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Mission Complete

[Sequel to Fierce Assault]

When they got back to the base, they handed in their report, and were immediately told to rest. The debriefing would wait until morning, considering the state the two of them were in. Valentina especially.

They stopped by the infirmary to have her injuries checked out. Just in case any wounds were deeper than they appeared. But it was superficial enough that all they ended up doing was cleaning her down, then re-stating that she needed to get some rest. Part of her had wanted to ask if they could let the injury on her face scar, but she thought better of it. While she could argue it would serve as a reminder, her true motives were more childish.

Samus had hovered nearby the whole time, as if she was still in protective mode.

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Fierce Assault

[Sequel to Underwater Recovery]

[A/N: Hadn’t realised how long it had been since last I updated for this story, but here you are! Extra long for your wait. Valentina OC of Sarah Almeda.]

Valentina had to spend a whole day in the infirmary when they returned to the station. She had gotten a concussion, but they were able to stabilise it fairly quickly. The rest of the day was mostly applying accelerated healing, and monitoring her head.

Samus had tried to protest Valentina leaving the infirmary so soon, even though to Valentina it had felt like forever already. She wasn’t great at just lying around.

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Underwater Recovery

[Sequel to Can’t Really Talk About That]

Even with there not being that much to do on the station, Valentina still felt like the three days of R&R just flew by. She got to spend more time with Samus, which was good. They had talked about various things.

Samus had revealed she was not fond of spicy foods, but was not the type to complain if it was served. Valentina had somewhat accidentally shared the tales of her jump-pack misadventures, and felt really embarrassed about it afterwards. Samus told her that she had a fondness for small, cute things. Which Valentina was not allowed to share with anyone. Valentina talked more about her family, and her training after joining the Federation. Unfortunately Samus wouldn’t open up about where she learned her skills.

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Can’t Really Talk About That

[Sequel to Boarding the Station]

Wandering around the station was far from exciting. It wasn’t a sight-seeing location by any means. The highlights were the leisure facilities, and perhaps the armoury depending on your interests. But it was an opportunity for Valentina to ask more questions.

“I’ve been curious about your armour,” Valentina said, then immediately realised Samus had probably heard that line before. “W-where is it from? How did you get it?” she still asked, not wanting to derail herself immediately. Samus looked at her, and Valentina wondered what sort of expression she wore. Like that of an eager child, perhaps.

“I…” Samus started, then looked around the place. “I can’t really talk about that.” Valentina felt her heart sink immediately, and maybe Samus noticed. “Not here,” she added. Valentina glanced around too. There were other cadets and even an officer wandering around close by. Was it confidential information? Or did Samus simply not like having people know?

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Boarding the Station

[Sequel to First Mission and Revelation. Valentina is an OC created by Sarah Almeda.]

When no rinvers appeared at all overnight, the mission was deemed complete in the morning. They sent the clear signal from the settlement’s communication array, then headed back to their ships to send the confirmation signal, and transmit the full report.

The next step was to deliver the part they salvaged, so they both took off in their own ships. As she was entering the hyperjump coordinates and aligning her ship, Valentina thought about last night’s revelation.

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First Mission And Revelation

[Valentina is an OC created by Sarah Almeda, and this fic is written with her permission. At this point Valentina is not aware Samus is a woman.]

“Cadet Valentina, you are hereby assigned to be cadet Aran’s partner. We worry Aran may have trouble understanding Galactic Federation regulations.”

Samus Aran. The name had already gained a certain amount of fame among the GalFed ranks. Or infamy depending on who you ask. Valentina pondered how she seemed to have heard a lot about Aran, yet knew surprisingly little. Least of all why he decided to join the GalFed forces.

There was the story about Aran taking out a whole Space Pirate base by himself. Several of them, to hear some people tell it. But if there was any proof of this, then Command weren’t sharing.

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Metroid: Fusion Suit Fan Redesign – I Have Issues

This is not an official redesign. This is done by a fan. So it might be seen as mean of me to critique it, but when it popped up on my Twitter feed yesterday, I immediately had a feeling of “something bothers me about this design”, though I had to sleep on it to get a little more specific and eloquent than that.

I have nothing against this person's artistic ability, the art itself is gorgeous.

So here you have a short post where I heartlessly tear into a poor artist’s really well-drawn design.

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How Metroid: Other M could have worked

Hoo boy. Metroid: Other M. I could easily do a rage post on this game, as it is one of the two main reasons I consider 2010 my most disappointing year in gaming. And the reception to the game effectively made Nintendo put the franchise back on ice for the foreseeable future (unless you count the minigame in Nintendo Land). And honestly I can’t exactly blame them.

At least the title is pretty.

While it is tempting to blame Team Ninja for the entire thing, please keep in mind that the people behind the writing were led by one of the original creators of Metroid: Yoshio Sakamoto. So maybe this was how they envisioned Samus to be all along? And one of the more frustrating things to note is how close they actually came to making it work. I feel like I can see what they were going for, and with a few tweaks it could have easily worked. So let’s go into my take on the whole debacle.

With SPOILERS galore.

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Samus Aran – A Character Study

Samus Aran is a character I assume most gamers have heard of, or that they at least know of Metroid. My history with her stretches back to Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo (it was a naming phase they went through back then), and I’ve since played most of the games except Metroid 2 and Metroid Prime Pinball.

An imposing figure.

Here seen in her classic Varia Suit. Note the shoulderpads.

Much has been said about her as a character, and even Yahtzee Croshaw himself said that she has been ‘established to have a bold, independent spirit’, but is that necessarily true? Has anything really been established about her? She has for the most part been an entirely silent protagonist, with the exception of Metroid Fusion and Other M, and outside of videogames she’s really only been in the Captain N comic (which is unlikely to be canon) and her own manga (which is not exactly great) with speaking roles as far as I am aware. So we largely only have her actions to go by, and those have been controlled by the player. Well, let’s try to unravel this, shall we?

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