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King Without A Country

[A/N: After writing the previous Fate/ fic, I got an idea for a follow-up. Inspired in part by a comment I received on the last one. Though it got a bit more serious as I was trying to explore my idea of what Saber Alter is like. Originally got perhaps a bit too dark compared to what I intended, so I made some moves to lighten it up a bit. Deleted some of the angstier lines, and such. Got perhaps a little too goofy towards the end, but I think that’s probably fine.]

Saber Alter, Artoria Pendragon, was pondering her new life in this strange realm. It had been a few weeks since she was erroneously summoned to SE.RA.PH., and she still hadn’t figured out what she wanted to do next.

Since there was no Grail War, there was no point in her being here, but she couldn’t come to a decision about what she wanted to do. If she wanted to leave, then where would she go? If she wanted to fight, then who would be her opponent? If she wanted a cause, where would she find one? In a world so unlike anything she had encountered since she became a Heroic Spirit, she felt rather lost.

“Here you go, miss!”

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New Arrival

[A/N: Inspired by Kelira’s Nero/Saber Alter fic, I wanted to do a sort of reverse version, where Saber Alter shows up on SE.RA.PH., in a bit of a sillier, goofier style. And though there’s no NSFW stuff in this fic, anything I write featuring Nero will get the “let Nero fuck” tag, just in case Type-Moon are watching. You know what you have to do for Extella Link, you cowards.]

With all the battles over (for now), the main focus in SE.RA.PH.’s new Roman Empire was making sure there was enough housing and facilities for all the new citizens. There seemed to be more people showing up every day, and Kishinami Hakuno was overseeing construction today. While the labourers handled the actual work, it was sometimes necessary (or helpful) to access the Royal Authority to proceed.

She had dressed up for the role, adorning a suit she felt was properly overseer-ish. A dark grey affair, with a white shirt and red tie. And a hardhat. The hardhat was important. It was orange. Some part of her had always wanted one of those, so when she had a legitimate excuse to wear one, she had gone for it. Well, arguably legitimate, as she didn’t actually wander into the construction zone, but it was the principle of the matter.

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Understanding Love

[A/N: So we return to more Love Live Sunshine this time. This idea I actually had a burning desire to get started with, someone recently realising their polyamorous feelings, and trying to figure out how to deal with that, but I struggled with it as it went along. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I spent several days going between working on this, procrastinating, and doing nothing else useful, so I at least want to show something for it. I think it’s decent overall, and there’s certainly bits in here I love, but it doesn’t feel like my strongest effort. I was almost tempted to scrap it, but at this point I’d hate discarding this amount of work more than I’d hate posting something I think could be better. Maybe it’s the best I can hope for in the middle of winter. I don’t have the same energy levels and patience as I do the rest of the year.]

Watanabe You was nervous. She was currently in the room with the two most important people in her life, and for some reason her heart seemed to be even harder to calm down than usual today. Something had awakened inside her recently, and it was getting increasingly tough to deal with.

She loved Chika. Her dear childhood friend, who had always been there for her, with whom she had shared so much. The wonderful girl who shone like the sun every time she smiled. Who could sometimes feel so lonely and frustrated because she didn’t want to bother other people with her problems. Because she was head-strong, determined, and kept having to be reminded that it was okay to ask for help. You had always admired Chika.

And she had always loved Chika. But had she always loved loved Chika? She didn’t have a good answer for that.

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Birthday Reunion Concert

[A/N: Another fictional character’s birthday, another short story! Since I learned Honoka’s is just two days after Chika’s, I decided to combine them.¬†]

“Happy birthday, Chika!”

Chika looked at the cake on the table in front of her. It even had candles, and her name in frosting. She looked over at the two sitting on the other side of the table. Riko was beaming, and You was grinning widely. When did they…

“When did you… how long have you planned this?” Chika asked. They were at a restaurant in Tokyo, not back home. So how had they gotten a cake?

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A Guest For A Picnic

[Sequel to After a Hard Day’s Work]

It was a nice sunny day, and Ruby was hanging the laundry on the balcony. Hanging socks wasn’t fast work, but she was well armed with clothes-pegs and time. She was humming Mijuku Dreamer, and was completely unsuspecting of the Hazel Hazard slowly approaching her.

With a triumphant “Zura!” it pounced, grabbing Ruby by the sides while her arms were stretched upwards. The ensuing shriek was loud enough that people on the street below stopped and look up. At least one person wondered if someone was getting murdered, and if they should call the police.

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Clouded Gem

Dia had confessed her feelings for Kanan and Mari before they went to Tokyo their first year. They had told her they’d give her their answer after they came back. After Aquors had shone on stage. But they didn’t shine. And Dia never got her answer.

Dia had agreed with Kanan’s reasoning, she just hadn’t predicted things would deteriorate as far as they did. Her confession got forgotten in the ensuing misery. At least by Kanan and Mari. Dia couldn’t make herself bring it up again, so she never got her answer.

She’s still not sure whether telling Ruby to give up on idols, and never talk about them again, hurt her sister or herself the most.

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After a Hard Day’s Work

[A/N: This idea popped up while I was working on a different idea, and I just had to go for it. This is likely going to turn into an irregular series for when I need more of this fluffy trio.]

It had been a long day at work, and a long day of being Yoshiko. Yohane was tired. Overtime sucked, but it was perhaps worse that she was getting used to being Yoshiko. She was an adult now. Perhaps it was finally time to embrace Yoshiko as part of that. She unlocked the front door, and stepped inside. Or perhaps not. Being an adult wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“Yohane?” A familiar, soothing voice called out from the direction of the kitchen/living area. Hanamaru stepped into the hallway while Yohane was taking off her shoes and coat. “Overtime again, zura?”

“Yeah,” Yohane replied. She had sent a text, but Hanamaru was clearly just being concerned. “We have some rough deadlines right now, but things should calm down by next week.” She sighed and picked up her bag to carry it in. Hanamaru spread her arms to offer Yohane a hug, and she accepted it gratefully.

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