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The Right One

[A/N: This idea formed a few days back, but I thought I should hold off until I finished the other project I’m working on. Then Kanan’s birthday hit, and the temptation became too great. The siren call of new fic ideas can be hard to resist.

This is inspired by a doujin I read last year that it’s been hard to get out of my head. Honestly a little surprised I haven’t done Chika/Kanan before, considering how into the whole ‘childhood friend’ thing I often get. I’m huge into Chika/You after all. But it was like my eyes weren’t really opened to it until I read that doujin. I’ve thought a lot about it since, so… here is the result of that.]

“Thanks for the help, Kanan-chan.”

“Haha, no worries,” Kanan said.

“For serious, though, I don’t think I’d have gotten this done without you,” Chika plopped down, and sighed. “I can’t believe my sisters would just dump this on me. ‘You can sort this out, Chika’,” she said, clearly mimicking her sister Mito.

“Hahaha, well, good kids are supposed to help out at home, right?” Kanan teased.

“Yeah, but…” Chika pouted.

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Mirrored Desires

[A/N: How long has it been since my last LL Sunshine fic? I remember saying last year that I wanted to stay on top of Aqours birthdays, but that didn’t happen. I tried to get this one ready by Dia’s birthday. And missed the mark by two days. Oops.

I want to do more with these two, but I feel like this is a good stopping point for now. Or perhaps a good starting point. Not yet sure where I want to take them next. I don’t recall if I’ve ever done YohaDia before, but I don’t think so. I probably characterised them a little differently than I usually do, but that tends to happen when exploring new ships. And it’s been a while, so I don’t fully remember how I used to do it.]

“One day the darkness will claim you, Dia. On that fateful day your heart will be mine!”

“And then? What will you do if you get it, Yoshiko-san?”


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Sporty Prince

[A/N: My brain told me it had an idea for a quick and silly crossover. I feel lied to. This was neither quick, nor particularly silly. Though I had a lot of fun with it nonetheless.

Believe it or not, this spawned from seeing some artwork of a sporty Watanabe You, which led to me thinking “oh yeah, she’s part of the swim club in LL Sunshine”, and then going “wait, Asuka was in the swim club at Hanasakigawa”, then “what if You was Captain of the Haneoka swim club, and was considered the school’s third prince, and Asuka went to check it out, and got some doki dokis?!” And it really just… grew from there.

So in this AU You and Chika have always lived in Edogawa, and gone to Haneoka. Riko moved there at the start of high school, and quickly became friends with the other two. No school idols this time. Edogawa is band land, after all.

I couldn’t find anywhere in the anime where Ako actually called Asuka and Rokka by name, so I basically had to guess what she calls them based on Ako’s personality. So Asuka became Asu-chin, and I figured she might call Rokka “Lock” like Popipa do. Ako might have prodded her more about her old band life and such. Don’t worry about it. If you’re aware of what she actually calls them, feel free to enlighten me!

It  turned out to be pretty long, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.]

“Thanks for coming with me, Ako.”

“No problem, Asu-chin!”

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Celebrating Two Years

[A/N: As this is essentially just a back-up for the fic going on AO3, the bit at the end doesn’t really make sense for my blog.]

Ichigaya Arisa: “Okay, since Rita has forced us all to come here for her anniversary, I expect- Kasumi, leave that cake alone!”

Toyama Kasumi: “Eh? But there are so many cakes. I haven’t even seen most of these before. Surely just one-”

Arisa: “No. Wait until everyone is ready.”

Kurosawa Dia: “You too, Chika-san. Put the cake shovel down immediately.”

Arisa: “O-Tae, drop those cinnamon buns at once!”

Hanazono Tae quickly stuffs one into her mouth: “Mine~.”

Okusawa Misaki, as Michelle: “Listen up, everyone. Be good girls, and you’ll get cake soon. There’s enough for everyone, okay?”

A chorus of various voices: “Okaaaaaayyyyyy~!”

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The Next Big Move

[A/N: I’ve been lazy and distracted this month, so I completely forgot to keep track of the birthday calendar. I was only reminded of You’s birthday when Japanese twitter woke up last night. It was a bit of an ambush. I still wanted to do something, though this was kinda hastily cobbled together. I assume it probably shows.

Going over my past fics, I saw that I had already tried out every pairing for You, so I figured that instead of trying something new, I’d revisit a classic. As always my first thought went to ChikaYou, because I love them, but I already did one with them before Christmas. Instead I wanted to go back to a bit of Youhane. And after some thought settled on the idea of them moving into college dorms together, though of course that meant Yohane would arrive one year behind. Still, I just wanted something sweet.

I did some checking on when the school year starts in Japan, wondering if I could actually tie it directly into You’s birthday. But assuming colleges start at the same time as other schools, it would already be going by now. A shame, but nothing I can do about it.]

Watanabe You checked her phone again. The train was not late, time was just passing slowly. Curse the passage of time, never behaving in a convenient way. She didn’t even know why she was feeling so nervous. It was only a few weeks since they had seen each other last. She had gone home for the graduation. This was just… the next step.

She was about to check the time again when she heard someone call out.

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Beauty And The Bully

[A/N: For some reason I thought Hanamaru’s birthday was the 6th, and that I had a bit more time, but then I was reminded it’s the 4th. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after thinking about it for a day, this was the only idea that really took form. I did a RikoMaru tease a while back, and had been thinking I wanted to do something more proper with them.

This didn’t turn out very long, but I still think it’s decent. Nice, cosy, and flirty. All my ability to construct plot seems to have gone elsewhere. Originally I intended to do a confession story about Hanamaru getting so overwhelmed and bothered by her feelings for Riko that she couldn’t hold back. But then it changed into a comfy, established couple instead. I do so many confession stories as it is.

Happy birthday, Hanamaru. Have a good one, zura!]

Hanamaru had her arms folded on the table, and was resting her head on them as she listened to Riko play the piano. The gentle tones flowed throughout the room. A one-person symphony that only she got to hear. She had to smile.

Eventually the final note was hit, and Riko put her hands down. She looked towards Hanamaru. “What is it?”


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Gf In Need Of Cheering Up

[A/N: Not a particularly long fic for Kanan this year, but I’m still pretty happy with it. I think it’s fun, and playful. Hopefully the readers agree.

Another pairing I haven’t tried writing before, even though it kinda seems like an obvious one? Honestly haven’t done as much with Kanan as I should overall. But (as I’ve said before) with the anime being over there just isn’t the same flow of ideas, nor have I played the game in a long time. It’s Bandori that occupies most of my writing thoughts these days. Yet with how important LL Sunshine and Aqours are/were to me, I still don’t want to leave it behind entirely.

The inspiration for this was… well… I couldn’t stop thinking about boobs. >_< ]

The door to Kanan’s room opened.


“Chika? Whoa!”

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Flower And Gem

[A/N: I still intend to keep up with the Aqours birthday fics for 2019, and it starts with Dia this year too. A shorter, and comfier one than last year, but I think that’s fine. Don’t really have plans for any other birthdays, even though I’m really into Bandori now. There’s just no way I’d be able to come up with ideas for 25 birthdays. 30 once you add Raise a Suilen. If I get any ideas for anything for anyone in any franchise, and I remember it’s their birthday in time, then maybe. I missed Symphogear Chris (the goodest girl) this time around too. I have a really bad memory for dates.

I don’t think this counts as a rare ship. At least I used to see a fair amount of it, but it is one I haven’t done myself until now. Back when I was hardcore RubyMaru it felt a bit wrong, but I have moved past that since then. I’m pretty open regarding ships I’m willing to try out in Love Live. Of course I have my favourites, but it’s still fun to try other ones, and see how it goes.]

Kurosawa Dia went to open the door. Who could be visiting on New Year’s Eve?

“Hello, Dia-chan.”


Dia felt a little confused.

“May I come in, zura?” Kunikida Hanamaru asked.

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Crackling Fireplace

[A/N: It has been a while since I’ve written any Love Live Sunshine, and I’ve kinda missed it. Just harder to get much in the way of ideas now that the anime is over, and I don’t play LLSIF any longer. But I’ve wanted to do some short, comfy Chika/You for a while, and I figured I might as well do a slight holiday theme to it. Not really a big Christmas story as such, more of a tangential thing. I don’t think I did much more for my holiday story last year, either.

While not explicitly stated, this is meant to be them in their adult life. How adult? Eh, in their 20s somewhere, I guess. Old enough that they can just go off and spend Christmas together rather than worrying about anyone else.

After having put some thought into it, I think Chika/You is my favourite Sunshine ship. Whenever I want to think about something disgustingly adorable, those two are usually the first to come to mind. They’re just so sweet, and cute.]

Takami Chika was sitting all bundled up in front a crackling fireplace. It wasn’t her fireplace, she was simply on vacation, and staying at an inn that had one. But she was not alone.

Soft footfalls came up behind her.

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Red On Red

[A/N: For this year’s birthday fic, I decide to combine Riko and Ruby, as I have yet to do a serious RubyRiko story. The Silly Lilies series was just for goofs.

I actually came up with the opening for this a couple of months ago, but then it stalled for me. Getting it done turned out to be more difficult than it should have been. I had meant to get it done by yesterday, on the actual day between the birthdays, but it didn’t work out that way.

The opening has changed very little from what I first imagined: Set up the confession, then cut to them having been together for a couple of months. The rest of it has gone through some iterations. The original thought was to write a date, but then I remembered how bad I am at coming up with ideas for what to do on dates. And realised that I just wanted to write about them cuddling. Which then became… a little more heated. 

Side-note: I always feel a little strange when I see doujins and fics where Riko is the top. I gather a lot of people imagine her that way, but I’ve become so conditioned with my own fics and the people around me, that I can’t really see her as not being a bottom. More neko than tachi. And not necessarily because she’s a natural bottom like Yohane, but because she really wants to be. I have no doubts Riko could be a top if she wanted to, as she has certainly “studied” enough to know how, but the key thing is that she doesn’t want to. She wants to be the one who gets kabedon’d, and pushed over. I can see her going so far as to teach her partner how it should be done. I certainly can’t imagine her topping Chika or You. I have probably thought far more about how the different ships would work than is reasonable.

Though if you have a different read on her, fair enough. The important thing is we have fun with our own headcanons. I absolutely do. And I really enjoy the idea of a dominant Ruby. You might have noticed in my earlier fics.]

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