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Wulf Space Jam – Match 7: vs Vampire Coast Swashbucklers (Vampire)

Match 6

Match 8

Well. This has been a while. The 8th of May 2013. Before I went on my meds, I assume, or shortly after. Maybe I even have new readers who have no idea what this is. If so, hi. Welcome to Blood Bowl, and Wulf Space Jam.

This is gonna suck.

If you can remember that far back, we fought the Chaos team “Marauding Mashers” last time, and it ended in a tie. Not my greatest moment as a coach, but at least we didn’t lose. Our next fight is against the Vampire team “Vampire Coast Swashbucklers”, so apparently they’re not only vampires, but vampire pirates!

After such a long time, I think it’s wise to link back to the team introduction, and the interlude where we looked at how everyone was doing. I do not have any Topic of the Day for this time, and honestly that feature is likely to drop off from now on, unless anyone raises a question or topic I feel deserves answering in such a way. We will still start by taking a thorough look at our opponents.

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