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Helpful Advice?

[A/N: Originally this idea was just to have some goofy scenes of the four young girls asking someone older for advice, then I felt compelled to add a scene for that advice bearing fruit for each pair as well. Honestly didn’t expect to get this many words out of it.

I guess this is part me wanting to do a follow-up on the Alfin/Elise fic I put out before Chris-mas, and part me being a frustrated Renne/Tita shipper watching Cold Steel 3 push its Agate/Tita agenda heavily and explicitly. I didn’t like it in Sky, and I don’t like it now. I will never surrender, no matter what the canon says!]

Princess Alfin Reise Arnor had some new developments in her life that she desired some advice on. And her best (by virtue of being her only) option was her older brother prince Olivert. Maybe that was an unfair way of thinking about it. Unless his stories were all complete fabrication, this was an area he had some experience and insight into.

And it just so happened that the two of them were in the same place at the same time, which was rarer than Alfin would have liked. He had his faults, but she really liked her brother. So she knocked on his door.

“Come in,” said a voice from inside.

Alfin opened the door. “Good afternoon, brother,” she said as she stepped into the room.

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Impossible Feelings

[A/N: Imagine me, playing Trails of Cold Steel 3, thinking a lot about these characters again, and trying to figure out a couple of ideas for writing a Laura/Emma fic, and also a Tita/Renne fic. And then I start writing Alfin/Elise instead. Why am I like this?

Perhaps this is in part due to the “what your favourite Trails/Kiseki ship says about you” list I saw on twitter the other day. Even with 32 ships on there somehow only one of my top three made it onto it, which I was a little surprised by. Like I don’t think either of the two first ships I mentioned above are so strange that they wouldn’t be brought up? Especially not compared to some of the really far out there ones on that list. And I would have thought Estelle/Joshua/Khloe as an OT3 would be blindingly obvious, but I guess not. While not in my top three, Elise/Alfin did make the list, so maybe that was enough to get my thoughts going in that direction.

So here you go. Just a short scene with the two of them featuring an accidental confession. I don’t really have a better/longer idea for now, but it was desperate to get out of my head and into text.

I stay away from spoilers tying this directly into the story in any way, except that Elise became student council president, I guess.]

Paperwork. Seemingly endless paperwork. Not that it had been entirely unexpected when Elise Schwarzer had become the student council president. She wasn’t so naive as to think it would be easy. Far from it. Yet some days it was harder than others. Especially those days where her thoughts were quite firmly stuck in a different place. It was like her eyes could see the words on the paper, but her brain refused to process them as sentences with actual meaning.

An idle thought made her wonder if situations like this were what made her father remove his glasses, rub the bridge of nose, and try cleaning said glasses before continuing to read. No, not these kinds of thoughts exactly. No way. Elise didn’t have any glasses to remove anyway, so she had to settle for letting out a deep sigh.

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Shining Knight And Gloomy Witch

[A/N: Of course I was going to come back to this. No way was I leaving things as they were last time. Building up to this was the idea all along. When I finally ran into these two again in Cold Steel 2, something along these lines popped into my mind right away.

While I hadn’t originally intended to have such a long lead-up, I felt like I should talk about what they’d been doing in Legram, and the words just kept flowing. I had the scene with the Rhinocider in mind from the start, but how to get started, and then get to there was my main struggle. And because of some goofing on twitter, I had to include a small scene for Jusis too. It just amused me too much.

Considering Cold Steel 3 is not localised, and who knows when it will be, I’m not sure if I’ll get any inspiration for further stories between these two any time soon, but I’m not going to rule it out. Stranger things have happened.]

Emma Millstein shuddered as she suddenly woke up with a gasp, as if a tremor had passed through her body. She could barely see anything when she opened her eyes, and that was not just because she wasn’t wearing her glasses. It was still the middle of the night, and the perpetual mist that hung over the area certainly didn’t make things any clearer.

She pondered whether to attempt to go right back to sleep, or get up for some fresh air or something first. The flight from Trista kept appearing in her dreams. Usually in the form of showing one of the many ways it could have gone horribly wrong. Tonight it had been Crow catching the Courageous, and sending it crashing into the ground. Right on top of the town.

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Growing Attachment

[A/N: While playing through the Trails of Cold Steel games, I got a strong urge to see Laura and Emma get together. I think Laura is the hottest of the girls, and Emma the cutest, so matching together the hottest and the cutest seems like a good thing to me. I got the idea halfway through the first Cold Steel, and now I’ve finished Cold Steel 2 as well, but I wanted to set this story before CS1’s endgame. The reveal of what Laura and Emma have been up to in CS2 was really good, and this story is my idea for a lead-in into that.

In all honesty, I think Laura should have been the protagonist of the Cold Steel games. She seems to have everything required for a good anime protagonist, and more. Emma would have also been a good pick. So I wish I could play a version of those games where Laura is the main character, and she’s able to romance Emma. Or vice versa. That would make me very happy. Unless/until that miracle somehow happens, all I’ll have is fanfics.]

Afternoon was settling over the town of Trista. The classes at Thors Military Academy were over for the day, but a lot of club activities were still going. So Class VII’s dormitory was mostly empty. Mostly.

Emma Millstein was making her way up the stairs to the third floor, where the girls’ rooms were. Celine had stayed outside to nap under the shade of a tree.

Normally Emma might have also been at her club right now, but Dorothee was having a gathering of… like-minded souls from town, and Emma didn’t want to get in their way. In spite of Dorothee’s efforts to initiate her, that style of literature hadn’t entirely hooked Emma in. Dorothee seemed to expect it was only a matter of time, but Emma wasn’t quite so sure. The stories were enjoyable enough, and Dorothee was clearly a skilled writer, but Emma wasn’t quite as into the relations between the boys as Dorothee could get.

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Deep in Concentration

[A/N: I just finished Trails of Cold Steel 2 yesterday, and found the ending rather depressing. So I decided I had to write something very fluffy to cheer myself up, and here it is. I’ve been pondering a Renne/Tita fic for a while, and realised quickly that it would work best for me if I did it with them a bit older. I have only played the games that have been localised so far, meaning the Trails in the Sky trilogy, and Cold Steel 1 and 2. I know Tita shows up in 3, and Renne has been revealed for 4, but I don’t really know anything about what they’re like in those games. So this is entirely based on guesswork and conjecture about what they might be like in their late teens.

I’m thinking a lot about her being revealed as Renne Bright these days.]

“Renne, hand me the number 3.”


Renne handed Tita the tool she asked for.

“Thanks.” A slight turn of her head, enough to show a small smile, and then Tita went right back into her work.

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