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Thoughts About Dating a Girl

[New chapter in the Cecilie and Linda story. Seems like letting this go is harder than I thought.]

So I have a girlfriend now. I think? I’m dating a girl. I’ve never been entirely clear on where the line between ‘dating’ and ‘couple’ goes. One of those ‘you just know’ kind of deals, perhaps.

I’ve dated before, sure, but only once did it turn into anything more than that. That’s the only guy I’d actually consider an ex. Dating a girl… it’s not that I have ever exactly been opposed to the idea, it’s more that it hasn’t ever been an idea. Never occurred to me. Between growing up in the country, and having a fairly small circle of friends, it wasn’t something that ever got brought up. Yet here I am.

Never really had cause to question my sexuality… er… actually, let’s not go there yet.

When it comes to dating I have always thought of it as getting to know each other better in such a way as to figure out whether or not you would work as a couple. A sort of interview process? Eesh, that sounds like such a cold way of putting it, actually. No matter how accurate it might be.

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A Serving of Relief

[Sequel to: Friendly Worries]

I arrive a little early, as I’m not the type to remember transport schedules. Still, it’s only like five minutes, and maybe she’s early too. You know, it would be nice if the weather could warm up a little faster. It’s supposed to be Spring now, but it doesn’t really feel like it.

She’s not there when I arrive, so I fiddle about with my phone while I wait. I really should have brought my ear muffs.

A few minutes later I hear: “Hi, Linda!” and I look up to see Cecilie walk over. “I hope you’ve not been waiting long?” I’d say she almost sounds giddy. What is she planning?

“Nah, don’t worry about it.” I smile, then I notice what she’s wearing. That’s fancier than I expected.

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Friendly Worries

[Main story: Smooth Operator]

“I’m s-sorry, I-I have t-to… go. Now.”

And off she goes. Before I am able to think of anything else to say, she is gone. Do I go after her? It looked like she was about to run though, and she’s more fit than me. I doubt I could catch up.

Cecilie is a good friend. Basically my only friend here. Neither of us have really socialised much here at uni, but due to sitting close to each other in lectures, we ended up bonding.

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