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Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars and The Curious Restart

The summer season of anime 2016 contained a happening I have never seen before. An anime studio announced that they were not satisfied with the quality of what they had put out in the first four episodes of their show, so they were going to take a break for a month and start over from episode 1.

So they did. And that anime was Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars from studio Actas.

Apparently the red text says Regalia.

At the time I was quite puzzled. Heck, even after watching the four redone episodes I am still a little puzzled. I have never heard of anything like this happening before, and neither has anyone else I’ve talked to.

What I was left to ponder while they were on break was the meaning of what they had said. Exactly what quality were they talking about? Because I hadn’t been able to spot anything obviously wrong with the art or animation, so was it the story or dialogue they felt were lacking? Maybe I was just bad at seeing these things.

So after finishing off the last of the summer season, I sat down and watched all four first episodes of Regalia, original and redone side by side, to see what had changed. And to maybe understand why. Here is what I found:

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