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Empty City of Mysteries

They drop down through a crack in the ceiling, so fluid they might as well count as a puddle. Solidifying into a more useful form, they look around the room.

What was this room for? What did they do in here? They wonder. Lacking data, is the consensus they reach shortly after.

Always lacking data. The mission is data-gathering, but so far very little has been found.

This room contains desks, chairs, the encroaching vegetation, and what must have been modern computers at the time. There’s also what they have come to know as “personal effects”. Figures, decorations, cups, pots of dry dirt, and picture frames. The digital ones stopped working long ago, but the ones with a physical image in them can sometimes still be read. If the frame hasn’t been damaged, if it was fitted it properly at the time, and if it has not been exposed to too much sunlight, you can sometimes still make out humans in there.

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Enchanted Encounter in Limsa Lominsa

Her studies had run later than expected, and then she had had to stop by the old guild, so now it had turned dark outside.

Well, it wasn’t like she had absolutely had to. Several Arcanists essentially cut ties with the guild after they graduated and took on more specialised fields of study and work, but she still liked the old guildhouse. It’s where she got started, and she wasn’t opposed to a bit of nostalgia. While she had a very different tome now than back then, she would never forget those early lessons. It was nice to see the guild leader again, as well.

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Dragon on the Bridge

The Schwarzwald is not made for in-atmosphere combat, but we managed to drive them off. Maybe they’ll come back with friends, but by that time we’ll be in orbit. I’m not even sure who they were, but it hardly matters. Local circumstances are not our concern, we were only here to re-stock and re-fuel. And as it turned out, acquire a new crew member.

I look over, still somewhat disbelieving, at the dragon sitting on my bridge. For having taken part in what I assume is their first bout of spaceship combat, they seem remarkably unfazed. Just looking at them, one might not necessarily realise they’re a dragon. In fact, I have some doubts as to whether a dragon in its natural state could fit anywhere outside of maybe the cargo hold. Yet there’s just something about the figure sitting by the communications console.

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Storytime – Into The Depths: Chapter 1

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I have however been staring at and poking at this story for so long now, that I figured I might as well release it as the first chapter of a story I truly hope to be able to keep going with. I know how such aspirations have gone in the past though, but if I ever hope to write a book, I need to train myself in how to focus on my fiction-writing as well.

Now, this story is part of the same world as the Wulf Manor introduction I did some months back (blimey, over half a year). I’ve tried to write it so that you don’t need to read the introduction to still follow, and hopefully enjoy, the story, but if you do want some more background it’s there.

With that said, I will just add that any input you want to offer is accepted, and if you don’t feel like it I’ll just keep writing as I see fit.

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Storytime: Wulf Manor

And here we have another short story. This one took me nowhere near as long as the last one did, thankfully, though it’s also not as long. This is more an introduction piece to the home of Rita Wulf and a glimpse at the surrounding area.

Many thanks to Cara who helped me set up the second draft, and Jarenth who proof-read that second draft in order to let me write this third one.

While I could probably keep nitpicking at it till the cows come home, I feel it’s now time to move on the next thing, whatever that may be.

I hope you enjoy this look at Wulf Manor and the people in and around it.

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Storytime: Small problems in small places (draft 2)

So this is the first of hopefully many short stories I post on here. Now, Rita Wulf is a character I’ve had for many years, and mostly used for freeform RP (roleplaying), but in my mind I’ve always had a lot of adventures for her, so I thought it was time to write some of them down.

Now this is only the second draft (first draft just exists as a file on my computer and with a few proofreaders), so feel free to come with constructive criticism to help improve future drafts, since I know the story is far from perfect, even if I can’t see exactly what is wrong with it at the moment. Ideas and insight will come in time, I sure. Heck, even the title might be subject to change.

Even so, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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