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I Thought I Saw A Kittycat

[A/N: I couldn’t help doing a follow-up to Ako and Rinko’s MMO adventures. It’s a fun little setting, and I had another idea for a surprise figure they could run into. Like last time I’m not tagging who it is, so as to preserve the surprise, but I’ll admit I am not being at all subtle about who it is. So no prizes if you guess correctly, except maybe a sense of cleverness.

I approached this as a sort of stand-alone episode rather than a direct sequel, so certain things will be re-explained. You should be able to read this one even if you didn’t read the previous one, should that be desired for any reason.

Also, I almost did a meme.]

By the fountain on the main plaza, in the city of Torellia, in the online gameworld of Bright Wonder, stood a large figure covered head to toe in silver plate armour. It was always a bright and sunny day in Torellia, so the figure gleamed in the light, and drew the eye of everyone walking by.

AionSeraph (Exalted Paladin, level 500) calmly gazed out across the plaza. Her player, Shirokane Rinko, actually didn’t mind drawing attention while in this game. Very contrary to real life, it didn’t bother her that everyone was looking at her here. Inside this shell of enchanted plate armour that covered an avatar she piloted remotely, she felt safe. Here she was a max level player, decked out with impressive gear that served as badges of her achievements. She had spent a lot of time making sure her character looked right. In here she was powerful, and admired.

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Online Bond

[A/N: Got this idea after a twitter conversation yesterday. While it might be implied that Ako and Rinko are together, there isn’t really any yuri in this fic, not to the extent that I feel it earns the tag, at least. It’s fun to do something different every now and again. But if you wanted something more like my usual stuff, then… sorry. Probably next time. Also not tagging the characters that appear at the end, because I don’t want to give away the surprise.]

The zombie minotaur towered above the two adventurers. Its bloodstained axe gleamed in the torchlight illuminating the stone corridor they were in. With a bloodcurdling roar it swung the axe, crushing the rock elemental that was at its feet. Then it turned its attention to the adventurers.

At the front was a figure in gleaming, ornate silver plate armour, their entire body covered in metal, wielding a large shield with a golden lion head as its crest in their left hand, and a massive broadsword covered in shining light in their right. They raised the shield as the next axe swing came down, and deflected the blow, sending the axe head smashing into the floor.

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Wulfy’s Notable Games of 2016

So we’ve put the lid on 2016. Possibly the worst year I’ve lived through, if we consider personal, social, and political factors. At least there’s been some good entertainment to consume.

I’m not sure I can honestly call myself a games writer any longer. I haven’t posted anything in the games category since March. I told myself at the start of the year that I’d do at least a quick post for everything noteworthy I played, but that fell out quickly. Couldn’t keep up with the Bloodborne DLC series I started either. No use worrying too much about it, though.

I still wanted to do an end of year thing, because there has been stuff well worth talking about. The format of these posts seems to change every year because I don’t remember how I did it last year. These will not only/necessarily be my favourite games, but games I feel are worth pointing out. Hence the “notable” in the title.

Addendum: I can’t believe I forgot to add Pokemon Go. See at the bottom.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X – Sorta Review

I’ve been pondering for quite a while what to actually say about this game. It’s been two months since I finished it.

A world of adventure.

Xenoblade Chronicles X devoured nearly four weeks of my life. The in-game playtime counter sits at 350+ hours. How do I collect my thoughts on the game that essentially swallowed all of January for me?

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Oxenfree – Sorta Review

I’ve been trying to remember where I heard of Oxenfree. I know I knew of it before it came out, just can’t remember where I learned of it. Most probable: I heard it from Felix Kramer, who was doing marketing for it, and whom I follow on Twitter.

Olly olly?

Regardless! We are here to talk about the game, not… whatever I was doing up there.

As usual I will do my best to avoid spoilers, though I will at the least have to talk about the set-up for the game. Other minor spoilers may occur.

I also have very few screenshots for this, so it might not be the most interesting stuff. I got a little too caught up in the atmosphere to remember to hit the screenshot button.

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Firewatch – Sorta Review

Firewatch has finally come out! Well… “finally”. Wasn’t it only like last year we first learned about it? Or was it the year before?

Who watches the firewatchers?

I do remember that meme that popped up really quickly. “But what is Firewatch?” People got reasonably excited about the game fairly quickly as well, and I admit I was one of the intrigued. It looked different, and when you’ve been gaming for a while that is often enough to at least pique your interest.

So now that I’ve played it, what do I think? The short answer: it’s good. It’s pretty good, but not great. The long answer:

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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Sorta Review

Boy, the Xbox One exclusivity was dropped fast, huh? A little over two months? Well, okay, the PS4 still has to wait for a while, but the PC release is out! And I have played it.


According to Steam, it took me about 35 hours to get up to 100% completion of the game. I got 100% in the previous one too. Thankfully this only applies to collectibles, because if I also had to get all the weapon upgrades and perks, I would have just gone “fuck that”.

Side-note: I didn’t bother with the DLC. 1) There was still plenty of game here. 2) I have other things to play. 3) I’ve heard it’s not that great anyway.

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Pony Island – Sorta Review

In the interest of both me keeping a record of what I’ve played, and to get myself to do more writing, let’s bring back the sorta reviews. Starting with the first new game I played this year.

Pony Island title

I started hearing talk of Pony Island while I was still deep in my Xenoblade Chronicles X binge ( which lasted most of January ), and while people had quite varying opinions on how good it was, there seemed to be a general consensus that it was at least interesting. With the understanding that it would be short, I decided to see for myself.

I’ll keep the spoilers mild. I don’t think I’m giving away much more than you’d find on the game’s store page.

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The Yharnam Diaries Extended – Entry 3: Henriet and Ludwig

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Tick tock.

I have made two important discoveries.

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Wulfy’s Notable Games of 2015

2015 is over. And what a year it’s been.

For me it’s been a very turbulent year, both on a personal, and on a mental health level. I got into group therapy, which unfortunately ended back in September. I got diagnosed with a variant of bi-polar disorder back in spring, for which I attended a course in the final months of the year. I had quite possibly my most difficult summer ever, which led to me being committed for psychiatric observation for the very first time.

The point being that there’s been a lot of focus on my state of health this year, and how I need to structure my life to get better and learn to live with it, which has meant that the blog has gotten more neglected in 2015 than ever since I started it. I hope to be able to pick things back up this year, but I really don’t dare promise anything.

This also serves as a preamble to stating that I might have more to say on each game in this year’s list, since for most of them I’ve not gotten to write out my thoughts yet. Might be best to skip over any games you’re not interested in.

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