, I’m home,” Hifumi says before taking off her shoes.

I can’t wait to get out of this suit, Aoba thinks. She has become quite the frequent visitor to Hifumi’s place in the past couple of months. She even has some stuff of her own here permanently. Officially moving in together would be the next logical step, but…

She lines up her shoes neatly alongside Hifumi’s and smiles.

“Do you want anything to eat before we go to bed?” Hifumi asks. She is loosening her collar and undoing the top button while heading into the kitchen. Aoba takes off her jacket and places it on a coat hanger.

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