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Powerful Little Demon

[A/N: It’s the birthday of Tsushima Yoshiko, aka Yohane, and as such I have prepared a fic in her honour. This started as a very simple idea, but turned into something longer than I expected. I pondered for a long time which pairing to go with. I could have gone for one of the big ships, like YohaRiko, YohaMaru, or YouHane. Perhaps following up on the thing I did last year. Or maybe going back to my roots with YohaRuby. But in the end I went for a rarepair I haven’t tried before, because it seemed like it could be fun. I was debating for a while whether or not to add that little epilogue, but in the end I decided to keep it. Yohane will have more teasing from Mari to deal with in her future. Wish her luck.]

With her birthday fast approaching, the great fallen angel Yohane was making preparations.

Normally she paid no notice to mortal concerns like birthdays. And that was definitely not because she had never had friends before. It was simply that such trivial matters were beneath the glory of a fallen angel. But since the rest of Aqours clearly wanted a chance to celebrate her greatness, who was she to deny them such a boon? She was honestly doing them a favour, and she was absolutely not really excited about having a birthday party full of friends.

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A Vast World

[A/N: Even with my concentration issues and general sense of burn-out, I wanted to get a fic done for Ohara Mari’s birthday. Just barely got it done before midnight local time. But overall my fic output is probably going to slow down even more than it already has. Aside from any flashes of inspiration that absolutely need to be written down right away, I will be focusing on recovering.

This is the first time I’ve done a fic that’s only Kanan x Mari. Before it’s always included Dia, and I still think it’s right to have all three of them, but I did a thing for KanaDia day earlier this year, so I figured now might be a good time for a simple KanaMari pairing.

Next LL Sunshine bday is Yohane in exactly one month, on 13. July. Between now and then we’ll see if I manage to finish anything else.]

The vast ocean floor seemed to stretch on endlessly in front of Ohara Mari. It was a sight she never got tired of, and always wished she could see more often. But things got in the way, and it was unfortunately easy to forget. Not to mention that perfect conditions like today weren’t a guarantee. The sun streaming down from above gave it all an extra touch of magic.

There was a tap on her shoulder. She turned to look at her diving partner: Matsuura Kanan. Kanan pointed downwards, and Mari looked in that direction. There was a pair of turtles swimming slowly, a short distance from the seabed. Mari gave a thumbs up, and the two of them swam further down to have a closer look.

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Somebody Better

[A/N: There’s this song lyric that I’ve been thinking for a long time that it sounded like a great writing prompt, but I couldn’t come up with anything to really go with it. At least nothing that wasn’t just a rehash of something I’d already done. Then it just fell into my head as I was brainstorming while out driving today.

Experimental formatting again, as I’m doing a double first-person perspective. It’ll probably be confusing to read, but I hope you can make sense of it. This feels like an idea that would have worked better in comic form maybe, but I can’t draw well enough for that. If you would like I could label each section with whose perspective it is currently (or different text colours maybe), but I wanted to try it clean at first. Since I’ve never tried this format before, I’m open to feedback.

It’s rare for me to do an angst-only fic. Like, I’m not sure whether I would call that a happy ending. Still I guess it’s good to try something different every now and again.]

* * *

Have you ever met somebody you could love forever? 

* * *

Six years. I hadn’t seen her in six years. I had forgotten about her, until that day.

Middle school had not been a happy time for me. So I was honestly relieved that I’d be going to a different high school from everyone else. High school would be a fresh start. No one would know about me, or my sins, and I could just become a normal girl like everyone else. I didn’t need Yohane any longer, I thought, as if it was that easy to drop. Then I heard her say my name.


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Damp by Downpour

[A/N: It’s now a little more than a year since I started writing fiction on the regular, and at the time I didn’t really pay attention to birthdays of the Aqours girls, or anyone else for that matter. But this year I am aware that we have reached Watanabe You’s birthday, so! A story! I feel like I could have done better, but I’ve had some issues focusing. That happens sometimes, and there’s not a lot to do about it. In the end I just decided I wanted to post something.

As for the pairing, I decided that via poll. I put up two polls on Twitter, but to keep it kinda random, I didn’t say what the options were for. I had one ship ready for each possible combination, but I maybe should have foreseen that when given three options, people would naturally gravitate towards the middle one. So in the 1-2-3 poll, 2 won handily, and in the A-B-C poll, B won, though it was a much closer call. And 2B was YouRiko. See, the first poll was to decide the year, and the second was listing the names alphabetically. So for example 1A would have been YouMaru, and 3C YouMari. 2C was reserved for Chika/Riko/You, since shipping You with herself, or doing her solo, wasn’t something I wanted in either case.

Making it adult life was simply because that fit better with the idea that came to me. Anyway! In spite of my scatterbrained state, I hope it’s still okay.]

The door smacked close behind a dripping Watanabe You.

“I’m home,” she said in a miserable tone as she peeled her jacket off. The forecast had said it would only be partly cloudy today, but the cloud that had passed over this area had opened itself up, and unloaded upon the populace.

“Welcome back,” said a voice from further inside.

You walked slowly towards the living room as she peeled off more layers of wet clothing.

“Oh wow, it really came down that hard?” Riko commented as the soaked You came into sight.

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Wicked Gem

[A/N: This one has been on my mind for a while, ever since I saw the new Ruby UR. Those are the outfits I’m trying to describe down there, but I’m not great at it, as you might tell. Been months since I’ve touched the Ruby/Leah pairing now, but it’s a very good one, so it was only a matter of time until it came back. It turned out a bit hornier than I originally intended, but once I finally got writing, I just went with the flow.]

Leah had gotten her bag, and was walking as briskly as she could while trying to seem like she wasn’t really in a rush. It felt like ages since she had seen Ruby last, and she couldn’t wait to see her again. But she couldn’t make it too obvious. What would Ruby think if Leah came running at her? It would be unseemly.

There was still a quickness to her step as she got out of the exit into the main terminal. She looked around. Where was…


Someone called out to her side. Leah recognised that was voice, and she turned towards it. It was:


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The Sins of the Mother

[A/N: I know this is a regular story by now, but I saw a piece of fanart on Twitter this morning that looked like Yoshiko/Yohane, but had more the physique and posture of Hanamaru. So I thought: Hey, that looks like it could be their daughter. And it quickly snowballed from there. Plus it’s fiction, so there’s no reason girls can’t have babies with other girls.

So! AU where Yoshiko decided to give up Yohane when she grew up, mainly because I thought that would make this story funnier. I can totally see her embracing being Yohane too, but I felt I had to pick one of the two. Asuka refers to Yoshiko as ‘mother’, and Hanamaru as ‘mum’, just in case I didn’t make that clear enough in the story.]

Yoshiko was relaxing on the couch with her pad, and her favourite show. No work today, and no working from home, so the plan was to just replenish her energy. Ugh, why had she put the tea so far away.

She hit pause, slid the pad onto the table, and started to reach for the cup when someone burst into the room.

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Not Fair

[A/N: Seems I am very lewd lately. I learned that apparently it was KanaDia day yesterday, which I didn’t even know was a thing. So while I was eating breakfast, this idea for the pairing sprung up. I think I managed to keep it not explicit, but it sure as hell isn’t subtle. Warnings for NSFW, though I’d say it’s more 16+ than 18+, if you get what I mean.]

“K-Kanan… Kanan!”

“Mm? What is it, Dia?”


“Please what?”


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Breaking The Rules

[A/N: I keep having these short, silly ideas, and this one occurred to me last night. I think Hanamaru and Yoshiko/Yohane go well together. Maybe I’m little too inspired by the Demon Summoner fics in how I portrayed Hanamaru here, but I certainly think it’s more fun that way.]

Yohane carefully slid the door to the library open, then double-checked behind her. The coast looked to be clear. And she knew Ruby was occupied elsewhere. This was her chance.

She had come up with a foolproof plan to figure out whether Hanamaru liked her back, without having to do the whole awkward confession thing. Sometimes her genius amazed even herself.

Hanamaru wasn’t sitting behind the counter, which made Yohane’s heart sink a little. Though before she got so far as to wonder whether Hanamaru wasn’t in, she spotted a head of brown hair by the bookshelves all the way in the back. So she was either putting something back, or looking for a book.

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The Glasses Incident

[A/N: Had this silly idea after seeing a piece of Love Live Sunshine fanart with You in glasses yesterday. It’s a very powerful image.]

Takami Chika hopped into the classroom, feeling victorious. She had nearly missed the bus, but she had made it to school in good time. Surely the sign of a better time being ahead of her! Speaking of a better time, among the handful of others already here was the lovely Watanabe You, who looked a little extra lovely today.

“Good morning, You-chan!” Chika called out as she made her way over.

You looked up. “Oh, morning, Chika-chan!” She grinned with utter brilliance, and for once she was wearing her glasses. Actually, it looked like she had gotten a new frame for them, all red and stylish.

“Special day?” Chika asked as she took her seat.

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How We Got Together

[A/N: Realised I hadn’t really written anything to post for a while, so I tried to think of some ideas. This was the first one that came to me, and it seemed so fun I couldn’t resist. We’re back to Love Live Sunshine, as that’s where my mind goes when I need a simple and fun idea. And I haven’t done any Mari/You yet, so…]

School was over for the day, but I had work to do in my office before I could go home. I take my role very seriously.

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, silhouetting a figure standing in the doorway. My poor maiden’s heart got startled, but when I saw it was our own Watanabe You who stepped into the room, my fears eased.

“Hello, Mari-chan~,” she said, and I could tell something was up because of the way she said it. Almost like she was purring.

“Hello, You-chan!” I responded cheerfully. “Did you need something?”

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