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Tourists For a Day

[Sequel to A Hot (Spring) Evening]

While the option to stay at the inn all day was on the table, they decide to go sight-seeing instead. They have the whole day open after all.

After getting breakfast, they go to visit a local shrine first. Aoba really wants to wish for good luck in reconciling with her mother. Hifumi also wishes for things to go well for Aoba with her family. And in a similar vein for things to go well when she breaks the ‘news’ to her own.

They stop by the collection of charms for sale on their way out. Aoba isn’t normally a particularly superstitious person, but seeing if there’s anything that fits her current situation couldn’t hurt.

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Heading To The Inn

[Sequel to Spending the Night]

They are planning to leave right after work today, and Hifumi has noticed that Aoba has seemed a little down all day. Though she can’t tell if it’s the ‘I wasn’t able to talk to them’ kind of down, or the ‘I talked to them’ kind. Maybe best to not bring that up until they’re on the train.

Work is a bit of a situation itself. It’s not like they’ve exactly been trying to hide that they’re dating. Hajime and Yun have probably realised. Just like they’re all sure that Toyama-san and Yagami-san have been together for at least as long as Hifumi has worked here. But Aoba and Hifumi haven’t brought it up, either. They’re not really sure how to, unless they get asked first. Or unless they have some big announcement…

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Spending the Night

[Part 1 of Not A Game, based on/sequel to Night at the Office]

Hifumi unlocks the door when they reach her place, and they both head inside, making sure to lock behind them.

“Sojiro, I’m home,” Hifumi says before taking off her shoes.

I can’t wait to get out of this suit, Aoba thinks. She has become quite the frequent visitor to Hifumi’s place in the past couple of months. She even has some stuff of her own here permanently. Officially moving in together would be the next logical step, but…

She lines up her shoes neatly alongside Hifumi’s and smiles.

“Do you want anything to eat before we go to bed?” Hifumi asks. She is loosening her collar and undoing the top button while heading into the kitchen. Aoba takes off her jacket and places it on a coat hanger.

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