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Wulfy’s Year in Anime 2016

As I mentioned in my Games post, 2016 has not been a bad year for entertainment. Even though it has been really bad in a lot of other ways. I’ve had to cut down a lot on what I watch, but I’ve still found plenty of good stuff. Even a new favourite anime of all time.

I did have to come to terms with just not having enough mental energy to put up with certain kinds of shows though. I’ve always been bad when it comes to second-hand embarrassment stuff, but I’ve also had to cut most dramas and stuff with heavy subject matters. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I just find it too difficult to watch now. I still give them a try because I know some are able to overcome that difficulty, but I’ve had to drop the vast majority of them. Often to my own great annoyance.

There’s also the issue that I’ve gotten a bit saturated and burned out on action shows and hetero romances. Again there are some I think are good and different enough to overcome that and still engage me, but I seem to have fallen into a bit of a small box regarding what I will and won’t watch.

Also yet another year where I try and fail to get into Gundam.

So what is there left that I want to highlight from this past year? I guess you’ll have to read on and find out. (Some of these categories might be entirely arbitrary and/or simply excuses to talk about a show.)

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Wulfy’s Notable Games of 2016

So we’ve put the lid on 2016. Possibly the worst year I’ve lived through, if we consider personal, social, and political factors. At least there’s been some good entertainment to consume.

I’m not sure I can honestly call myself a games writer any longer. I haven’t posted anything in the games category since March. I told myself at the start of the year that I’d do at least a quick post for everything noteworthy I played, but that fell out quickly. Couldn’t keep up with the Bloodborne DLC series I started either. No use worrying too much about it, though.

I still wanted to do an end of year thing, because there has been stuff well worth talking about. The format of these posts seems to change every year because I don’t remember how I did it last year. These will not only/necessarily be my favourite games, but games I feel are worth pointing out. Hence the “notable” in the title.

Addendum: I can’t believe I forgot to add Pokemon Go. See at the bottom.

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Wulfy’s Notable Games of 2015

2015 is over. And what a year it’s been.

For me it’s been a very turbulent year, both on a personal, and on a mental health level. I got into group therapy, which unfortunately ended back in September. I got diagnosed with a variant of bi-polar disorder back in spring, for which I attended a course in the final months of the year. I had quite possibly my most difficult summer ever, which led to me being committed for psychiatric observation for the very first time.

The point being that there’s been a lot of focus on my state of health this year, and how I need to structure my life to get better and learn to live with it, which has meant that the blog has gotten more neglected in 2015 than ever since I started it. I hope to be able to pick things back up this year, but I really don’t dare promise anything.

This also serves as a preamble to stating that I might have more to say on each game in this year’s list, since for most of them I’ve not gotten to write out my thoughts yet. Might be best to skip over any games you’re not interested in.

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Wulfy’s Notable Games of 2014

First a small disclaimer: I tend to listen to music while writing. This was written under the influence of this song on repeat. It’s the ending theme to the excellent Psycho-Pass series, and I make a note of it mostly because I wonder if it will affect my writing at all.

2014. What a year. It has not been the best year for games. It might be the worst year ever when it comes to the gaming community. It’s also been pretty bad for personal reasons, the last six months especially. I’m in all honesty fairly glad it’s over.

However, there have still been games that stood out for some reason or another, so here’s my rather long list of games I took note of in 2014. There are things missing that might have been on the list had I gotten around to playing them, but due to a large free-lance contract I didn’t really play much of anything in November or December. And I restrict the list to stuff I’ve actually played. I am also generally not considering episodic games that haven’t finished their last episode yet.

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Wulfy’s Favourites of 2012

We’re almost at the end of the year 2012, and it’s the time for making lists! So I sat down to make your typical top 10 list. It ended up being a top 13. Yeah… and really only felt certain of the top three positions. Plus I wanted to do one honourable mention, and one dishonourable mention.

See, I’ve been picky about my games this year, so I haven’t really played enough bad ones to make a “least favourite” list. So one dishonourable mention will have to do. Regular readers (and those I’ve told) have probably guessed what it is already.

There is also the issue that I’ve had financial trouble the past 3 months, so I’ve missed out on games that might have made it onto this list, like The Walking Dead, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. And then there’s stuff I just didn’t bother to get because of a general lack of interest, like Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2. I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but it is my list, and all bias. :3

Right, let’s get this stuff started. We’ll get the bad out of the way first and then work our way towards the top 3. I will only award titles if I can think of a good one (now that I’ve said that, I’ll likely try to come up with something for all of them), and I’ll add links to games I’ve written about already.

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