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Anime Winter Season 2018 – Mid-Season Update

This mid-season snuck up on me, as I’ve had a lot to do lately. Let’s get through it, and then think about what’s next.

Something I noticed this time is that I ended up giving several of the Maybe shows more of a chance, at least going to the three-episode rule to get a better feel for them. Then I stuck with some of them, and left behind others. And realised that even with all the ones that fell to the side I was watching 12 shows.

That was fine back in January, as I had very little to do, and had no problem keeping up with everything I had just kept watching without thinking it over. Now I have other things to do. Games have come out, I’ve started reading again, not to mention I’ve been getting more writing ideas. So some of these shows have to go, even if I like them.

Ideally I’d like to get the number down to 8. MahoYome, Precure, and 6 from this season. At most 7 from this season. That’s a number I think I can manage. There was a reason I made the “only 10 shows” rule to begin with, and it also came with the understanding that at least 2 shows would fall off the list during the season. I’ve fallen into this trap before. So who’s going on the chopping block?

Aside from that you can still read my early impressions for the season, and I have done post 1 of 3 of my KiraKira Precure impressions, as I ever so slowly work towards the end of that show.

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Anime Summer Season 2016 – Mid-Season Thoughts

This summer has certainly been something. Between depression, Pokémon Go, Fire Emblem Fates, and more recently No Man’s Sky, it’s been hard to keep up with everything. Yet somehow I have managed to not lag too far behind, so I don’t think this post is that late.

I am still watching more shows than I expected I would be, so there’s been no real option to reach into the maybe pile. While the mid-point has often been where a lot of shows lose their way, I can’t really see too many of the shows I’m still watching falling out that badly. Then again, I have been surprised in the past.

You can go back and look at my early impressions, but right now let’s get this started.

Edit: Realised I should probably add some trigger-warning info for Orange.

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Anime Spring Season 2016 – Mid-Season Thoughts

So we’ve reached the mid-point of what is possibly the strongest anime season in quite a long time. Actually a little past the middle, but I’ll get to that.

I have been watching more stuff than I usually do, and while shows have been steadily dropped as each week has passed, I still have an unprecedented number I enjoy.

Though keeping in line with “this season is not quite like the others”, the release schedule has been a bit odd. While I’m waiting for episode 6 of Sakamoto and Shounen Maid, certain other shows have already put out their episode 8. So I’ve changed my rules a little to adapt. While earlier I’ve held off watching beyond episode 6 of anything before I wrote up my mid-season thoughts, I realised that would just build up too much of a backlog, so I’ve watched episode 7 of a lot of things while waiting for the final 6s.

You can find my early impressions here.

With that declared, let’s dive into the mid-season update, and we’re starting with the bad news.

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Anime Winter Season 2016 – Mid-Season Thoughts

We got there! Well, here.

I have not been feeling too well so far this year, so there was a couple of weeks where I simply forgot about watching anime.

However! I have now caught myself up to episode 6 of what I’m still watching. I probably ended up dropping more than I normally would, just because I didn’t feel well enough to actually handle watching some of it.

I have also noticed that I have developed trust issues towards some anime now. I have been betrayed- actually, that sounds rather dramatic, but at least there’s been several instances now where a show has broken the trust I had given it. Which has in turn made me more wary of future breaches of trust from other shows, and it’s like I’m both consciously and subconsciously picking up on warning signs that a show might be about to do something I really won’t like.

This opening has already gone on for too long, so let’s just jump into it, starting as usual with what I’ve dropped since last time. Early impressions here.

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Anime Autumn Season 2015 – Mid-Season Thoughts

And so we are at another mid-point, with most shows having come out with 6 episodes. At least for the ones I still watch.

When I was 2-3 episodes into the season, I thought there would be a lot more shows I’d stick with, but for one reason or another I’ve ended up trimming down the list considerably. And it might get even smaller still.

For some of these shows I will say something along the lines of “I’d probably watch this if I didn’t have enough better things to watch already”, and as my list has shrunk, I do probably have the time to pick some of these back up, but instead I’ve chosen to spend the time catching up on past shows I missed.

Currently watching the first series of Yuru Yuri, and even though it has “yuri” in the title it’s still gayer than I expected. I thought maybe it would be a bit subtle considering the Japanese anime audience, but it’s not at all. I love it.

With that said, let’s get into this! If you missed my first impressions, you can see them here.

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