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Shopping Date

[A/N: I got this idea shortly before S3 started (while I still thought S3 was starting on the 23rd) that Masuki would ask Rei to go shopping with her, and Rei would think it was a date, but Masuki just wanted help carrying all the merch she was going to buy. So I decided to write it down.

I have not yet watched episode 2 of S3, so I don’t know if there is any ship progression with regards to Masuki and Rei, be it with each other, or someone else. I’ll find out later.]

Wakana Rei was feeling excited, because someone had asked her out. Satou Masuki was Rei’s bandmate, who could seem gruff on the surface, but was actually a total sweetie. Rei had tried hitting on her, though with less success than she was used to. Girls had a tendency to fall over themselves even when Rei didn’t do anything special, while Masuki would at most blush cutely, and blow her off.

Until she had suddenly asked Rei if she wanted to go shopping on their next day off.

Maybe not the most exciting of dates, but it was the whole day with just the two of them. Eating together would be a natural part of it, and they would surely find other activities too. So Rei was determined to make the most of it.

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Christmas in Fodlan

[A/N: Listen, I know Fodlan doesn’t actually have Christmas, this is just a silly idea I got obsessed with. It would probably be Seirosmas, or maybe Sothismas if it was a thing. But this is not a story meant to be taken seriously.

Honestly I would rename the season Chris-mas, in honour of our floof and saviour Yukine Chris.]

Christmas had never been a big thing for Edelgard. At least not for as long as she could remember. Maybe it had been different when she was very young. Though she wouldn’t say she hated it either, she just didn’t feel any connection to it.

I guess it’s nice for the kids, she thought as she watched some children outside place a santa hat on a snowman. But it’s not really for me. I’m too old now anyway. Adults shouldn’t make a fuss about such things.

“Hey, El!” said a voice behind her.

“Yes?” She turned around to look, and what she saw nearly made her jaw drop.

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Parental Concerns

[A/N: I’ve been feeling in a real creative slump lately. I have two or three projects I’m trying to get going, but everything has stalled. So I decided to bring back a daft, goofy idea I had a while back. I think the initial idea came from Bun, I just expanded upon it. Even if it’s short and silly, at least I’ll have written something.

The backstory here that Mordred and Da Vinci Lily are dating, and Mordred has just about zero idea what a sex is. But he’s still a lewd boy, and touching a boob is basically the ultimate lewd in his mind.

I also enjoy the idea that he has a better relationship with Salter (daddy) than Saber (father). I don’t think that’s canon, but it’s what I’m running with.

Though I don’t actually know what Merlin in FGO is like. All I’ve seen of him are memes, and that apparently no one likes him. So my portrayal is probably nowhere near accurate. I do know he magicked a dick onto Saber once. Fate/ is weird.]

Saber Alter Artoria Pendragon was lounging in her room with a large tray of chips. The staff at Burger King had learned what to do the instant they saw her. The burgers had already been devoured, with the wrappers strewn about the floor. Those could be cleaned up later. Preferably by someone else. The chips were for casual noms as she read the manga that Jeanne Alter had lent her. It wasn’t really her sort of thing, but it was something to do. At least there were swords in it.

Suddenly the door flew open.

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Celebrating Two Years

[A/N: As this is essentially just a back-up for the fic going on AO3, the bit at the end doesn’t really make sense for my blog.]

Ichigaya Arisa: “Okay, since Rita has forced us all to come here for her anniversary, I expect- Kasumi, leave that cake alone!”

Toyama Kasumi: “Eh? But there are so many cakes. I haven’t even seen most of these before. Surely just one-”

Arisa: “No. Wait until everyone is ready.”

Kurosawa Dia: “You too, Chika-san. Put the cake shovel down immediately.”

Arisa: “O-Tae, drop those cinnamon buns at once!”

Hanazono Tae quickly stuffs one into her mouth: “Mine~.”

Okusawa Misaki, as Michelle: “Listen up, everyone. Be good girls, and you’ll get cake soon. There’s enough for everyone, okay?”

A chorus of various voices: “Okaaaaaayyyyyy~!”

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Roselia Rescue Rangers

[A/N: I’ve been trying to write other fics for a change of pace, or finish an old draft or two, but I’ve been getting nowhere with them. So I decided to just move on to one of the spin-off ideas I had. Maybe I need to get them out of my head before I can focus on anything else.

This is an idea I’ve had almost since when I started writing the Superpowers AU, but I never found a good time to do it. Especially since it’s not exactly canon with the rest, and I wanted to focus on the main story instead. This is just some goofy fun. But since I’m not yet sure where I want to take the main story next, I felt like the time was finally here.

I’m not sure if there’s enough meat on this idea to do anything more with it, but it was fun to do this one at least. The premise is that everyone has powers of some sort, and maybe even hidden skills, and everyone knows about it. So Roselia are the number one name in handling emergencies in Edogawa. Though the “emergencies” are pretty mundane stuff.]

~At Roselia HQ~

Everyone was in the studio working on improving their musical skills, when Ako suddenly burst into the room.

“I just got off the Roselia Phone,” she said. “There’s an emergency!”

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SPAU Scenes of Progress

[A/N: These got done faster than I had anticipated.

I sort of want to try to advance time a bit in the Superpowers-verse, to better set things up for future chapters (one of which is actually already written, and just waiting for me to write the stuff that goes between first), and maybe hopefully get into the transition of advancing everyone at school a year to catch up with where the anime is at. Should this series go on long enough, I might want to bring in someone from Raise a Suilen too. But at current we don’t really know enough about them, and this series isn’t quite there in the timeline anyway.

When does this actually take place? Uh… when it needs to. I don’t really have a good answer. I have things I want to happen, and just hope that stuff I describe can reasonably happen at some point where I want to be. The only thing I can remember establishing is that when I brought Sayo in, the rain event with her and Hina had recently happened. In real-time that was in October, but when that was in game-time… hard to say. But if it was October, then… this should be taking place probably close to Christmas at this point? Or even New Year’s? … maybe best to not think too hard about it…

Undefined time skips might need to happen regardless.]

“I… I have never done this before…”

“Fufu~. Don’t worry, Aya-chan. It’s not that complicated.”

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The Kittens Flock

[A/N: Been a while since I’ve written anything Yuru Yuri, and I wasn’t sure if I would do so again, but the idea of a dansou high school Akari was too good to pass up. With the others being completely baffled at this turn of events. She probably doesn’t really get it herself, but she goes along with it because she wants to be nice to the little kittens.

A large part of the credit for this has to go to my friend Lilbrattybun who put the idea in my head in the first place, and helped me with feedback during the writing process. You can check out her fics, and/or her Twitter, if you want. She’s a good bun.]

After feeling like they had been stuck in middle school forever, the first year of high school had been weird for Yui and Kyouko. Some things had stayed much the same, and others very much had not. The weirdest might have been disbanding the Amusement Club, as half the members were now in different schools. Though Kyouko had talked about how they should reform once Akari and Chinatsu also started high school. It was hard to say how serious she was.

Regardless, the start of year two had finally arrived, and their two friends would be joining them again. But it was hard to ignore that something had definitely changed. Both Akari and Chinatsu had started resembling their older sisters more. Catching up to them, you might say.

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Super Smash Bros Time Off – Short Scenes

[A/N: Guess I’m writing Super Smash Bros fanfic too now. Well, this one time, at least.

Seems like I’m far from the only one who watched and liked the World of Light trailer. Somehow that got me onto the thought of what all of them might do on their time off. The main idea being Lucina trying really badly to flirt with some of the other girls. Though I wanted to have some interludes between her attempts, too. I love you, sweet Luci, but you’re a bit of a disaster. :3

I don’t actually know the personalities of many of these characters very well. So it’s a lot of guessing, assumptions, and what I thought would be funniest.

I considered tagging every fandom I brought into this, but that seemed a bit excessive. I’ve tagged every character, even if they only have small appearances.]

Samus Aran was doing maintenance on her arm cannon.

“Hi!” Lucina said, having walked up to the bounty hunter.

Samus looked at her, and smiled. “Hello,” she responded.

“A nice day for some weather, isn’t it?” Lucina said.

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An Extella Special Halloween

[A/N: I have other things to write, but the idea for doing a Halloween thing with the girls I’ve added to my Extella series popped up, and then I wanted to get it done by Halloween… so yeah, here we are. The idea came after seeing the art for Brave Elizabeth, then remembering that Nero has a Caster version, and Tamamo has a Lancer version. It kinda snowballed from there.

Artwork chosen to best reflect what they’re wearing here, not necessarily based on what the “best” art is. So while I’ve gone with all official artwork, I haven’t gone for the stage 4 art except in a couple of cases where that better reflects how they’ve dressed up.

Decided to go different/original with the Jeannes though, so no art for those, I’m afraid.]

With the spooky times descending upon SE.RA.PH., a certain musical duo had approached Kishinami Hakuno to ask about doing something special for Halloween. They had the idea to go on a quest, but with a twist. Hakuno thought it sounded amusing, and agreed to help out.

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Exceptional Strength

[A/N: A quick and silly idea I came up with after seeing a post yesterday about how Misaki has to be really strong considering how easily she seems to carry the others in the band. So I decided I just had to write it.

Also, I just really love MisaKanon. I’m sure Misaki would do almost anything for her girlfriend.]

Kanon put the box of flyers down with a thud, only barely managing to not drop it. She wiped her brow, and took a moment to catch her breath. Why did paper have to be so heavy?

Then she noticed Misaki coming in with two boxes stacked on top of each other. The band’s posters. She placed them down close to the box of flyers, with seemingly little effort. They had to be as heavy as the flyers, but it didn’t even look like she had broken a sweat.

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