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Putting Theory into Practice

[Sequel to Seeking Advice]

Akari had asked to come over today, and Yui was pondering what she actually wanted to do when she arrived. Kyouko’s “lesson” in how to date someone had been… very Kyouko. Half of what had been said Yui would have preferred to not hear, but at least it was only half. Which probably meant Kyouko had genuinely been taking things seriously, at least by her own standard.

There had been good advice in there, or at least Yui assumed it was good advice. It’s not like she actually knew, she could only guess. But some of it made sense. And some of it was a bit advanced for her. Kyouko had gotten really into talking about kissing, to the point where Yui got worried she’d offer to help her practice. Thankfully it didn’t go that far. You should give your first kiss to the one you love, right? Either way, that felt like a ways off yet. There were other things that should come first, at least that’s what she believed. Even if she wasn’t exactly sure what those things were.

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Seeking Advice

[Sequel to Crimson Doubts]

“Akari? Really?” That wasn’t what Kyouko had expected to hear. It was nearing the end of the free period, and Yui was basically done with her work. So she had decided to ask Kyouko for relationship help.

“Yes, really,” Yui said, slightly exasperated already. Maybe it was a mistake to bring this up. “Is there a problem with that?”

“No no, no problem,” Kyouko said, though she was having a hard time picturing it. “But aren’t you worried she’s going to just vanish while you are hanging out?” she asked with a slight grin, causing Yui to roll her eyes.

“Maybe I should ask Sugiura-san instead, you’re no help at all,” Yui said, and sighed deeply.

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Mending a Heart

Yui had told herself she was okay.

During the first year of high school, when Ayano had finally gotten her act together and confessed to Kyouko, Yui had told herself it was okay.

When Kyouko and Ayano started dating, Yui had told herself she was okay.

She had missed her chance, that was all. She had been too late. Nothing to do about that now. Yui had told herself it was okay.

Yui had told herself she was okay.

But Yui wasn’t okay.

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