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Anime Autumn Season 2017 – Mid-Season Update

Aha! For once this is at the exact midpoint, the middle of the month of the middle month of the season! Assuming I manage to finish writing today.

Things have been trundling along pretty well. I’ve had some disappointments, but the stuff that’s good is very good. I’ve even found time to finally watch all of Symphogear G, GX, and AXZ. So you’ll get my thoughts on those.

Don’t really have much more to say for the opening. I want to get this done so I can watch the new Konohana Kitan that’s out today.

You can find my Early Impressions here, if you’re looking for everything running this season.

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Anime Summer Season 2017 – Mid-Season Update

This snuck up on me, as I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff towards moving at the end of this month. I’ll be glad once that’s done.

I’ve been enjoying the shows, and not really paying attention to the episode numbers, so I accidentally broke my “rule” about stopping at episode 6 on everything until I’ve done my mid-season update. Plus Hina Logic cheated and got started two weeks early anyway, so I’ll just note per show which episode I’m on.

As for catching up, I just barely got caught up on Re:Creators, and nothing else. At this point it’s looking unlikely that I’ll catch back up on Sakura Quest, but I do still want to get there with Symphogear and Precure. However long that takes.

As usual, you can look at my early impressions if you want a more complete list.

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Anime Spring Season 2017 – Mid-Season Update

I’m a little late on this because I’ve gotten so into writing short stories that I often lose track of doing anything else.

Still, I have finally hit episode 6 on everything I’m watching, so it’s time to get this done.

It is still a very interesting season. The amount of good, and even very good, shows is higher than I think anyone expected.

But I have a couple of others thing to bring up first. And you can look at the early impressions here.

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Anime Winter Season 2017 – Mid-Season Update

I am slowly coming out of my January hibernation mode, and the world is on fire. That’s not what we’re here to talk about today though.

As I’ve had little energy for much else, I’ve ended up watching more anime than what I would consider normal. Not more from this season, but I’ve checked out a couple of recommendations, and re-watched some favourites. Figure I might as well throw those in, but feel free to skip that section if you’re not interested.

You can check out my early impressions here, so without further ado let’s get started. There’s a variety of things to cover.

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